Aya Hirano on Marriage: “3 Times is Just Enough”


Aya Hirano’s virginal seiyuu credentials are at an all time low after her TV admission that she thinks it best to marry at least three times in life, presumably by getting rid of any inconvenient husbands with a quick divorce when they get too old.

The statements come by way of a recent talent appearance:

aya-hirano-marriage-3-strikes-005“Do you have plans to get married?”


But I can’t say I would never do it.

If you think of marriage as being a once-off thing, it’s really hard.

So, I think marrying three times in your life is enough.”

She goes on to reiterate that all her lovers have been older men

2ch is unsparing as ever:

“She doesn’t want to get married!?”

“Aya’s an angel!”

“Stop talking about your love life or it’ll be another debacle, Aya…”

[After her “3 times” statement:]

“Why does this girl feel it necessary to use bitch appeal all the time…”

“3 times…”

“She says she’ll marry at least 3 times??????????”

“Divorce is assumed!”

“What a bitch!”

“What the hell is with her marriage plans.”

“She’ll have already planned the divorce when she marries?”

“She has it all worked out.”

“Even more bitch utterances… Aya’s hobby is getting married!?”

“She’ll probably never marry once anyway.”

“Lifeliners all dead.”

“Marry me once!”

“You guys are in with a chance.”

“Does she think there are people who plan marriages on the basis of a divorce?”

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