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Final Fantasy XIII-2 “Has Multiple Endings” “Is Player-Driven”



Final Fantasy XIII-2 is looking more like an RPG all the time – now the designers have revealed that the game will include multiple endings, replayability and in-party monsters, and have even provided a promise that the story will be more “player-driven,” even containing “choices.”

From a Famitsu interview with Toriyama, the man who infamously decreed that Final Fantasy XIII would have no towns or confusing choices as to where to go:

There are lots of changes in the battle system – you can for example have monsters in your party?

It’s intended to be more strategic with you able to play by combining different roles. Monsters take different roles, and with their inclusion you can make your own composition.


There are also other elements included – you can replay it now.

New game+ sort of thing?

Yes, and other elements which will make replaying an interesting experience. For example, this will be the first Final Fantasy title with multiple endings.

He also discretely admits the critical drubbing the game received in some quarters, and seems to be indicating the game will take a completely different approach:

The last game was a story driven by an escape drama, emphasising story and moving the game along with that. However, we received varied opinions from many users, and this time the story will be player driven, with the player actively exploring and causing events in response to their own actions, and having many choices.

Lightning fans are weighing this against developer comments which suggest Lightning will barely feature in the new game:

Lightning is a character who supports the backbone of the story. Samsara makes an appearance, and there are times you can control her.

It at least seems players will be spared a hellish Snow/Serah combo, as there will be a new male character to join her in the form of Noel, who seems to be more in the traditional vein of effete males the series is so renowned for.

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