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Nintendo Passes Off PS3 & 360 Game Footage as Wii U


Nintendo’s newly announced “Wii U” console is already the subject of controversy – the company has admitted using footage from the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of games in its promotional material, and when confronted over the swindle they lamely point to their discrete “all gameplay images are intended only as illustrations” disclaimer.

Nintendo claims it had no choice as the system and games are still in development, and asserts the actual Wii U versions will be “comparable,” which could well be a roundabout way of saying “worse.”

Various hard to find disclaimers indicate the images Nintendo has been using to illustrate the graphical capabilities of the Wii U are complete fiction, although without saying that it has gone so far as to use footage of its competitors’ products.

The quality of the graphics shown in Nintendo’s first party exclusive titles varied wildly (several being barely Wii level), and the “they are only intended as an image” disclaimer rather casts doubt on whether the more impressive titles (such as Zelda, above) will look anywhere near as good as Nintendo would like people to believe.

Indeed, the only real assurance Nintendo has given as to the power of the Wii U is to say that it supports full HD output – but whether it can actually output any graphics worth viewing in HD is another matter.

In their defence however, they did display the rather impressive rendering demo below, although it may or may not be anything like what can expected in real games:

The usual sad disclaimer that official preview images of games are never, ever to be believed is unfortunately as accurate as ever.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Nintendo graphics always suck more than the PS and Xbox; its not what Nintendo is about anyways since they manage to sell more despite being a weaker console. I’m not a big fan of Nintendo but I’m not a graphic junkie either so I don’t really care as long as they deliver when its time to release.

  • Anonymous says:

    Man, why don’t you just admit that you’re going to hate this console til it has something with naked little girls or fat tits already?

    Hell, that’s what it’s like with every console for you, though; you just hate them til something naked pops up. You’ll love the WiiU once Love Plus U comes out.

  • Anonymous says:

    This article is laughable. Nintendo has always delivered and they made it clear that the Wii was not meant for graphical prowess. So just because they have one generation of low graphic we have to automatically disregard that Nintendo have been the one who revived the gaming industry and came out with something everyone bashed until it was successful but in the end still bashed it because the graphics weren’t buffed? The tech demo from the Wii U involving Zelda was from their new console, there are many vids online showing people interacting with the actual hardware. Back when the 360 and PS3 came out their tech demos looked on pare with the bird video they showcased. Plus Reggie has stated in a live interview (courtesy of Game Trailers) that they are still working on the specs. It’s a known fact that Nintendo has been the best when it comes to secrets as well. There have been a slew of Sony hardware leaks and the recent Halo 4 leak, wasn’t a surprise if you were looking for it. You bash now but come summer 2012 everyone will be buying the Wii U just like every other system. I’m not worried about price either because Nintendo always delivers, period. Not much I can say about the other two competitors (crap ports, PSN hack, RRoD, etc)

    • Anonymous says:

      & one more thing: The footage for the third party titles are to get people ready for the hardware. They announced Arkham City and Assassin’s Creed for the Wii U but in life showing and interviews with G4tv they state those games are coming out for the PS3 and 360. The new hardware Nintendo has put out has given third party publishers a challenge to develop new software for the console. They have to implement the new hardware, and since the hardware isn’t even finished you can’t judge Nintendo. Its to hype the hardcore gamers.

  • Anonymous says:

    What’s the matter with all this? Just play anything you find fun. I stick with Nintendo games since I was a 8 years old with a SNES because of that. Yes, I am what you could say, a Nintendo fanboy. But I’m really proud of it – playing these games make me feel good. So why can’t you people get along with that? I really can’t understand. Any type of bullshit you say about it won’t change my mind. I won’t buy and play PS3 or XBOX (I don’t have anything against them) games just because you guys talk stuff like this. I really don’t get this rage. Why hate a gaming company like this?

  • Anonymous says:

    Soooo much Nintendo fanboy rage. Never before have so many snarling fanboys gone through clicking the “vote down” button on anything even vaguely critical of their White Plastic Calf.

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re either blind as hell or just plain in denial. That or you don’t have the mental capacitry to look at the other articles regarding consoles on this site. Just say you’re a Sony fanboy or Microsoft fanboy. It will actually make you look less stupid than you already look right now.

        • Anonymous says:

          …I think you need to read again.

          Anon 01:31 main point is that there are supposedly “lots” of rage coming from the Nintendo fanboys. When in fact it is the opposite on this site. There’s a clear difference in say “Nintendo is shitty” as to “Nintendo fans/fanboys are XXX”. Anon 01:31 is clearly the latter. So of course there’s going to be a response…critical negative response to that person. Think you wouldn’t get the same if you took the piss out of a random stranger?

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t get this whole conversation.

    If the PS3 and XBOX360 can do graphics like this now.

    Why can’t a Wii U which comes out NEXT year do the same and might be a little bit better?

    = _ =

  • Wait, Square Enix used PS3 screenshots for Xbox 360’s Final Fantasy XIII, the only thing they did was photoshopping the PS3 dualshock 3’s action buttons into Xbox 360’s ones. And that’s intentional!

  • Anonymous says:

    Nintendo should go bankrupt already, if only Nintendo fans had at least half of a brain, they’d notice that it’s a company selling outdated hardware with a gimmick stuck on top of it to cover it up.

    Also, marketing based on lies. And 50% of nintendo’s own Wii games being remakes of old titles. The word ‘originality’ does not exist in Nintendo’s dictionary, controllers with screens on them were already used long, long ago when Sega made the Dreamcast (well, the screen was technically a part of the VMU, but you get the idea, you could play (mini)games on VMU, too). [don’t go saying “DC didn’t have a touchscreen” or “It was super small!”, obviously it was worse, it was 1998/1999 for crying out loud]

    • Anonymous says:

      The HD 6900 was released recently and costs $700. Of course it is much more powerful than the Wii U. The only reason people will spend that much on a GPU, is so that they can feel like they don’t have to buy a new GPU for several years.

  • from what i understand, games and shit were tech demos, to explore concepts, and that is what they say the whole time.

    the never passed off the other games as in wiiu graphics, just that the system can push out comparable.

    and the bird demo, if its alpha rendering, as in unoptimized and just brute forced, than that system will be amassing.

    but really, what i’m expecting is 1080p and 60fps on games that 360 and ps3 need 720 and 30 to play and thats not far of from a whole sale 2-300$ system, even assuming that the controler is 70-90$

    now, from what i know, there was a game that had dx10 and 11 support, but no dx 11 only features. than game ran 33% better in 11 than 10. if you can assume that nintendo is taking just the same hardware as the 360, the generation gap allows for more efficient use of the hardware, allowing for better graphics on lower end systems.

  • Anonymous says:

    yeah, it’s too bad we had to see the 720p versions of those games when the Wii U will actually display them in 1080p with all those annoying UI features on the controller instead of obscuring the screen.

  • Anonymous says:

    Only the games from 3rd party developers had footage from 360/ps3. The Zelda footage, those Mii games, and that video with the flying bird was all shown on the WiiU. 3rd party games haven’t been ported yet because the system is still almost 2 years in development.

    That being said, the stuff that was shown that WAS WiiU graphics was not really that impressive anyways.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t have a problem with Nintendo clearly stating that these are the types of games and gameplay you can expect to see on the Wii U, then using footage from other games/consoles. To argue otherwise is to blatantly miss the whole point (or you didn’t even bother watching the press conference).

    Am I surrounded by beautiful women while sitting on a beach every time I crack open a Corona? Of course not. Do I bust out J-turns while driving by gorgeous sunsets every time I drive a Jetta? Of course not. Does a smart ass black kid suddenly come into my living room to make jokes every time I turn on my PS3? Of course not.

  • Anonymous says:

    The Zelda footage was real time…there’s no doubting whether or not the Wii U can render scenes like that. What the hell is Artefact talking about?

    Nintendo’s games always end up looking better than their tech demos. Check out the 2000 Spaceworld Zelda tech demo, and then look at Wind Waker or Twilight princess. The Wii U is a powerful machine.

  • Anonymous says:

    You mean like the Spaceworld Demo of the Cube, and the MGS3 Snake Eater Demo last year?

    Yeah, I agree with Artefact.
    Games will probably end up looking like shit, and nintendo will just be holding the whole industry back graphically as the PS3 and 360 are doing now with their 5 generations old GPU technology

  • Sankaku just reposts stories into english, usually word for word from japanese sites.

    Those lists lately aren’t changed except for like 1-2 sentences of “Oh, it looks like xxxx was placed x.”

  • Anonymous says:

    Incoming stupidity and ignorance from Sony and Microsoft fanboys who actually believes every word of this article rather than any other sources.

    Did Nintendo use PS3 and 360 demo’s? Yep.

    Did Nintendo not have a disclaimer and portrayed every demo shown as actual Wii U graphics? No.

    Are many fanboys are going to think that Nintendo did not get permission nor disclaimer for the demo’s here? Definitely yes.

    Is this going to turn up in a Sony or Microsoft Forum as some source that Nintendo stole demo’s from other consoles without permission to add fuel to the hate pile by trolling? Probably yeah.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are as guilty as who you accuse of fanboyism.
      Remember the numerous “Our Grafix own PS3 and 360” statements yesterday? Looks like they never happened as Nintendo fans are angels of the highest order.

      • Anonymous says:

        It seems you like to make assumptions out of thin air huh? I never once hinted or made any mention of Nintendo fans being angels. Also bad logic with “You are as guilty as who you accuse of fanboyism”. So only fanboys call other fanboys “fanboys”? That is seriously flawed…

        So you never expected fanboys from either Sony or Microsoft to use this so called news as fodder to the hate train? Not at all? Not even an inkling? I just picked out the ones who will jump the gun on this, which isn’t exactly hard to figure out when there is only 3 consoles. Kind of like calling out racists being retarded when something negative surrounds a certain ethnnicity in the news. You know it’s gonna happen.

        I saw plenty of “Nintendo own j00” type comments. But I saw more of “Nintendo still has shitty graphics” comments. Lol they are asking to be called out when they are bashing the graphics of their own system yet saying that very system pwns the Wii U graphics.

  • Anonymous says:

    They we’re never saying “this is what the wii u looks like. It’s not like they had one plugged in or anything, they’re just saying “it will be able to look like this”
    what are they supposed to do, make a new video of the exact same thing? they can’t record it from a half finished console.

  • Of course some of the games used footage that wasn’t WiiU. Did you expect developers to make game footage when they must have just recently gotten the hardware themselves (and likely incomplete hardware)?

    I’ll admit, Nintendo should have mentioned that those were just games that would be made for WiiU, not specifically graphics of the system, but that was the only blunder they made.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, actually. I expect them to either make it abundantly clear with something saying “not wii u footage”, or to actually show, you know, wii u footage. I wasn’t expecting to see xbox games in the middle of the nintendo presentation for the brand new nintendo console, funnily enough.

    • I can tell you as a developer, in several cases I have seen, the marketing department is very roundabout sometimes in the things they say, and use loopholes like this to hype. I CAN’T STAND game marketing tactics in nearly every case I saw, because they do things that they think OTHERS think would be cool, but they don’t often play games. In my experience they tend to treat gamers like children, and as such, think everyone’ll buy into their ideas because of some stupid statistic. They also do many things right, but I kept getting the impression it was despite their involvement.

      This is general and based on my personal experiences, which aren’t across the industry, but frankly if you’re being lied to blatantly, don’t pretend it’s something forgivable. It’s people who apologize for this that allows it to pass for acceptable. We as developers on the teams I was on couldn’t stand this type of stuff. We begged the marketers to let the art team do the screen shots and such, because corporate and marketers are idiots 90% of the time as far as I’m concerned. They judge shit on things they don’t understand at all. Management is supposed to use SMEs, Subject Matter Experts, us, to know what to do. More than half the time they don’t seem to listen if they don’t feel like they need to.

      I won’t say which, but I personally begged to have DLC for a certain game get more things put into it. The reasoning behind charging several dollars for something that was like an hour of work was “There are people who will pay for it.” I could NOT live with doing that to the people who wanted the game, seriously.

      Now keep in mind, this isn’t a common thing these days for companies that produce decent things. Paying a buck or two for new outfits for characters is fine, because yeah, some of us want them, and don’t mind supporting a game. Others don’t, but supported the company by buying the game. Don’t take my rant to mean all marketers are out to screw you, but if they’re caught like this? Don’t apologize for them. They don’t really deserve it, especially for new hardware.

  • Anonymous says:

    Of course it’s only illustration of what the WiiU will be able to do, the console’s final spec aren’t even finalised, Nintendo said it themselves, this will be a “great value” for what you get, it may as well end up with AMD APU in it or something for all we know. Which I won’t complain about.
    Don’t spit on it before even seeing it, sure they used their competitor’s footage, but do you serisouly think the games will look worse now that this kind of HD hardware is almost dirt cheap?

    • Anonymous says:

      Well it’s about trust.

      But seriously, the hardware needed for this kind of graphics is in fact dirt cheap today.
      Good middle class notebooks can achieve those graphics already.

    • Anonymous says:

      HANG ON!!!



      Really guys anyone who claims or does post facts that Nintendo ripped off footage from other consoles is a crappy useless site and said “it’s been done before”.

    • Anonymous says:

      seriously HD hardware is almost dirt cheap right? tell that to N3DS Handsheld console Game : MGS3D. We won’t believe all the things show up here until they actually release a working game for us to see.

    • You could say that about the original Wii. And it being a year before the release is a fairly good indicator that the spec is finalised.

      The fact is, Nintendo was clearly aiming to impress non-casual “mainstream” gamers with the graphically impressive titles they showed off – but it transpires that they switched the graphics with those of the existing consoles. It takes the most ardent faith in Nintendo to find this reassuring.

      • Anonymous says:

        But they has Halo and Killzone and Motorstorm and Gears gameplay running on PS3 and 360.

        While WiiU had 100% PS3 and 360 gameplay footage with 2 pre-recorded videos (Zelda and JP garden).

      • Anonymous says:

        how does it being used before make it ok, its still a disrespectfull marketing practice. and I for one do not intend to buy anything from these greedy whores.

        I’ll wait and get my systems/games used like I always do so that these jackoffs don’t profit from me.

        allthough all thats been said above is true on technicality. a bit of fine print or half baked loop hole doesn’t change the fact that these were crealry intended to make the wii u seem to be amazingly graphically advanced, when by their own admission they still haven’t even finished making the system.

        even if they make it as good as its been shown and live up to their own prediction, it doesn’t change the fact that they were being dishonest, and disrespectfull to their customers.

      • I thought it was obvious the video they showed was not running on WiiU. Games that are multi-platform always show what looks the best. Look at Battlefield 3. All the trailers have been PC. This was just a case of Nintendo showing what was available to be shown. To even suggest that the actually WiiU version could look worse than the one running on a 5/6 year old system is stupid. I know it’s fun to hate on Nintendo, but do you seriously think they would release a new system that couldn’t do as good if not better than what’s been available for the last half decade?

        • Anonymous says:

          Erm…. The Wii came out quite some time after the 360 and around the same time as the ps3 and has graphical capabilities similar to the previous generations hardware so, yeah, Nintendo have gone down the gimmicky controller route rather than technically impressive before. Infact it was their raison d’etre as they said they wanted to consentrate on involving the gamer rather than wowing them.

        • Anonymous says:

          Battlefield 3 = a game, so it’s obvious they’ll show the best footage, showing something that looks considerably worse wouldn’t be the best advertisement, would it? Besides, it’s still the same game, whether they show PC or console footage, so it doesn’t matter.

          Wii U is a gaming console, so they should show appropriate footage of what the console can achieve and if they are showing footage from another platform, there should be a disclaimer stating so. They did this with the intention of fooling customers and building hype around another piece of plastic with a gimmick, similar to what they did with MGS on the 3DS, which doesn’t look nearly as good as what was promised.

          So what, let’s say there’s a game on a PS1 and the same game on the PS2 with improved graphics and everything, would it be okay if Sony advertised the PS1 showing footage of the PS2 game? Didn’t think so.

      • Anonymous says:

        I have to say, Nintendo was not “clearly aiming” to do anything like you have mentioned. There is a chance they might have, and there is a chance it was a completely unintentional thing. To take speculation and pass it off as hard-facts is a biiig no-no.

  • Anonymous says:

    i kinda realized the footage they used wasn’t from the wii U it was obviously done by a low definition systems also given that the video was telling you what games the creators were thinking of making it was kind of obvious

    • Anonymous says:

      Why on earth would they have the same footage if they had to play it on a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT KIND OF CONTROLLER?

      I mean come on, it was awfully obvious that it was not played on the Wii U just from that. Yes, the Wii U support the older wii controllers, but half the point of the new console is the controller…

  • Anonymous says:

    And here it goes. retards who don’t know what they’re talking about everywhere again. Never change, Sankaku.

    >>Then don’t read it, you have this thing called a ‘choice’.
    It’s their site, they can do whatever the fuck they want with it.

    hu, so misinforming people, who then become annoying idiots, is okay? Well, I don’t care, but it’s still quite questionable.

    Anyway, it’s still too early to judge anything.
    And apparently most people here are crybabies who don’t know anything about video games and only judge by graphics.
    I’m quite happy with my wii despite it’s graphics. If anything, it’s more the fault of the developers who don’t give a damn anymore.

    • Lonesnipa says:

      Anontard I’ll grant you people shouldn’t base things solely on the graphics, but if nintendo is showing stuff that isn’t run on their console, and saying in the first place that this is whats coming to there console, then we have a problem.

      I do wish to point out that nintendo has said several times that the stuff they are showing as “first party” stuff and I mean, several times, that the stuff they were showing at the show you could play WERE NOT GAMES. It was just stuff they’d put together to showcase the controller. So, before we judge what the console can do lets get some actual games made for it to look at.

  • Anonymous says:

    There was no “passing off” game footage. Nintendo wanted to show the games that are agreed to be developed/ported in a video, because a text list at a press conference like that wouldn’t get people pumped up, and it would be boring as shit. So, barring time travel, why would a version of a game for a system that won’t come out for at least another year have any footage?
    There was a disclaimer, Reggie said it afterwards, and only trolls and idiots would say they think it was Wii U footage of the games.
    Not to mention the zelda demo and the bird/garden demo WERE on the system, and demonstrated the at least PS3 ability of the system.

    • Anonymous says:

      As much as I find things like this a silly attempt at getting more traffic. You have to admit, this does bait all the Sony and Microsoft fanboys out into the open, because if they bothered to check their sources elsewhere. They wouldn’t be making an ass of themselves here. But then again, keep on bashing the graphics retards, since the demo’s are directly from your own consoles.

    • Anonymous says:

      troll, maybe… anyone who publishes works has to find a way to grab your attention. with this site’s context and demographic it is the best strategy. i’ve come to expect playful article titles from artefact. as far as idiot goes, i have to disagree. he is knowledgable about topics that are on this site. which include silly stuff as well as current events and politics.


      • Anonymous says:

        If you want accurate news or stories, go to bbc or reuters.
        SanCom is a blog for entertainment purpose, you come to this site fully aware that you’re reading the author’s thoughts and opinions.
        Of course some people might disagree with some of the author’s opinions, heck he can troll however he wants and there’s nothing you can do about it because this is his blog.
        The solution? Simply search another blog that always suits your opinions. The internet is vast and you definitely will find one. Maybe…

  • Anonymous says:

    Kind of funny, headline is about game footage, directly under that is a screenshot from a tech demo that is literally running on the Wii U and available for press to play on the floor of E3. Nice job.

    Plenty of people have already written their impressions from first-hand experience playing on the console for long periods of time.

    They have all basically said that the Wii U is undoubtedly *noticeably* more powerful and impressive than the PS3 and 360.

    But that’s okay, we can just ignore them and write bullshit.

  • Anonymous says:

    I appreciate Nintendos approach for experimenting with new input devices. They implemented quite alot stuff which is used as a regular basis nowadays.
    I hope they will succeed and bring new stuff in the future too.

    Nintendo’s kinda the Apple of gaming.

      • Anonymous says:

        nintendo isn’t like apple at all.
        apple only use already existing technology but make it simpler for people who don’t know what a power button looks like or doesn’t understand the word “type” (as in “file type”, apple calls it “kind”)

        nintendo try to change how consoles are used. Other companies call it “gimmicks” and “useless” a few years before they copy it.

        • Anonymous says:

          Well it’s more like bringing new stuff to the audience and succeeding. Just like the Iphone brought us a whole bunch of smartphones, the DS brought us a touchscreen to portables. On both sides competitors adapted to the new hardware and implemented it to its new hardware.

          And my guess is that Sony and MS are going to copy Nintendo again in some way, if they succeed.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m sure that’s EXACTLY what Artefact wants. For his readers to go “somewhere else”.

        Pointing out areas of annoyance can be very helpful to improving a website, and in turn attracting more readers. He could have very easily gone “somewhere else” without saying a word, and no one would have ever known why the website was losing readers, but instead he stated his reasons for disliking certain aspects of the site. Not only did he NOT abandon the site, but he gave Artefact useful information pertaining to the likes and dislikes of his readers.

  • Anonymous says:

    If nothing else this site is good at posting derogatory new with an added negative slant.

    1. Nintendo showed what they were given to be show by the people that make the games.

    2. The Wii U isn’t even finished being made.

    3. Even if they had been made for the Wii U they would look exactly the same as on the other consoles because they are ports.

    4. The Zelda games and the tech demo were using the Wii U so they did show what the system can do.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh no. Fanboy offended.

      1. So it’s okay that the developers tried to pass it off as their console rather than the people showing it at E3? I think that’s worse.

      2. That justifies a blatant lie.

      3. Wait what? Since you follow Sankaku Complex shouldn’t you be aware that not all ports are equal? And you don’t get the same quality playing on a Windows 98 machine that you do from something more current. Why would an inferior console (for the sake of argument) have the same quality?

      4. Yep. Looks good.

      • Anonymous says:

        Anon fanboy, I think is early to talk about wii u.You know,2012.
        1.Hype.Google it.
        2.So what?….Just because they don´t finished it,doesn´t mean :”oh, i can put some footage I GUESS i can reproduce in the future”
        3.Anon just said it.Even the same game aren´t equal.
        4.omg.I didn´t know nintendo producers acess sankaku.BTW,the zelda CG was shitty,worse than last titles in ps3 and xbox 360.
        Sony and microsoft didn´t worry about a new console from nintendo because they know the history:new console worse(grafically speaking)than ps3 or xbox 360.

        • Meant to say “was not” in number 4. You can actually see people interacting with it in some videos on youtube. Its not fully controllable but it is being rendered on the system in real time. They can alte things on the screen while its occurring and move the camera around anywhere which is impossible with CG as CG is static.

        • No not really, but wow what a plethora of fanboy’s who calling me a fanboy for simply correct what is written.

          1. They didn’t try to pass it off as their console. The console isn’t done like I said earlier. They were simply showcasing the games that are going to be on the console and honestly they looked like crap.

          2. Once again, they weren’t trying to show off the systems graphics as those games are below what the system can do going by the demos. They were simply showing the games that people can look forward to.

          3. Where or not some port are equal is irrelvant. The majority of ports are made for one system then placed on another with whatever couldn’t be rendered removed. Up ports on the other hand(which these will be) are you just slapped on the system like PS1 to Dreamcast ports and PS2 to Wii ports with hardly a change outside of texture filtering and shading.

          4. Wow… CG will always be better than anything on a console because CG has no limitation. Secondly, that was CG, that’s in game footage. It just looks like CG because of how detailed it is.

  • Anonymous says:

    The reason its not the actual gameplay on the Wii u is because the devs haven’t even done anything. It was pretty clear that all of the footage used was a montage from the trailers shown the previous day. Anyone being surprised at this is a fool.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wait, I can’t be the only one who thought this was obvious?

    They stressed the fact it was for illustrative purposes, I think most would be able to put two and two together and figure out from where came the footage the third parties gave to Nintendo.

    Breaking news, Sankaku states the obvious, stay classy.

  • Hard to say who is the dumber, the people using footage that can only end up as egg on the face, or the people willing to accept anything they are told.

    I won’t give a fuck about the Wii U until it has been on sale for 5 months, assuming I plan to ever really care for it at all of course.

    Sure glad I don’t get all worked up for every fucking game toy that ends up on a store shelf.

  • Anonymous says:

    It would seem Nintendo got a little ahead of themselves. They’d best not fuk this up. Their future in console gaming could mean everything with this latest system. But more than that, they need to have plenty of exclusive titles to separate them from the competition.

    Git ‘r’ done, Nintendo.

    • Anonymous says:

      The console has huge potential and as usual I’m sure Nintendo will capitalize on it. The bigger issue is if 3rd party developers will do the same. Imagine Fatal Frame. Imagine D&D style games where the dungeon master and players get their own screen while shared info is on the main screen. Imagine Adavanced Wars with fog of war or card battle games like Yu-Gi-Oh with battles being shown on the big screen.

      Also I have to laugh at the people who said the graphics were worse than the PS3 or Xbox360’s.

  • Anonymous says:

    God the response from the nintendo fanboys is pathetic. You seriously dont have a problem with them passing off the footage from a whole different system and claiming its what you will be getting when you buy their system?

    If there wasnt anything to show they should of did somthing amazingly complex and hard to do, not show anything and especialy not make empty performance claims.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m probably not going to get this console, but I’m still defending it here because I wasn’t dumb enough to think that they were showing clips recorded from a console that didn’t exist.

      • Anonymous says:

        Bash Japanese marketing if you must. It’s the same as all the other nationalities’ forms of marketing, but at least they use lolis sometimes. Japanese marketing is superior.

        • Pyrolight says:

          Yes in marketing everyone lies, but the Japanese are very nearly the worst of the lot.

          They also have a very nasty habit of leaving anything negative out until they are found out and then proceed to try and spin it.

          Again this is not unique to the Japanese but it seems far more prevalent.

  • i knew nintendo got off the technology train with the wii, but evolving backwards?

    and people really thought there wont be a gap again between MS, Sony and Nintendo? When the other two release their new consoles Nintendo will be left again by many 3rd party developers.

  • Anonymous says:

    HAHAHAHAHA THIS WII U its just the nds conected to the wii as a control the new “control” its just a fucking nds you only have what you already have hahaha oooh my nintendo its following the same pat as apple, and other companys just take new and new hard ware evry 4 o 6 months to keep your fans buying and buying and buying them, just to make they think they are high advanced tech and modern people or in this case evry new control and new version of the ds or 3ds make you a better and advanced player hahaha.

    i see the nintendo fans forums and social nets and magazine are coordinatings this atacks to evry negative comment on the net against the wii u or the 3ds thats something pathetic even for nintendo

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow… you’re really retarded. It isn’t just the control, you goddamn ignorant. It’s a new console. The control is the main selling point of it. Do us a favor and learn how to spell too. Goddamn 12 year old faggots.

  • Anonymous says:

    So for weeks he posts headlines saying stuff like “Sony gives your private information to hackers” and “Sony giving away more personal info than ever” and you Nintenfags masturbate to it hard enough to chafe yourselves.

    He posts the absolutely factual headline “Nintendo Passes Off PS3 & 360 Game Footage as Wii U” and NOW you’re suddenly pissed off?

    How wonderful and convenient for you to suddenly discover this whole little “integrity” thing. I’m sure it will conveniently be put back on its shelf when he decides to post “Sony Offers Up Its Customers To Be Raped Yet Again” and you can laugh about “They’ll never hack my Wii!”

    • Rethardus says:

      The PSN being hacked IS a fact.
      You can even be mad about that as a Sony fanboy. In fact, PSN fanboys are the only one who will get mad if it’s being hacked, others fanboys will just point and laugh…

      However, saying shit like “The future of the 3DS suddenly looks distinctly troubled…” is biased.

      Want to hear more “objective journalism” of Artefact?

      “The huge new controller has a variety of applications – it can be played as an oversized console tethered handheld, used as a normal controller with the screen providing a supplementary display, waved around as an oversized Wiimote, used as a tablet with a stylus or finger, or be employed in conjunction with (or replaced by) updated traditional Wiimotes.”

      Want me to count how many times he implied how big (and in a very negative way) the controller is, in one sentence?

      Oh, yes, I was forgetting how he was just stating “facts”. Facts that only strengthens HIS opinion.

    • Anonymous says:

      both aren’t true, titles, but in the sony articles he doesn’t make it seem like sony is actually handing out information,
      here, however, he’s making it seem like nintendo really tried to make people believe this was recorded on an very incomplete console.

    • i’ve been saying, our society are packed with in-denial hypocrites.

      no one said anything about this site being bias when it was reporting about the psn breach/hack, 360 RRoD, FFXIII tunnel vision.

      but now that it’s about nintendo, people are rasing the red flag saying “OH NO YOU DIDN’T, THIS SITE IS HORRIBLE.”

  • Anonymous says:

    What bothers me is the countless websites claiming Ninty won E3 with this. It was okay to show the new console, but to use other console footage is low of them. Makes PS3 unveiling look good, as even when most of the content were target renders, they were exclusive games from the PS3 itself.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t really care either way. There are already too many consoles/portables to contend with. I have absolutely no intention of shelling out for another one regardless of who makes it.

  • Anonymous says:

    HAHAHAHA take that nintendo fans, the end is near, its just like the show off of windows vista that the guy showing off the best of vista was using a mac softwatre to make it hahahahahaha

    • Anonymous says:

      There was no “passing off” game footage. Nintendo wanted to show the games that are agreed to be developed/ported in a video, because a text list at a press conference like that wouldn’t get people pumped up, and it would be boring as shit. So, barring time travel, why would a version of a game for a system that won’t come out for at least another year have any footage?
      There was a disclaimer, Reggie said it afterwards, and only trolls and idiots would say they think it was Wii U footage of the games.
      Not to mention the zelda demo and the bird/garden demo WERE on the system, and demonstrated the at least PS3 ability of the system.