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Pokémon Collector Cuts Off Little Girl’s Clothes to Catch ‘Em


A Pokémon collector was apparently so keen to catch ’em all that he forcibly cut the Pokémon off a 6-year-old girl’s clothing with scissors.

The incident began with a 6-year-old girl playing by her house in Yamagata prefecture. She was approached by two young men “with the air of highschoolers” on bicycles.

Saying “I’ll take these as mementos,” one of the pair used scissors to cut out the three Pocket Monsters on the girl’s T-shirt (not pictured), leaving her with a 10cm hole over her chest. The girl was unharmed.

The little girl reported the attack to her parents, and her father reported the matter to police. Police are treating the incident as a malicious prank and are looking for the suspects with a view to charging them with assault.

They have increased patrols in the area in case any more collectors appear.

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