Nintendo Hacked: “We Didn’t Need To Announce It”


Nintendo is reporting it was hacked two weeks ago with the loss of data it refuses to identify, but that it decided not to bother announcing this fact to customers because “as there was no actual harm, it was not a matter which we needed to announce.”

Reportedly hackers penetrated the official Nintendo of America site “two weeks ago,” resulting in unspecified data being leaked to unknown parties.

On the 5th of June Nintendo finally decided to announce the fact that it had been hacked, but refuses to offer any information on just what was taken, saying “we cannot explain the details of what data was leaked.”

It does however offer the tremendously reassuring assurance that “no personal information or important data was leaked.”

The hacked server itself was reportedly connected to its user account system, but did not itself house personal data; hackers posted config files from the server to prove it was compromised, whilst tauntingly saying they were Nintendo fans and wished them no ill will.

The vulnerability has since been closed, they say.

Nintendo’s assertion that “as there was no actual harm, it was not a matter which we needed to announce” and its failure to offer any actual details about the hack has already incited accusations that it is trying to cover up and suppress the incident in a way which makes even Sony look like a paragon of openness.

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