Sony Hacked Again, Loses 1,000,000 Accounts


Sony’s reputation as a computer security pygmy has deepened again, with the latest hack seeing it apparently lose a million user accounts to hackers.

Reportedly, hackers used yet another SQL injection attack to break into the database of, making off with the account details of a million users, including names, addresses, email addresses, and passwords, though mercifully not credit card details.

No confirmation is yet forthcoming from Sony, but the perpetrators have helpfully posted all the data obtained online, something unlikely to endear them to Sony customers.

The group claiming responsibility for this hack has also taken things a step further, having been publicly taunting and threatening Sony via Twitter for some time.

Some of their latest gloating:

“From a single injection, we accessed EVERYTHING. Why do you put such faith in a company that allows itself to become open to these simple attacks?

What’s worse is that every bit of data we took wasn’t encrypted. Sony stored over 1,000,000 passwords of its customers in plain text, which means it’s just a matter of taking it.

This is disgraceful and insecure: they were asking for it.”

Sony has now lost well over 100 million accounts to hackers – certainly an abject lesson in the wisdom of trusting big corporations to safeguard user data.

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  • Wow. Someone really hates Sony. Though I am confused… Isn’t the fact that they announced they did it enough grounds to arrest them for cyber-terrorism O.o I mean, I’ve always loved Sony, since the ps1, I’ve always preferred the ps products over the microsoft ones and the Nintendo ones. Sony’s just better. It’s unfortunate that someone or a group of people don’t like sony….. I bet it’s microsoft doing it >.>

  • Anonymous says:

    Aibo ‘suit
    Memory Card erasing Demos
    Playstation 2 HDD
    Disc Read Errors
    Laptop Battery Recall
    Playstation 2 AC Adaptor Recall
    Playstation 3 Linux

    Didn’t kill em yet! Too Bad!

  • Anonymous says:

    Freaking Anonymous again?. They can say they didn’t do it all they want, but only an idiot would believe them. If it wasn’t them then where are their attacks? They promised that they’d screw Sony. So why aren’t they? The answer is, they are! They deny it though because it would make them look bad. How could they get you to take their side if they told you that they stole your account info? They didn’t steal it for the info. They stole it to make you not trust Sony. That’s what it’s obviously all about! They posted it online so you could see that they have it. That’s the only reason they didn’t take the credit card info. Fuck you Anonymous!

  • Anonymous says:

    Fuck you. So the obvious alternative is to have some cheap dirty cheap ass company with hardly the resources OR the ability to store the data, or force taxpayers to pay for the service, right? I like this site but the little Marxist quips are annoying.

  • Anonymous says:

    o____o my god its incredible! =/ i mean, SQL injection?? Seriously?? I mean, thats maybe the cheapest way to hack a website… If you dont protect your forms or the URLS it is just matter of time to have hackers stoling your information…

    Also, no encrypted passwords? seriously?? :S im a web designer and i must say, Sony is getting fucked up by the butt because they haven invested 1 fucking cent on security…

    SQL injection my god…

  • Anonymous says:

    Stupid fucking hackers, stop hacking sony already!
    They promised me free games when PSN goes back online, just let me fucking claim them, then hack Sony as much as you want, just let me get the free games 1st!!!!!!1111111

  • Anonymous says:

    I find it funny that the last three ‘hacks’ are only being reported by Sankaku and are not appearing on any reputable news source. If you’re Xbox fans thats fine, but stop defaming Sony with this unprovable bullshit.

      • Anonymous says:

        So…are you actually going to explain what this has to do with gaming and perhaps even report on the full restoration of PSN with which this story has nothing to do…or are you just going to ignore such questions entirely and just pick the easy criticisms to address?

      • Anonymous says:

        Well you pretty much attracted the Sony fanbase with more articles that critisize Nintendo and Microsoft. So the assumption is that this site is Pro-Sony. Thus as soon as something negative about Sony props up, the Sony fanboys will appear like ants to a picnic.

  • LOL, so much sony cocksuckers and fanbitches hurt xD,
    This is so fucking amazing, when will sony learn ?
    what this is about there tenth time hack and no security improvement ?

    by the way if anyone already didn’t know the major reason for sony’s downfall is the fact that they have pissed off a LOT of hackers(I believe a article about it was here once), they rubbed many people he wrong way, and in turn those people have swore to screw sony over. Not only that but really, all the “kicking modded ps3” off the PSN and the removal of the OS, is causeto irritate a few unfriendly fellows.

  • Anonymous says:

    I see a pattern. They’re being hacked from inside….literally. Their employees are “big brother” and therefore will be forced in the future to take up body scanners for the employees and I wont be shocked if in the future that other companies experience the same loss.

    Its about a Green sensor Pill.

  • Anonymous says:

    whyh not hack microsoft? oh wait.. NOTHING WORTHY IN THERE… these “suppossed” hackers ‘claim’ they hacked.. wheres proof of it now??? someone claims he killed JFK and some people is like OMG HE KILLEED JFK!!… yeeesh

  • OK so we all know that Sony’s security sucks and need to be re-invented from the ground up, that’s a given.

    However, I fail to see the reasoning behind some posts here that make hackers into some kind of “cyber warrior army” fighting against the evil “Sony Empire”.

    I don’t own any stock in Sony and have no financial interest in whether they survive or not. However, I have purchased all the Playstations from 1 to 3, TV’s
    (my dad had one he bought in 1975 that was still working in 2000 when he gave it away). VHS,DVD,CD players etc. The one thing they seemed to have in common was reliability and the enjoyment I received from them.

    The hackers on the other hand haven’t done anything except inconvenience me and deny me time playing my games online. They remind me of a bunch of taggers trying to outdo one another by writing over each others graffiti.

    What they are doing is criminal and it needs to stop NOW!.

    Sony, get your shit together NOW!

    Sorry for the rant.

  • What is SAD! Is that Sony is the only target here!

    They handle email and names for major companies like Chase, Best Buy, ect. Now the next question is how are these hackers getting away with this with todays technology is really sad.. no reports of any arrests of these hackers now that is scary.. They are getting away with dangerous information.

  • Anonymous says:

    this is why i dislike the insults nintendo gets, at least there wifi services to play online are free. dont demand your credit card. I hoshioni post agian as an anon….cause I cant log in.

    But everthing is hackable. thats why I dont like google and facebook that demand you connect with everthing or that anyone can post you online. which doesnt stop that info from being used on you.

  • Anonymous says:

    Im starting to become skeptical about these continued ‘hackings’.

    The way im looking at it, so long as Sony makes no comment (and i see no good reason for Sony not to take a ‘dont feed the troll’ approach) then these ‘hackers’ can continue to claim whatever they like unopposed.

    It may simply be that Sony is already well aware of who is making these claims and is just waiting for the right time to drop a massive defamation lawsuit on their heads (the best time to drop a civil claim is after criminal proceedings).

    The point of this, dont treat everything you rad online as gospel.

  • Anonymous says:

    Creรญ que los hackers eran gente cool que ayudaban a la gente promedio en contra de las corporaciones, no que jodรญan a la gente promedio para joder a las corporaciones.

  • i hope sony pays the hackers after they finally solve their security issues…
    all they are doing is play around with sony, when they could have stolen the client’s credit card information and became millionaires.. sony better be grateful.

  • what should sony do though?

    YES they fucked up… bad… and if the hackers are telling the truth… REALY BAD

    but seriously, should a mega conglomerate shut down ALL of its online infrastructure for WELL over a month to patch everything?

  • Hahaha! Oh wow! I absolutely *LOVE* the mindless and insane PS3 fanboys… Let alone any video game or PC fanboys! How more pathetic can a person be to defend a company that does the equivalent of openly mocking their own customers? Okay, fine, Sony has been able to provide quality products to their customers but this is just ridiculous.

    Anyone who argues that Sony isn’t at fault because of their unacceptable security for PSN clearly has no concept of how real life works and thus make themselves look like complete ignorants. Oh sure, the hackers did something wrong and took advantage of the poor security but its still completely their fault. Its terrible that so many people have to suffer the consequences of such incompetence. As for the fanboys, let me educate you.

    In the real world, people can be complete douchebags. They can be greedy, selfish and might even enjoy causing trouble to others. *GASP!* Yes that’s right, the world is not all happy and perfect as you think. Some people even goes as far to do things like that to prove a point or do it out of revenge or hate.

    So yes, there you go, Sony is responsible for failing to protect the information on PSN and they keep proving they cannot do a proper job seeing how they get hacked every single minutes. I heard people joking around and saying that the security password must be “Sony” or “Password.

    Personally… I think that Sony hired the people who worked on the initial release of FFXIV or hired Active Enterprise (The people that made Action 52 and The Cheetahmen) to take care of the security.

  • Anonymous says:

    the more this happens, the less it makes $60 for a year of XBL such a bad thing,lol

    Sony people may hate me for saying this but frankly I can’t be 100% wrong at this point,lol

    …..unless they like seeing all the posts about it on here

  • Anonymous says:

    I find it funny how most of the asshats being all “OMFG NO ONE SHOULD EVER LIKE SONY THEY LEAKED YOUR ACCOUNT WHY DO YOU KEEP SUPPORTING THEM RAGERAGERAGE!!!ONEONE111” are people who probably don’t even own a PS3 lol it’s kind of funny seeing them going batshit insane over something that doesn’t even affect them.

    Anyway, oh god, Sony, would you please do something about this already? Truth be told, I’m not really worried about people knowing my name and address, I mean, I work somewhere where I get to see that kind of stuff everyday, but it’s kind of tiring having to change my passwords so much times. Anyway, I still love my ps3 to death.

    • Anonymous says:

      Because they teach companies how to make more secure networks?
      I assume you’d rather have your info sitting out there free for everyone to grab, then? I agree that malicious hacking is just that- malicious. But it also serves a purpose. If Sony truly has been lying about being a secure and trustworthy company that will guard your information, isn’t it something that people should know? Even moreso when they are attacked and continue to show poor decision-making skills across the board. Storing passwords in plain text, not encrypted at all? isn’t that a little ridiculous to you?

      • starsplash says:

        Dude.. How about we dont have dumbass morons hacking into things? Most of the times, hackers just make things worse, not better.

        And we all know Sony wont learn. They will just do something that makes shit worse.

      • Anonymous says:

        they… “teach”? Isn’t that pretty arrogant?

        mmkay, guess I’ll go to wal-mart and “teach” them to keep a better eye on their products.

        These hackers are criminals, no sugar coating it. Sony isn’t the bad guy here, it’s the hackers.

        They had a security team come in and fix up their security for around a month, and even still these people find the need to hack Sony again, claiming that they’re going to try and bring Sony down.

        You ever hear of the spongebob episode where he goes on patrol? He finds an open window and decides it’s up to him to “teach” the dangers of open windows and becomes the “open window maniac” – this is how ridiculous the hackers look. It really is.

        Hackers also kept themselves hidden from the FBI and hacked a network security firm. Anything can be hacked, at the moment, and with modern technology, there’s nothing much anyone can do about it.

        I wish there were better ways of tracking down these hackers. I really do. They don’t seem to care about the very same innocent people they claim to fight for. Stealing their information and trying to “take down Sony” (of course, this wouldn’t even be in the common interest, considering a lot of people liked their services and products) which would also put a LOT of people out of jobs, is not what I call fighting for the people.

      • Anonymous says:

        If they would teach them they just could write a email or and ask them to close the securityhole. If they don’t react and do nothing they deserve it. But if you just tell everyone and say: Hey come on, join the fun! HOW does that HELP the company?

        • Anonymous says:

          “If they would teach them they just could write a email or and ask them to close the securityhole.”



          THEY DIDN’T.



      • “Part of that involved how easy it was to keep it updated to keep up with newer tech.”

        You mean part of it was because companies that make blu-ray players want to rip you off, instead of actually releasing decent quality players right away.

        • Anonymous says:

          From a business standpoint, you don’t want to release your best and most expensive stuff right off the bat if your only consumer base would be early adopters.

          By making the first generation of things easily accessible, you generate buzz, and get more people interested in your product. Once enough people own your product, then you can start bringing out the more expensive versions, because now you’re working off an existing consumer base who are more likely to buy a “better” version of what they have.

          Besides, if they went whole hog right off the bat, and then Blu-Ray failed, they would be left with a whole bunch of expensive unsold devices and a huge loss. Think HD DVD.

        • Anonymous says:

          No, they aren’t from the banning of lead solders. The fact is that lead solders are not any easier nor harder to break than non-lead ones.

          The real problem was that in the first generation XBox 360’s, you had people putting them in places where they could not get adequate airflow, therefore they were overheating massively and melting the solder/warping the motherboard.

        • Anonymous says:

          RRoD are the product of epa tree huggers, so if you see some twit wearing a “save lady gaia” & “grobal warming is the evil of usa companies”. Bitch slap the fuck out of them, since they’re the ones one forced all American companies to drop the decades old LEAD filled solders(that Worked!) which connected all your chips within you game systems and used tree hugger friendly EASY to BREAK solder that gave you all those YLoD and RRoDs!
          Go Sinatra and slap them pussies to the floor, because they’re not even worthy of a punch.

        • LulzSec claims to have made the hack, which may or may not be complete bullshit this time, though we know they’re quite capable of it. But would Sony really be dumb enough to NOT encrypt all the users’ information and display them in plaintext on their database AND allow a hole for something as simple as an SQL injection? That sounds a little farfetched, but I don’t know; maybe Sony is just full of security-based idiots.

        • Anonymous says:

          Since the Navy ports in Hong Kong back in the mid ’00s, many brought their xboxs’ to shore to get hacked and also installed 100gig HDDs for all those hundreds of rips. Think about it; there’s a system that has the Entire game library within!
          ahh~ those where the days~~~~~

      • Anonymous says:

        the RROD isnt as much of a threat as ppl make it to seem, mine is from the 1st generation, bought like 1-2 months after the launch, still works like a marvel, the only grief i have is that it doesnt support HD

        • Anonymous says:

          My box RRODed and my brother’s box RRODed and I know a guy from the office who’s box RRODed. Not that often, eh? Like 30% of current PS3 owners are people whose boxes RRODed.

        • When will people learn that their own single case doesn’t overturn massive statistical trends? Never, is my guess…

          You’re lucky then. Countless others have treated their machines well, like any other console, and are onto their 5th 360s or worse. My couple-year Elite is still running like new, knock on wood, but I won’t kid myself – its untimely failure is pretty much a given. By 2015 it will have suffered an irreparable general failure. I’m just enjoying it while it lasts because apart from hardware failure and subscription fees, it’s a great system.

        • Yeah, this is bullshit. The first generation xbox had a near 50% failure rate, including mine–I had to trade it in for a new one last year. Meanwhile, my older PS3 still works as well as the day i bought it.

          I’m peeved about the PSN, thing, sure, but I’m more peeved at these hackers for doing it in the first place. Whatever point they *think* they’re making about Sony, they’re only hurting customers more.

        • Anonymous says:

          True. Many of the RROD’s came from people NOT CLEANING THEIR XBOX’S! Seriously, you have to open up the damned thing and clean it about once or twice a year.

          If you are afraid to do it yourself? Have a techie friend do it!

  • i wonder how many lawsuits are piling at Sony’s doorstep.. Sony simply has no excuse for their (non) actions. even governments are demanding an explanation. Really, the loss of revenue must be staggering.. no one is going to sign their credit card info on PSN after this mess. people must be canceling their accounts and demanding compensation for their CC fraud.

    If it is possible to completely sever all PSN servers and info from the internet, they probably should do that until it is fixed.

    But seeing how this post is too serious for Sankaku.. I BlAm BiLL gaTeS! hES HackEd tem BeCas xbOx sSUX!! OR mABE tem CHINAS! *stabs self in face with a watermelon*

  • Anonymous says:

    Lol this sounds like a personal vendetta against Sony attacking different sectors like they have. They steal useless information post it on the net to prove they have it and make a twitter post questioning peoples faith in Sony. Was never about the money.

    I don’t think it’s a MS assassin I think it’s probably some employee that Sony laid off, and with a fist in the air he swore revenge against the company

  • You ever hear the old question “What happens when the unstoppable force meets the immovable object?”

    Well in this case it’s “What happens when the Goatse dot Cx mascot meets the mighty FIST of Emperor CALIGULA!!!” Squish/ripppp “Eeeeaaahaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!”

  • Anonymous says:

    having this kind of relentless attacks on sony definitely spells something fishy going on.

    If they do have taken measures to combat this unfortunate event, it would take a reasonable opposing cyber force to keep hacking into sony again and again.

    Ulterior motive from other major companies?

    While Blaming the “mysterious hackers of the nation”
    These hackers have only thier pride to gain.

    Where as other companies have the money raining down thier way.

    Just speculating

    • Anonymous says:

      I guess someone’s personal info (including addresses and birthdays), as well as their email addresses and passwords totally isn’t useful at all.

      Totally no way that someone wouldn’t use the same password for all their credentials, like bank logins, right? Or have their personal information used to social engineer someone’s way into more sensitive data.

      Hell, if you want to test your mettle, go ahead and post your name, address, email address, and password up here, and we’ll see how useless it is.

      • Anonymous says:

        Maybe if you are exceptionally stupid (like 95% of the population).

        Re-using your bank password for other sites is near the top of the list of things you are NOT supposed to do if you don’t want to get ripped off. Anyone stupid enough to do that rather deserves what they get.

      • Anonymous says:

        Since when can you pick your own bank logins so that they would match those of you use in various websites? At least in here, the username is in numbers, and the password changes after each use <.<

        I dont think they hacked Sony to get useful data, but rather than show how insecure Sony's servers are. And well, of course, to screw Sony over more and more.

        • Anonymous says:




      • Anonymous says:

        I think its not that they are that much after the information its more they just wanna keep beating up sony on how bad thier security is. I really don’t think that the people that stole the information are actually using it for bad reasons.

  • Anonymous says:

    You will find that no one actually cares if there is no money involved.

    Just go back to any of the PSN hacking articles, and you will find most people will mention credit cards first.

  • Anonymous says:

    OK now this seems really suspicious. Especially before E3. I see a patern here. Every time there is good news from Sony it seems that Hacking would commerce immediately after….

    • Anonymous says:

      After all the embarrassment Microsoft dealt with with it’s Kinnect thingy not working perfectly and a few of the web & youtube videos mocking them at last years E3 you have to wonder if Xbox fans wanted payback.

      You can’t hurt the console so you hurt it’s users – classic villian tactics. It’s like tying Sony up and laying them on a railroad track as the E3 locomotive roaring into tour – all they’re missing is a curled mustache and evil cape at this point.

  • At this point I’m less irritated by Sony’s incompetence and more overtaken by a desire to see the perpetrators publicly beheaded. Fuck things up once, shame on Sony. Fuck them up again, more shame on Sony. But keep doing it over and over and now you’re just an annoying shit.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is now “beat a dead digital horse”.

      One hack I can see planting a flag or making a statement – but the continuous attacks on clearly reek of personal vendetta or wraith. Maybe Sony is slow on the uptake or dealing with earthquake related concerns but attack only Sony and PS3 users??

      Is the X-Box360 Online so superior a site or just more “favored”? This does nothing but help Xbox360 and really only them. I would NOT be surprised if this was indirect sabotage to cripple & embarrass Sony right before E3.

      If Microsoft doesn’t have a “major game changer” or explosive reveal and just limps to success at the E3 finish line because Sony is soo hobbled…it’s gonna look mighty cozy for XBox because of these ‘Continual Hacks of Fate’ I would’t be surprised they are so way involved. I wouldn’t want their karma if they are.

      The RROD will always stain the history of Xbox360 – no amount of Sony hacks & jail-breaks can fix all the time that was lost with cardboard coffins and re-achievements.

      Sony should respectfully BOW OUT of E3 and leave Microsoft & Nintendo to host the whole thing and regroup. I’m half expecting their E3 power-point to be hacked at this point.

      • Anonymous says:

        I do not like Microsoft. I don’t like everything americanized. Their audience is packed with discriminate clients who do not support jrpgs and other japanese games, if Sony steps out, then I’m through with gaming. Seriously. Xbox isn’t even big in my country they barely even sell xboxes here. And if sony disappears, I’d go serious with my studies instead, never to return.

        • Anonymous says:

          I wouldnt call people biased, but what good jrpgs have been released on the xbox outside of japan? Every decent game in development was dropped halfway through for some reason or another. Japanese people dislike the xbox- it’s not the other way around. Many people like imported games when they’re well translated. But the only things that get ported over to non-japanese markets are the oversaturated dime a dozen jrpgs and squeenix shit. I think you’re placing the blame wrongly on Xbox/MS when the fact is that, MS would be happy to have their console be embraced by japan and be successful enough to import gaames, its just that the japanese market refuses to develop anything for the xbox that is truly marketable or profitable outside of japan- because lets face it, outside of japan, groping lolis just isn’t socially acceptable.

        • Anonymous says:





    • Anonymous says:

      I’m loving this. They’re on a path of revenge, hacking everything sony owns and loves all the way up the food chain until they hack sony’s CEO’s head with a chainsaw.

      It’s entertaining.

    • Anonymous says:

      That, or maybe Sony could fix their awful security. There is no excuse for allowing SQL injection. Those are so ridiculously easy to protect against, just escape everything before processing (there’s a function that does this specific thing in PHP!). Same with password encryption. At least MD5 them! Browser based mmos run by amateurs do these things. A multinational corporation should be at least on that level.

      • Anonymous says:

        Understand though that with every ‘hotfix’ there is another hole that is potentially made. Hackers have all the time in the world. Paid employees don’t. And SQL Injection is ridiculously easy with something like Metasploit and the new GUI interface to Metasploit. It’s pretty sad… What they need to do is have Hard firewalls, you know? Those 70,000 dollar rack mounted Malware analyzers and hard firewalls, 70 – 500 grand is a cheapie price compared to all the shit you let out.

        • Anonymous says:

          That requires like.. anybody on Sony’s end actually giving a fuck at any point in time, ESPECIALLY after Sony was initially compromised in the first place.


          At least I can buy super cheap PS3’s on Craigslist now.

        • Lazy ass IT department & programmers.
          Example process:

          test new software/hardware on systems separate from network

          check for compatibility with in house developed software

          communicate with manager of software department for any updates to in house software

          update software/hardware accordingly

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re an idiot.

      Sony is going to continue to get fucked with if it’s obvious that they aren’t doing anything to stop being fucked with.

      It’s shame on Sony the whole way through. There are people who are supposed to prevent this type of thing from happening, and Sony either picked some shitty ones, or none at all.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sony was just not expecting all this to happen so repeatedly in such a short time.

        No one really paid attention about breaking into Sony’s networks before, because they ain’t no Pentagon or Lockheed Martin(hint: just a consumer appliance manufacturer). No one could have foreseen that such a low-risk product manufacturer would have to deal with repeated hacks such as these, which are clearly meant to deface and drop off consumer trust in anything Sony.

        Of course, you’d think they’d pay more attention when they started shedding Linux support and taking legal action against Geohotz and other hackers who were intent on re-instating Linux compatibility(which, in a convention, they claim could not be used to circumvent PS3’s anti-piracy mechanism at all). They clearly underestimated hackers’ motivation, and how one successful hack would trigger a domino effect and encouraging hackers elsewhere to try their hands on anything Sony.

        By the way, this time it was SonyPICTURES, so Playstation Network’s restoration process shouldn’t be hampered so much. Cool the fuck down.

        • DoubleX31 says:

          @17:11 It’s happening multiple times because they DON’T have the time to fix it before getting attacked again. They get hit again in less than a week.

          How do these “hackers” expect Sony to fix something when they keep ramming down the wall just as the base has been built.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yeah you’re right it’s not it was PSN that they hacked 10 different times. They’re attacking different sectors of the company. Also you can’t just put up a new security system in one day and it’s all the more pressure and chaos when they are attacking on a weekly basis

        • Anonymous says:

          “Sony was just not expecting all this to happen so repeatedly in such a short time.”

          The fuck kind of justification is this?

          I can understand not expecting to get hit the first time, but when it starts happening multiple times, in a short period of time, you would think Sony Group would spread the word around for everyone to check their shit.

          And even barring that, why the fuck would ANY company allow information to be stored in PLAIN TEXT? What kind of shitshow are they running behind the scenes?

  • not saying they could have forseen this, but in a world with so much technology, you would think a major corporation would have enough resources to effectively combat piracy AND cyber attacks. i mean at this point, someone could pull a superman 3 or office space and make millions without anyone being the wiser

  • Fuck you Microsoft for attacking PSN. We all fucking know that you’re behind the attacks to ruin SONY. so fucking stop!

    This fucking hack business is getting out of hand here.

  • Anonymous says:

    If the hackers are trying to teach the guys in Sony a lesson then hit those guys. Not the people who play and support Sony. In my opinion the hackers are total ass holes. If they’re just hacking for the sake of fun. They deserve to be in jail. Keep away from a single computer

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, I kinda agree. Their “hack update posts” does not have ANY references. I have not seen this information ANYWHERE.

      Either it’s fake, or they are the ones behind it.

  • Anonymous says:

    This really is very similar robbing someone’s house because the lock was easy to break, and once you got in, there was no safes or secret passageways to protect what was inside. Then, later, you act like you had a right to do it because their security was weak. Fuck that, whoever is doing this is a proper dickhead.

  • It amazes me how some people think it’s alright to hack into a company’s servers just because the security is weak. Just because someone left their front door wide open doesn’t mean you can waltz in and take their stuff. It’s still illegal. But what can I expect from SanCom users anyway.

    • Anonymous says:

      more like

      it allright for Sony to leave the door’s to my vault open, if anyone hacks it they are commiting a crime and Sony is not doing anything wrong by leaving the doors open.

    • Anonymous says:

      But if you don’t put up measures to prevent people from waltzing in, that is moronic no matter what angle you’re looking at.

      Security from such services is mandatory. If security is weak, the only thing to do is to harden it.

      Sony however, isn’t doing any of those hardenings. I wonder why…

      a. “What does that have to do with my stock investment with Sony? Keep the cash reeling and don’t waste your time on it, I want my money!”
      b. “Sorry sir, I don’t know how to hash these passwords.” “Lol it’s okay, I don’t think anyone idiotic would try breaking in~”
      c. “I disapproved your security upgrade proposal because it’s a waste of money. Deal with it or give me your resignation letter.”

    • Anonymous says:

      OH shut the fuck up! It’s not like they’re using the info for malicious purposes… It’s a good thing that they did it before someone with bad intentions actually got a hold of this information

      • Anonymous says:

        No, not really.

        I can’t imagine what it must be like to be a condescending fuckwit who jizzes over a machine every night, though.

        I sleep well at night knowing Shigeru Miyamoto and the like, you know, the actual “master race”, will never go anywhere PC game development.

        Enjoy your 1337 hardware, faggot. The rest of us are in it for the games.

        • Anonymous says:

          “the ones that you play with worse graphics,”
          You need insane graphic engines to make a fun game? Looks at Tetris.


          lawl worse controls? For FPSs? No doubt. For anything else? Pfft. Get that mouse out of your ass.

          “online experience”

          News flash: “the online experience” does not constitute the meat of most games. You’re basically trying to argue online games>>>>offline games here. Which is an incredibly stupid argument.

      • Anonymous says:

        You know, it’s funny. This “master race” business.
        Most breakthroughs/advancements/achievements happen on consoles.

        Show me a single PC game as revolutionary as, say, Ocarina of Time, the game heralded as the greatest piece of interactive entertainment ever created.

        S’okay, I don’t expect you to find anything. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Anonymous says:

          @Anon 20:24

          Where the fuck did I ever say that all those genres didn’t start out on the PC?

          I’m talking about critical acclaim and the benchmark for future interactive entertainment. Derp

          If you’re going to argue, make sure you know how to read.

        • Shiro_Amada says:

          @ Anon 20:24 03/06/2011
          >obvious troll, it’s obvious.

          Just in case you actually don’t really know you’re wrong, first video games ever were made on computers. Not PCs, though, but computers none the less.

          Here’s some revolutionary titles for all you consolefags who know nothing about gaming:

          Homeworld, Ground Control, Total Annihilation, Command&Conquer (although some say that it was derived from Dune: Battle for Arrakis, but it has no connections other than Westwood studios as it’s developer).

          Also, Wolfenstein 3D is the worlds first FPS game. Guess what games are the most numerous out there?

          If you rule out tabletop games like Warhammer and Might&Magic, trading games and light novel adaptations and eroge, consoles really have no game.

          also, inb4 lol Shiro yu so maaaad rage sum moar
          I don’t really give a shit if you can’t use your computer for nothing else than browsing internet and playing .avi files on VLC- means you’re the tard here, not me.

        • Anonymous says:

          O wait someone already said that but there you go, consoletartds are just ignorant since they dont have to put out as much money to make a good PC gaming rig which is a much better experience than a console that you simply buy and play on, graphics may be good but not as good as a PC thats all rigged up. I may play some Xbox but paying to play online is BS thats my only complaint

        • Anonymous says:

          Anon 19:17 you FAIL … Lots of games done in 80’s ,90’s ,most of the genres were invented on pc from crpg’s to fps’es . Lets see … Wolfenstein 3d , doom series , quake series , first Unreal , Diablo series , Might and Magic series ,neverhood , settlers , descent series ,fallouts ,populous series … Most of the genres started on PC and your Ocarina is just a good story , no revolution there .

  • Anonymous says:

    I strongly disagree with why Sony is getting fucked. As a software hacker, when you crack something, if you like it. You buy it, we just make it free for a minute. But honestly, because of one case you want to steal millions of accounts. That is just arrogant. Freedom is in shutting down the company if that’s what your after. Screwing the people you so valiantly want to help ‘protect’ by giving their info away is just ridiculous. And P.S. those Protect IP bills that are going through the senate in the U.S.A. right now? Thanks assholes, you just convinced them that I can’t talk to my friends in Russia or Japan anymore. You Suck.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t get it how Sankaku can be so anti-Sony. I mean, PS3’s japanese games >> Xbox 360’s japanese games. That’s obvious. And isn’t this a blog about japanese anime and games?

    • Anonymous says:

      There wouldn’t be so much hatred for Sony if it weren’t for the facts that…

      1. …they used completely outdated security software to protect their servers (at least FIVE years old without updates? I mean, come on…)
      2. …they stored customer data completely unencrypted. (Noobs at least TRY to protect their data. Sony apparently doesn’t.)
      3. …they sued hackers who made Linux on PS3 possible again. A feature that Sony advertised as a SELLING POINT but removed it later due to security concerns (Srsly, then why even bother implementing it?)
      4. …they violated several established laws – yep, even fundamental rights – to prosecute the hackers (Breaking into someone’s house without police or search warrant and confiscating stuff? Everything’s possible as long as you’re Sony…)
      5. …they claimed improved security measures after the first hacks, but you see how easy it still is to get any data from Sony servers.

      Sure, the customers suffer from compromised data, but – maybe apart from credit card infos – this sort of data can be found practically anywhere on the internet. Partly because they upload/expose it themselves.
      You can bash the hackers all you want, but they prove that Sony utterly failed at securing its customer’s data in possibly one of the most stupid ways ever.
      Hackers finding an exploit, loop hole or whatever to gain access to data is one thing.
      Using severely outdated security software and no encryption, virtually BEGGING for being hacked for all it’s worth… well, THAT’s something COMPLETELY different…


      Sony pissed of hackers and didn’t bother with securing customer data, so they deserve it.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m sure people have reasons to be mad at Sony. Except this isn’t a blog about hackers or net security. This article have nothing to do with gaming or anime or even japanese culture – why is it on Sankaku?

        • Anonymous says:

          >Remind me again where Sony Corporation and Sony Group are located?

          Coming next week on Sankaku: fiscal reports from Toshiba and Mitsubishi.
          Srsly, Japan has a lot of big corporations.

          >If other parts of Sony are still (easily) compromised, what makes you think PSN has been secured properly enough to warrant using it again?
          If Windows is so vulnerable to viruses, why do you think Xbox Live is safe?

        • Anonymous says:

          Remind me again where Sony Corporation and Sony Group are located?

          And how this relates to gaming:

          If other parts of Sony are still (easily) compromised, what makes you think PSN has been secured properly enough to warrant using it again?

      • Anonymous says:

        Otherwise why would you report about somebody hacking a goddamn picture hosting website? The only way this article is connected to anime and gaming is by Sony-hate. We’re not hearing about every new virus hacking Windows (made by Microsoft) – because it happens all the time and nobody cares.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s not like Sony=PS3 only.
      I myself have a grudge against Sony Music Entertainment. Oh, and also I’m irritated at the fact that every single electronic tat made by Sony that I bought over last 15 years got f’ed up after warranty ended. Hell, some didn’t even last that long.

  • Anonymous says:

    SOny is the only company we are hearing about thats big, what about all the rest that haven’t told us our data has been gone already for more than 2 years to some prior hacks to the company websites?

  • Anonymous says:

    Rapist: she was showing her cleavage and wearing a short dress. She was asking for it.

    If only rationalizations were combustible. The earth’s energy needs would be answered overnight.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is the fucking stupidest comparison ever.

      People were willingly giving their information based on trust and their assurances that their data was safe and secure.

      The entire POINT of having good security, is so data won’t be compromised. It’s someone’s JOB to protect that data, and it’s up to Sony to make sure that the job was being done properly.

      Asides from sticking their cock in the hornet’s nest to begin with, Sony has obviously made no attempts to beef up their existing security in light of the hacks, which is compounded by the fact that in many instances, they had very little security to begin with.

      A better comparison would be like Sony building a bank in the middle of the hood, disconnecting their alarm system, leaving the vault open and the doors unlocked, and then wonder why they get robbed on a daily basis. People are going to stop leaving their money in the bank if it’s obvious they aren’t trying to fix all the problems to begin with.

      Sony just loves to keep sticking their cock in that hornet’s nest, that’s for sure.

      • Anonymous says:

        This is also a stupid comparsion.
        It would be like that:
        Sony build a bank in the middle of the hood, with a bad alarm system that can be avoided easyly. One robber found out you can steal from this bank without much effort. He tells everyone about the lack of security. While the bank tries to install a up to date alarm system robbers from all over go and try the same shit at other sony banks. Because sony can’t turn off every server it will take some while until every party of the sompany is secure.

  • Quote: From a single injection, we accessed EVERYTHING. Why do you put such faith in a company that allows itself to become open to these simple attacks?

    If people like those just died or stopped attack others and got a life, we would have a better life!
    Getting tired of Sony keep getting attacked!

    • Anonymous says:

      Really? You wish people would die because they attack a company you like? Isnt that a little extreme?

      You should be more concerned about how Sony has fucked everyone over and lied. This is like investing your money in a supposedly trustworthy bank, hearing that the bank got robbed on the news the next day, and finding out the reason they got robbed is because they stored the cash in trash bags out back with no surveillance or guards.

      Sony keeps saying they do everything they can to be secure, and the hackers are merely exposing the fact that they are lying. It is malicious, and it has considerable collateral damage, but if it isn’t done when would Sony change? When would people wake up and learn that they need to care more about who they trust with their information?

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree, Sony should not be allowed to store customer information anymore seeing as they have proven multiple times now that they cannot secure it, and that they lied to their customers telling them that their data was secure.

        And we all know sony would never have fix these problems if it wasn’t being brought into light and into the media for all to see. If anyone with basic knowledge could get access to my passwords and credit card details from sony so why would I want to supply them with any information.

        This should be an warning to google, microsoft, banks and facebook as well, secure your users data!

        I hope there are lawsuits that follow to teach companies the hardway that they must follow the law and secure customers private information if they store it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sony, and moreso the consumers, should be glad that the hackers are being vocal about what they are doing.

        If it wasn’t for the public taunting, Sony wouldn’t admit to anything being compromised in the first place.

        Hell, look how long it took them to finally admit that credit card info got out into the wild, even AFTER the information was made public by the ones who did it.

        I hope this all results in many, many, many people being fired for being incompetent.

    • Anonymous says:





  • Anonymous says:

    You retarded fucking fanboys who just want to play you silly little games can FUCK OFF. Any company storing so much personal info behind such shitty protection deserves whats coming to them. Its like someone left something valuable on the sidewalk. Can you blame someone else for just picking it up it?

    • Anonymous says:

      There is a world of difference between leaving something on a “sidewalk” and under your bed in a shoebox.

      #1 everyone can see the sidewalk #2 You have to go “looking for” the goods under the bed in the shoebox.

      To say Sony is “asking for it” is your own personal justification for theft done to another – one might say your “Happy” this keeps happening.

    • At this point this is no more than trolling. Get it through your head: even if Sony beefs up it’s security system, hackers that are willing to hack it will still eventually hack through it. Besides, it’s not like we ever hear about their failed attempts, right? We’re right off assuming that the few days of peace were in fact days of peace. Maybe it were in fact days where the hackers failed. Anyhow, all speculations.

      Meanwhile, I just want to play my games. If Microsof got hacked I’d be worried too, not because I own a 360, just cause I’m not a fag. This whole fanboy nonsense is just a reflection of the lack of morality and humanity in all of you. Mreh.

      At this point, these hackers are just creating public disturbance. Oh and Anon@16:18, by your definition I can blast some heavy metal outside your house while you sleep. Hey, it’s your fault your house isn’t fully soundproof right? those small cracks where air pass, those double paned windows… obviously not effective enough. All your fault though! How this shows how your concept is moronic. Hey! great chance to get brighter now! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • At this point, these hackers are just creating public disturbance. Oh and Anon@16:18, by your definition I can blast some heavy metal outside your house while you sleep. Hey, it’s your fault your house isn’t fully soundproof right? those small cracks where air pass, those double paned windows… obviously not effective enough. All your fault though! How this shows how your concept is moronic. Hey! great chance to get brighter now! ๐Ÿ™‚

        actually, continuing with the analogy, he COULD call the police for noise disturbance.
        even defending against attacks of this nature would be just as easy.
        other large corporations are attacked repeatedly on a daily basis, most of them you would never hear about, because they took the proper precautions

      • Anonymous says:

        “Oh and Anon@16:18, by your definition I can blast some heavy metal outside your house while you sleep. Hey, it’s your fault your house isn’t fully soundproof right? those small cracks where air pass, those double paned windows… obviously not effective enough. All your fault though! How this shows how your concept is moronic. Hey! great chance to get brighter now! :)”

        You are fucking retarded. If someone is aggressively trying to attack you, you either beef up your defenses and eliminate the source of the problem, or you hire someone to do it for you.

        I hope someone breaks into your house while you sleep and rapes you to death.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just because something has poor security doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any security.

      Basically what your asking is have everyones homes locked up like bank. But yet why don’t we do that if it is the competent thing to do?

      Double standards.

      • Anonymous says:

        No, not double standards you fucking idiot.

        You know what I expect to be locked up like a bank? A fucking bank. A fucking bank where you entrust your money and information to.

        Sony is a bank with cardboard locks and a tinfoil vault that has a gorilla on the roof with a megaphone yelling “come at me bro”.

        • Yet only criminals will answer the call. Smart kid you are.

          Living in society is, you know, PARTIALLY (?) about being civilized.

          Where all are civilized, you don’t need locks at all. Traditional Japanese rooms have no lock because they believe with this kind of mentality, and actually honor it.

          Besides, we’re talking about Sony actually having some sort of security system. The average person cannot break into it, and they also shouldn’t try. Why am I saying this? cause your average 5 year old can break into a cardboard lock tinfoil vault. Your example is… well, flawed at best.

        • Anonymous says:

          “Yet only criminals will answer the call. Smart kid you are.”

          Hey dipshit, security exists because criminals exist.

          Also: you’re an ignorant weeaboo faggot. Here’s a question: do modern Japanese rooms have locks? Crime exists everywhere. Your concept of honor is retarded. Expecting everyone to act via social norms is asking to have shit happen to you. Enjoy walking through life with your eyes closed.

          “Sony actually having some sort of security system. The average person cannot break into it, and they also shouldn’t try. ”

          This is like someone having a password of password. Any dickhead can google how to do an SQL injection.

          Security is only secure if it can handle being tested.

          Also: explain why they stored information in plaintext.

          Go get raped.

    • Anonymous says:

      Really? I’m pretty sure that if they tried other company the result would still be the same. The way I see it is that they wish something like Toyota case which benefited “other company”. They didn’t get one so they keep hacking. ( I mean hacking places like in Indonesia and Greece? Seriously?)

    • Anonymous says:

      This. This has extended way beyond just PSN. This is showing widespread proof that Sony cares very little about the information that people are entrusting to them to keep it even remotely safe. How are you supposed to trust a company with personal/important information if it’s stupidly easy to compromise?

  • Anonymous says:

    Microsoft is the main culprit. I mean look at the pattern, they couldn’t penetrate sonys market, they are having a hard time spending cash on ms live and other promotional crap, now they are down to the last straw and finally thought of the best plan, hire them hackers and give them the resources to bring down their largest competitor. This my friends is the future of cyberwarfare… vary afraid

  • Anonymous says:

    Damn those freaking hackers, sony haters. I wish they did something more worthwhile with their time. They are gonna fuck up Sony, and they do it NOW when most of my awesome games are gonna get released.