Chinese Boy “Sells Kidney to Buy iPad”


Chinese media are reporting that a youth was so desperate for an iPad that he sold a kidney to pay for one.

The 17-year-old boy, a resident of Anhui province, reportedly came upon online information describing how he could hawk a kidney over the Internet – just what he needed, as he was in need of cash to buy an iPad 2.

He arranged such a sale, and had the organ removed in a Funan province hospital, receiving some 22,000 yuan ($3,500) in cash. His surgery complete, he returned home with his new iPad and various other gadgets.

However, knowing him to be broke, his mother became suspicious on seeing what he had bought, suspecting perhaps that he was up to no good. She confronted him, and he soon confessed to having sold a kidney.

His mother immediately reported the matter to police, but the organ dealer was nowhere to be found and the hospital identified claimed it knew nothing about the deal and in any case had no facilities for conducting such an operation. The whereabouts of the kidney are unknown.

The youth has his iPad, but is said to regret having sold a kidney on the black market to get it. It seems unlikely he will see his missing kidney again.

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