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Lifeliner Arrested for Threats Against Aya Hirano


One of Aya Hirano’s remaining fans has been arrested for posting threats against the seiyuu on 2ch and Twitter.

The 24-year-old lifeliner was arrested by Sapporo police after threatening to harm Aya Hirano on 2ch, and it also appears he tweeted a variety of strange remarks, such as “Aya Hirano is dead” and “Aya Hirano has already been killed” on Twitter, and under his real name.

In addition to threatening Hirano, he also made threats to “blow up” Fuji TV.

After his arrest he admitted his crimes, saying “there’s no doubt I made those posts.”

It is not clear whether he was originally a fan who became disaffected (this seems likely), or was instead a Hirano-hater from the start, but in either case the maniacal depths of his devotion are beyond question.

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