Hollywood’s Akira So Bad Even Director Quits


The shaky production history of Hollywood’s much reviled adaptation of post-Fukushima anime Akira just got even shakier with the news that its director has quit.

With sources claiming “amicable creative differences” as the reason for director Albert Hughes quitting the project, his departure adds to the dubious production history the project has accrued – after it has already been almost-cancelled, massively rewritten and refused by Keanu Reeves.

However, despite still having no firm cast and no director, Warner Brothers is still said to be intent on finishing the movie as soon as possible.

Having already switched the characters from Japanese teenagers to American star actors in their thirties and the setting from Neo-Tokyo to New Manhattan, and completely rewritten the script, should the movie ever see the light of day it seems the only things likely to survive the adaptation will be the title and the bike.

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