72-Year-Old Flutist Busted for Forcing Girl to Blow His


A 72-year-old American flutist has been arrested for lasciviously attempting to force a 19-year-old girl into learning to “play the flute” with him.

The 72-year-old man, an American citizen of Japanese ethnicity described as a “famous” flute (shakuhachi) player, allegedly accosted a 19-year-old student who was delivering newspapers to his Tokyo apartment one afternoon, grabbing her and forcing her inside.

There he told her “I’ll teach you how to play the flute! You won’t be going home until you can blow it!”, gave her a flute, and began groping her breasts.

She fled without further indignity being forced upon her, and reported the incident to police.

Police later arrested the man on charges of indecent assault, which he strenuously denies, saying “I only wanted to teach her how to play the flute.”

In Japan, the combination of indecent assault and forcible flute tutelage has made for irresistible headlines – “shakuhachi” is slang for “fellatio,” something which seems not to have escaped the valiant newscaster above.

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