Ishihara: “The Anime Industry Deserved the Quake!”


Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara efforts to ruin the nation’s anime industry continue – this time the old man has stated that the quake induced cancellation of the industry’s events “served them right” for daring to complain about his constant attacks on their freedom of expression.

His comments were made in a live interview broadcast on NicoNico Douga:

“I’m not saying they can’t write this stuff. Just put it somewhere kids can’t reach it.

But in spite of this, the big publishers have some sort of persecution complex and keep whining about it.

[The Anime Contents Expo] went up in smoke with the disaster. Serves them right!”

The segment in question:

Ishihara happens to be chairman of one of the events so cancelled, TAF, something he seems disinclined to bother acknowledging now his use for the industry is at an end.

Previously he was forced into apologising for calling the earthquakes “divine punishment” for the sinfulness of the Japanese (apparently Japan’s children and old people must be particularly sinful to warrant being drowned or rendered homeless).

Other comments have focussed on the undesirability of the Internet, otaku, mangaka, homosexuals, young people and, of course, foreigners.

That the people of Tokyo elected such a man 4 times certainly says something about the mentality of the Japanese electorate.

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