China Menaced by Exploding Watermelons


Chinese farmers are complaining of their watermelon crop mysteriously exploding.

Jiangsu farmers are reportedly losing large amounts of their watermelon crop to the spontaneous explosion of the melons.

Authorities and the Chinese media are at a loss to explain the problem, but suspect the use of an unidentified “growth chemical” (apparently distinct from a “fertiliser”) may be the cause – some farmers reported using such chemicals only to see their crop explode.

Chinese media claim this “growth accelerant” was developed in the USA and used widely in Japan before falling out of use due to the growth deformities and fast rotting it introduced. It was never as widely used as it now in China, and its health implications are not fully understood, they say.

However, other farmers claimed their melons exploded even though they used no such chemicals. Experts struggling to offer more sober explanations have cited the weather or large size of the melons as a possible cause.

With everything from chairs to toilets, sewage and now fruit in danger of explosion, even sitting down or eating a meal is now a game of Russian roulette in China, to say nothing of the horrible things sold as food.

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