Aya Hirano vs Twitter


Aya Hirano’s tortuous relationship with her fans continues, with her enthusiastic hopes of reaching 200,000 followers on Twitter dashed – followers began abandoning her as soon as she mentioned it.

Hirano has an impressive 199,000 followers on Twitter, though there has long been the suspicion that most are following her more in the spirit of onlookers egging on a jumper than in the spirit of fans cheering on their beloved idol.

However, she made the mistake of celebrating the fact she was drawing near to 200,000:

“Only 4 more followers to 200,000!”

The result:

“As soon as I tweeted that my followers started decreasing rapidly! Come on, don’t be like that! Σ(|||▽|||)”

This knocked her back to 199,784 – currently she has recovered to 199,818, although it seems 200,000 may be further away than it looks if this reaction continues.

Begging for followers can be counterproductive it seems.

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