Japanese Teaching Idol Hannah Minx – “Breasts Too Huge”



Despite being intended for learners of Japanese, videos of busty YouTube inhabitant “Hannah Minx” have lately been proving popular amongst the Japanese themselves, though for reasons unrelated to any conventional form of education…


A Japanese magazine introduces her in disarmingly honest fashion:

Black haired belle Hannah Minx has been uploading videos of herself teaching Japanese to YouTube, and her boobs are so huge it’s amazing!

A Pennsylvania student in her twenties, Hannah-san loves Japanese culture (especially anime). This seems to be why she’s uploading her videos.

It’s hard not to be delighted that this beauty loves Japan, but it seems unlikely any of the foreign guys learning from these videos are going to be able concentrate too much on the lessons… the comments section is full of talk about her breasts.

The educational content of her videos, and their various other merits, can be assessed below:

So popular is her giant pair of piercing blue eyes that she has the usual creepy coterie of desperate fans, even more desperate detractors, and of course various artistic tributes and poorly Photoshopped nudes.


Even 2ch suddenly finds itself in need of Japanese lessons, something which it could probably benefit from:

“Cute! Marry me!”

“Scary eyes!”

“Stinks of butter [“looks western”]. Change.”

“Change! And wear less makeup!”

“The existence of white girls who can speak Japanese rather undermines the existence of Jap girls so they’d better put a stop to this.”

“She looks like a ghost’s mother.”

“Sorry, I can’t deal with Africans.”

“Her eyes look like something from an anime…”

“Someone teach this girl how to apply makeup properly.”

“She looks much better without the makeup.”

“What is up with these people who use makeup to turn themselves into a cross between Barbie and Lady Gaga?”

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