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Ore no Imouto Fan Theatre Pure Farce


The drama surrounding the story developments unveiled in Ore no Imouto’s 8th volume continues to mount…

Previously, spoilers from the newly leaked 8th volume of the Ore no Imouto light novel were said to have revealed that Kuroneko is dumped and written out of the story, prompting much wailing and tearing of books amongst hysterical Kuroneko fans.


However, it seems nobody actually bothered to read to the end, and the volume does not conclude with Kuroneko’s loss after all.

One fan went so far as to tape his torn up book back together again in penance:

“Kuroneko wins in the 8th volume after all!”

“What… it turns out Kuroneko wins after all, and it might be a threesome ending. My spoilers were malicious, I’m sorry!


I stuck my book back together with sellotape.”

“Ah, he’s back!”

“You didn’t read it all before tearing it up?”

“This is pitiful! You moron!”

“At least buy a new one.”

“Honestly, I can’t help but think he knew and planned this all from the start.”

“He believed a pre-release spoiler and tore up his book without even reading the new one, there’s something fishy about all this.”

“The only thing malicious here is your trolling!”

“This is quite funny actually.”


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