USA: “Bin Laden = Admiral Yamamoto”


America’s attorney general has angered many Japanese by comparing the killing of Osama Bin Laden to its WWII assassination of Japanese national hero and Pearl Harbor planner Admiral Yamamoto.

In the case of Bin Laden’s killing, the circumstances are still murky – accounts conflict and are shrouded in secrecy, but they tend to agree that a team of US Navy Seals assaulted Bin Laden’s hideout without the knowledge of the Pakistani government, and proceeded to kill (or spirit away secretly) everyone in the compound, most importantly an unarmed but “resisting” Bin Laden.

His body was then secretly buried at sea, with forensic evidence and photographs of his corpse kept under wraps.

Critics of the legality of Bin Laden’s killing liken it to an extra-judicial assassination or execution, and accuse the US government of either making no effort to capture and bring to trial the terrorist, or of deliberately setting out only to eliminate him.

Such criticisms have been voiced by a variety of notables, ranging from the Archbishop of Canterbury to a German former head of state, as well as the expected slew of human rights lawyers.

Whilst it seems likely the vast majority considers his killing thoroughly justified irrespective of what a bunch of lily-livered lawyers say, the US is at least ostensibly a nation of laws and so America’s top cop, Attorney General Eric Holder, is at pains to offer a legal justification for the killing anyway:

“He was the head of al Qaeda, an organisation that had conducted the attacks of September the 11th.

The operation against bin Laden was justified as an act of national self-defence.

It’s lawful to target an enemy commander in the field. We did so, for instance, with regard to Yamamoto in World War II, when he was shot down in a plane.”

He rather spoils the pretense by arguing that the team would be justified in killing him even if he did try to surrender, however:

“There would be a good basis on the part of those very brave Navy SEAL team members to do what they did in order to protect themselves and the other people who were in that building.”

Since he would in any case have certainly been executed after a trial, the end result would likely have been the same, but the unfortunate if accurate image of the US government as a body which freely orders assassinations and torture in pursuit of its interests might have been lessened.

However, the mention of Yamamoto’s assassination quickly inflamed many Japanese – he is one of the few wartime Japanese leaders to retain any standing, having been killed in an actual battle rather than at his own hands or those of an American executioner, and prior to any catastrophic defeat.

Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto was a WWII admiral largely responsible for planning the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, who, despite being familiar with the US and considering victory against them an impossibility, went along with the leadership anyway, in the best Japanese traditions of blind obedience whilst engaged in a pointless endeavour.

He was later killed in the air by a US Air Force assassination operation (“Operation Vengeance”) specifically ordered by President Roosevelt.

Comparing the killing of a terrorist to that of Japan’s most feted admiral is evidently too much for some:

“Why can’t America get over Pearl Harbor? They destroyed the Imperial Japanese Navy and burnt hundreds of thousands of civilians, that should be enough. But they still aren’t satisfied?”

“This is what the top US lawyer says about it? America is looking more and more like Nazi Germany these days…”

“Just come out and say ‘everything America does is right’!”

“The US is killing innocents itself!”

“The great post-war butcher nations – America, China, USSR, Cambodia, Yugoslavia, Uganda, Somalia, Rwanda.”

“The glorification of Yamamoto is a bit much. He may have been against the war, but he was more a politician than a commander, an opportunist bureaucrat. You wouldn’t like him.”

“And they gave Obama the Nobel Prize.”

“So wasn’t 9/11 legal as well then?”

“Comparing Yamamoto and Bin Laden is taking things a bit far.”

“It might have been legal to kill Yamamoto, but for Laden it probably was not. For the US army to just secretly go into Pakistan and kill someone is hardly respecting their sovereignty.”

“You dumb yanks are getting ahead of yourselves. A terrorist and an imperial military commander are two totally different things.”

“I get what they are saying but there is no need to pick a fight with Japan.”

“Does anyone still believe the US government didn’t know about Pearl Harbor beforehand?”

“If you’re just going to execute unarmed men through trials anyway I don’t see much difference.”

“The ones who called it that were the Japanese government. There’s no way they really think of us as friends.”

“And America nuked and firebombed hundreds of thousands of civilians and that is right! Well, if you are the victors you can say what you like.”

“Comparing some spineless idiot of a general to Bin Laden is OK I suppose.”

“You guys are way off. Killing Bin Laden like that probably is illegal, but it’s only natural for them to have killed Yamamoto.”

“He was reconnoitring the front, of course he should expect risk there.”

“Just once I’d like to see those damn yanks have their cities bombed. Keep at it Al-Qaeda.”

“They don’t even mean it as an insult, the fact that they just come out and say that just shows how much contempt they have for Japan.”

“Doesn’t that excuse justify all acts of revenge though?”

“This is all the fault of those dirty Koreans enlisting American support.”

“It’s not like all Americans think this, what are you idiots on about?”

“Maybe we shouldn’t say this in front of the Americans, but amongst Japanese blaming them seems OK.”

“This isn’t just some American guy, this is their attorney general saying this.”

“Al-Qaeda are the proper successors to the Kamikaze special units!”

“It’s good that they killed Bin Laden. It’s the obvious thing to do. They should just come out and say they set out to kill him and stop all this rambling legal crap about Yamamoto.”

“The USA goaded Japan into attacking it by leaving Pearl Harbor open to attack, so it could get into the war – that should be common knowledge.”

“They are picking a fight with Japan by comparing Yamamoto to him?”

“As if they are. Who picks a fight with domesticated animals?”

“If you look at America now, they are so powerful you’d have to prepared to do anything if you wanted to harm them.

Pearl Harbor was like that. They felt their only chance was to deliver a critical hit to a slumbering foe and then force them to the peace table while they had the advantage.”

“Even an American can tell that comparing a terrorist leader to the military commander of a nation with which you are at war is misguided at best.”

“This is harsh, and just after Operation Tomodachi too…”

“They just squandered all the goodwill from Tomodachi…”

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  • Anonymous says:

    All is fair in love and war; and Bin Laden attacked when there wasn’t any war present, so the comparison is a bit off – I empathize with some of the JP. But too bad the ignorants of Japan had to show their faces, don’t take one loose quoted dude’s word as if the whole nation agrees :m

  • “It’s good that they killed Bin Laden. It’s the obvious thing to do. They should just come out and say they set out to kill him and stop all this rambling legal crap about Yamamoto.”

    agree, why the hell do want to prove? bin laden is dead(well according to them) so why even bring pearl harbor? makes no sense whatsoever.

    we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves america

  • Anonymous says:

    Pearl Harbor is a legitimate military act. They want war, they attack military installation. 9/11 however, attacking AN OFFICE BUILDING with no involvement to military whatsoever…

  • Anonymous says:

    The Attorney General has made quite a few moronic statements over the brief time he has held his position. This is one of them. As an American, I woukd have liked to have a trial, but by the time they have one, Bin Laden (and some of us) would have died of old age. Look at Ground Zero, finally there is progess in building the Freedom Tower. We have way too many lawyers. I’m sorry the Japanese were offended, and I agree with them. Our Attorney General speaks before he thinks quite often.

  • Anonymous says:

    “and proceeded to kill (or spirit away secretly) everyone in the compound, most importantly an unarmed but “resisting” Bin Laden.”
    lol sankaku your fucking ridiculous! kill everyone on the compound? 3 whole families lived there and only 5 people where killed. the other 15 to 20 individuals where left unharmed…get your facts straight. i love you pro japanese propaganda but your fucking crazy if ill let that jump my american pride.

  • Anonymous says:

    The butthurt is strong with this comment section.
    Japan did not kill 20 million Chinese in WW2, that is bullshit. 20 million is the total death toll for the 2nd Sino-Japanese war PLUS the Chinese civil war. This means, people killed by KMT, CCP, all kinds of warlords and Japanese soldiers. Needlessy to say Japanese soldiers are also making part of the death toll.

    Specifically Japanese-caused civilian casualties amass around 4 million in total.

    So you’re left with 16 million. People killed by the battling warlords and soldiers killed in battle.

    For Nanking in specific, 300k casualties. In a city that only had 200k inhabitants when the Japanese arrived. Clearly the Japanese were so evil, they killed half of all people twice!
    Oh and then catched 250k additional Chinese from elsewhere because that is how many inhabitants Nanking had after the Japanese left again.

    I assume none of you heard of the 1938 Yellow River flood, in which KMT forces blew up dams to halt Japanese advancement. Over 500k people living along the river drowned. And this number is included in the total death toll for the war. Very funny to blame that on the Japanese. But of course, they lost the war so the winners were free to rewrite history.

    About Pearl Harbor, they knew of it in advance. Just do some googling, I won’t bother to bring it up here. And read up on the events preceding Pearl Harbor. It is not like the US didn’t do anything towards Japan to provoke them, no no, they’re the good guys so how could they do that?

    Good guys that also killed over 200k people (civilians, not soldiers) with atomic bombs and at least twice that number with fire bombs, systematically shot Japanese soldiers after they surrendered, and raped their way through Japan once the Japanese laid down arms.
    Sounds reminiscent of the Japanese? Well hey, Americans did it so it is okay. Why? Because they won the war.

    In before Unit 731, guess who gave Shiro Ishii (the head of unit 731) and his buddies diplomatic immunity? The US government. Because clearly those guys weren’t that bad after all.

    Fucking Allied apologist idiots.

  • Anonymous says:

    Pearl harbor happened because the US cut off oil to japan, there were ways around it, but they took that way.

    if japan wasn’t stupid (I love japan, not insulting) and followed all the orders of the imperial army

    (suicide instead of retreat) they may have had a chance before the bombs, but they just killed themselves instead of retreat.

    (yes, I watched documentaries by the Japanese, not the US)

    but comparing the 2, is a bit much.

    and, I’m glad he was executed instead of a trial, trials take months, sometimes years, and that would have meant him being alive that long, with all the radical muslims (al-queda sleeper agents) in this country, who knows how they would try to break him out

  • Anonymous says:

    The group that killed him was givin diplomatic immunity from every country in the world, they arnt an america only team.
    only one in 1000 make it onto the team

    They where just hired by the president cus they knew how to get the job done.

  • This is complete bullshit. Admiral Yamamoto is an honorable warrior, Bin Laden on the other hand is nothing more than a murdering criminal, a megalomaniacal thug. Admiral Yamamoto is a professional soldier whose only crime was to obey his superiors, which is integral in military hierarchy, While Bin Laden was a criminal who used, corrupted and twisted Islamic ideals as a pretext for his own dark vision of worldwide domination.

  • “The USA goaded Japan into attacking it by leaving Pearl Harbor open to attack, so it could get into the war – that should be common knowledge.”

    This has to be the most ignorant comment that I’ve ever read on the internet.

    People might think this is a sarcastic remark, but Japanese aren’t known for their sarcastic wit, and that sentence certainly doesn’t read that way.

  • Anonymous says:

    Let’s stop this chain of hatred! What the attorney general said does not reflect what all Americans think. Yamamoto is not bin Laden. bin Laden was a monster of the same level as hitler. Yamamoto did what his country asked him to do and that was war. They are totally different. The attorney general probably meant the two operations were similar in that it involved retaliation of vengeance.

  • Anonymous says:

    Pearl Harbor was never an issue for me because Imperial Japan no longer exists (that and I wasn’t around). Besides that, I see no disrespect here. Both men were commanders and both men were acceptable targets. That’s all I get, at least. Though I do completely understand the “WTF” reaction in being compared to someone as dishonorable as him.

  • Anonymous says:

    Some of you say that it was wrong to straight up kill him. (That is if he’s really dead.) The order from GWB Jr. was to either capture or kill him on sight, Obama also felt the same way. Now here is where both Obama and GWB Jr. have in common they both would prefer him dead. Some of you say, “Why kill him? Take him prisoner and have go through court.” Overall it would ended the same way with Osama dead, but just take longer do to the process of going through a trial. If you honestly think that is a better idea, you’re a tard… If we took Osama alive, his people would try to get him back. This would all result in hostages or big attacks on anyone who is affiliated with NATO, but whose to say the same won’t happen by killing him like we did. Here’s the thing though, because he’s “dead,” they (terrorists) don’t have someone who can organize or to fund them as well as Osama could. So now they have to come up with a new figure head to lead them, and that may take a while. So in the mean time while their morale is down and short of a leader, NATO forces are going to most likely try and snuff out as many of these guys that they can.

  • Anonymous says:

    Unpleasant actions that are common to every country in the world are only bad when America does them. That’s something every American knows and understands full well. It’s a downside of being on top.

    Case in point: we’re evil, totalitarian fascist pigs whenever we generalize the slightest bit of anyone or anything, and yet a single American’s words somehow represent all of us. This is the first time and the last time I will ever hear anyone make this comparison.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well I’ll give it to some of the Japanese that aren’t hypocritical dumbasses when a topic on war pops up.

    But really, they act as if they themselves don’t ever bitch and whine about Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Face the facts, war is war. But War crimes is in a league of it’s own. When you target nothing but civilians. That isn’t war, that’s just a barbaric massacre or might aswell be terrorism.

    Some of you retards who treat things like Nanking, Unit 731 and Comfort Women as being “normal” in war really need to take that head out of the ground. Because I’m sure 9/11 happens fucking all the time right?

  • SO TIRED of the Elevens whining about US actions during the war. OF COURSE we firebombed factory cities. Smart bombs didn’t exist then. They were trying to do the exact same to us, they simply weren’t strong enough.

    If you can’t take the heat, get out of the explosives-packed Zero.

  • Jajajajajaja, those japs make me laugh.

    Back on The earthquake, the americans were their heroes with Operation tomodachi.

    Now, they are the villian again…………definetly humanity has to be less hypocrite and say things the way they are.

    From the beginning, and mantain their possition, not changing ther arguments like the flow of the wind

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t get it. Why attacking other country is an act of self-defense?

    USA the only country that gave shit anything related to humans rights.

    “This is what the top US lawyer says about it? America is looking more and more like Nazi Germany these days…”

    Most countries think this about USA.

  • Anonymous says:

    I hate America as much as the next European, but really there’s no need for you to antagonise countries like this, it’s pitiful and just makes hatred, if you thought about your words then Okay, but you people need to realise when you become a powerful politician you can’t say things like this.

  • Anonymous says:

    Al qaeda, organization… Is America really that dim witted.

    Also why can’t america get over pearl harbour, it wasn’t even a success due to the months of Japanese planners not realising hald the bloody navy would be out patrolling.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why don’t the Jews get over the holocaust?

      Why don’t the Islamic countries get over being kicked when down?

      Why don’t the Japanese get over the bombings on their country?

      Why don’t the Indian’s get over the destruction of their tribes?

      Why don’t the Chinese get over Nenking.

      Why don’t African Americans get over slavery?

      If you haven’t noticed already. EVERYBODY has a problem getting over things. I don’t give a shit about 9/11, pearl harbor, Nazi Germany, and the millions of other things people get offended over. Yes they are tragic, and horrible points in human history. But their are part of HISTORY, not the present.

  • erochichi says:

    This all is dirty, tragic, crazy, ridiculous and sad stuff. I naturally mean world politics, terrorism, war for oil, suppression of the weak etc. But it is still better that Osama Bin Ladin is dead now. He and his organization AQ are not constructive or sensible and really are not for the best of mankind.
    America has done wrong too many times too, but i don`t hate all Americans for that. Only the guilty ones.

  • The Attorney General is another hack appointee with his brains in his ass and his foot in his mouth.

    One minute it’s Operation Tomodachi and the next it’s ripping the scabs off old wounds. Please make up your mind!

    Obama would be better served if he had done a better job appointing more qualified people than Eric Holder and the rest of those Chicago Shitheads.

  • Anonymous says:

    “The USA goaded Japan into attacking it by leaving Pearl Harbor open to attack, so it could get into the war – that should be common knowledge.”

    Damn America, you guys are crafty. I’m betting you loaded up their bombers and gave them pilots to bomb your own harbor to bring them into the war too, very sneaky indeed.

    *rolls eyes*

  • Anonymous says:

    I didnt read all of it but I can say its way different. Was a war going on when japan did bomb pearl harbor. And I agree as someone said they still not over it? Sure they got attacked but they did much worse to japan.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t care about the killing of Osama bin Laden or bin ‘laden’

    But if USA compare in similar terms between Admiral of Japan Yamamoto with Bin Laden then it’s just ‘off’

    Those US ‘Tomodachi Operation’ …
    Well, Japanese is quite dumb themselves to be tricked by American..

  • I think people are making too much out of the association. Yes, he planned Pearl Harbor, but the point is not that but rather the legal justification. He was just a recent, well known public example of the legal precedent the AG was citing–I don’t think people should read an “All Japanese are terrorists lololol” from the statement.

  • Oh c’mon… it’s just a single american idiot who said that. Just because he’s top lawyer or some irrelevant crap like that doesn’t mean that he’s “THE VOICE OF AMERICA”. But well, I guess it’s natural for a bunch of idiots (regardless of race or where they’re from) to flip the fuck out and make a hundred flamewars because of a single line a single random idiot somewhere on the planet said.

    I’m not making a good example myself (but what the heck) by actually making a comment in the first place, but what people should start learning to do is IGNORE what others say they don’t agree with. Just think “lol that’s stupid” and move on, because trying to “fix” other people’s opinions is -if you haven’t noticed- VERY FUCKING HARD, especially on the internet where the number of people you want to supposedly fix is unending.

    It’s hard to get accustomed to *points to himself shrugging ironically* since socializing and communicating is THE most prominent aspect of human nature, but just try it. There’s many, MANY unnecessary discussions, stress, and wasted time you can avoid by restricting your need to “fix someone else’s opinion”, trust me.

    TL;DR – stop making so much drama plz

  • 1. U卐A act like Gods. They don’t trial, they just execute, regardless of law or circumstances. They’re the rightful owners of democracy, they can’t do wrong.
    2. Osama was the head of Al Queda, an organization that conducted attacks on 9/11 and had killed 3,000 people. Bush and Obama are the heads of U卐A, an organization that had conducted attacks on Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya the overall number of innocent civilian casualties of which exceeds a million – 1,000,000. (in a best case scenario)
    3. U卐A never truly sought peace. They defeated Japan, they’ve put a military base. They defeated Germany, they’ve put a military base. They bombed Yugoslavia, they’ve put a military base. They massacred Iraq, they’ve put a military base. They raped Afghanistan, they’ve put a military base. They’re meddling with Libya, they’ll most indefinitely put a military base in case of victory.
    You see this as righteous, fair and balanced? I see this being no different from taking over the world, one country at a time.

    The Holy Roman Empire on steroids? We’ll see where that’ll get us.

    • Anonymous says:

      1.)The execution of Bin Laden was perfectly legal.

      2.)Yes, the U.S. has killed many innocent lives. So has every single other country on the entire planet.

      3.)If you had any idea how to run a country you’d understand that putting in military bases is the best geopolitical and military move. Not only does it provide a staging point for future wars but it allows the US to regulate potential threats.

      Moral of the story? How about people stop being so fucking retarded and dividing the planet into countries? Why can’t people stop being so thick headed and work together. We are the planet Earth, not 192 separate countries.

      Nationalism is bullshit.

  • Anonymous says:

    gawd! what a fucking bunch of hypocrites and idtiots tha japanese are!
    hating gaijins as their most precious hobby, then hailing the US for tomodachi. as if nothing ever happened and they allways liked the US. (wich is very hypocritical)
    then some random US guy (who cares who he is – its still just one singe human)
    is comparing NOT 2 humans BUT the ACTIONS wich were used in discribing a legal matter.
    bin laden was not compared to yamamoto.
    it was nothing more than an example explanation.
    japanese were at war and the terrorists were at war too.
    both times there was a higher position dude (yamamoto – laden)
    who got killed by an specifically ordered assassination team.
    you CAN complare the SITUATIONS and in doing that – try to explain the legal course of action.
    but japanese are fucking blind to everything about themselfes.
    they talk very ill of all foreigners every day. but if even one guy is saying SOMETHING about them (and not even something negative) they go apeshit – feeling insulted.
    pathedic hypocrites.

    and who the fuck cares if ladens assassination was legal?
    fist off i dont believe it till there is 100% proof (not this hiding bullshit for no reason..its suspicious)
    and IF – then terrorists were at “war” for years now. they killed thousands of INNOCENTS for NO fucking (rational) reason. why would anyone bother giving them a trial…just kill those fucks who cares.

    and im not american (well i probably wrote a lot of missspellings so you know anyway ^^)

  • Anonymous says:

    America sucks. Pure and simple. And yes, I’m American. Who gives a fuck about so-called ‘pride’?’ I’d rather live in fucking Siberia. Ya’ll are just a bunch of Pridefags sucking on Uncle Sam’s dick.

    • Anonymous says:

      Way to follow the I’m-an-American-too-but-I-hate-this-country-bandwagon

      If you hate the US so much then go move to Siberia, nobody is stopping you. Believe it or not, most Americans aren’t the Ultra-National Conservatives like you seem to think.

  • The attorney general is a dipshit and a moron. Even if it was trying to make a point about leaders during war time, you just don’t compare anyone to Osama Bin Ladden. That’s stupid. I want to hit our attorney general upside the head.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow, seriously? Granted the Japanese was our enemy during WWII, but if anything we should be thanking Yamamoto for waking up the United States Navy.Damn near everyone in the USN (and around the world, Yamamoto was almost killed for saying the carrier would be the dominant ship of the sea) had their head so far up their asses, thinking the battleship would still rule the sea. It took an attack on a military installation, for us to realize the carrier was going to rule the fucking seas from then on out! We should be thanking him for what he has done for the United States! Not compare him to some putrid piece of shit who had people killed in a cowardly terrorist attack! Fuck you Eric Holder!

  • Anonymous says:

    lol to anyone who said “no need to pick a fight with Japan” – you have no armed forces, if the one country responsible for your security wants to pick a fight with you, you had better sit there and take it like a bitch.

  • Anonymous says:

    Fuck this shit , yeah they are the same , both were assassinated … -.- Can the USA stop fucking bringing up things from the past , they already dropped an atom bomb and occupied Okinawa !

    Sucks when stupid people keep dissing your country for things that happened so long ago . ==

  • Anonymous says:

    It should come as no surprise that a US political figure once again attempted to be clever on television and instead inspired a nation to facepalm itself with his terrible analogy.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ungh, I think this is just nationalist pride for a former national “hero”… it’s reminds me of the Taiwanese who are convinced that Chiang Kai-shek could do no wrong (because of course, Mao is the enemy), even though he was responsible for a lot of unjust deaths.

  • I’m more concerned on the fact that USA has yet to 100% prove the world that they really killed Osama. Hell, I too can name any past years’ celebrity who never appears on media these days anymore and claim that I’ve murdered him with a superimposed photo as an evidence.

  • Anonymous says:

    For 1000s of human war history it is common etiquette not to kill any officers no matter if it is tactical to do.

    Fast forward to today and we are doing as if history hasn’t taught us anything, and yet we are suppose to be more advanced.

    yeah right.

      • Anonymous says:

        Cut off the head and the snake will die? No not really, it’s something the west is infatuated with though, you know get the big bad boss and then roll the credits, just like how getting Bin Laden was top priority.

        Is terrorism going to end? Are we safer now that Bin Laden is dead? Hardly in fact now all his underlings are rampan without control and will mostly likely have a new even more redical leader step up, bent on more revenge.

        Cut off a snakes head and things will get ugly.

        • Anonymous says:

          Replying to 13:55 re: tactics in general.

          Until some of these “more radical leaders” step up, we’ll have to wait and see. Odds are that Al-Quaeda is finished at this point.

          Although there’s no denying that there are plenty of other people out there who hate America, you are certainly delusional in your belief that letting Bin Laden run amok is somehow safer than putting him down.

  • Anonymous says:

    “Just once I’d like to see those damn yanks have their cities bombed.”

    No, no you really don’t want to see what we’d do if this happened.

    “The USA goaded Japan into attacking it by leaving Pearl Harbor open to attack, so it could get into the war – that should be common knowledge.”

    …………..what the fuck? So any place that isn’t at war with you is “open to attack”?

    “They are picking a fight with Japan by comparing Yamamoto to him?”

    Why does Japan always assume that if another country so much as mentions ONE Japanese guy that we are picking a fight with them? If you insult some random American dude, we don’t give a shit. But if you insult some Japanese dude they shit themselves.

    “As if they are. Who picks a fight with domesticated animals?”

    HAHA. Yeah. You’re not worth it Japan. Get rid of Ishihara, then we’ll talk.

  • Anonymous says:

    They get so butt-hurt whenever someone mentions a Japanese historical figure that they completely ignore the bigger picture. It doesn’t matter whether they’re labeled as terrorists or not. Yamamoto and bin Laden both led sneak attacks against unsuspecting victims, prompting war. What makes an assassination during wartime wrong? Both Yamamoto and bin Laden caused the deaths of thousands of innocent lives and intended on causing even more deaths. Under what circumstances are either of their deaths unjustified?

    In any case, we know bin Laden was the one who planned 9/11. How does putting off his certain death make it any more right? I don’t understand this logic.

    • Anonymous says:

      Simple answer? Yamamoto was Japanese, so they automatically assumes he had noble intentions, while Bin Laden was a foreigner, so they assume the worst. Both men performed sneak attacks and innocent people got caught in the middle. Both attacks were dishonorable.

      But the Japanese only assume the best about their own people.

      • Anonymous says:

        You know sometimes I just think that the US feigned ignorance over the Pearl Harbor attack. They did this so they would have an excuse to their failure and HUMILIATING LOSS. True or not… one more thing to consider. They were soldiers, in war it doesn’t matter who’s right or wrong, only those left. All’s FAIR in love and war after all…

        • Anonymous says:

          That’s the thing. The US wasn’t at war. Regardless of the conspiracy theories people want to bring up, the US hadn’t formally entered the war. Therefore, there was no failure and there was no loss. The US wasn’t even playing the game.

          Also, the conspiracy theories that the US knew about the incoming attack make no sense, because even if they wanted to enter the war, it would be sheer stupidity to sacrifice such a large and strategically placed fleet. It’s not logical any way you look at it.

          Japan decided to pull a shit move and then wanted to whine about the consequences. They also assumed that the American forces would be crippled after that attack. They were proven wrong by thousands of troops and two bombs.

  • Anonymous says:

    “It’s not like all Americans think this, what are you idiots on about?”

    OMG! This guy is to smart for 2ch! Someone warn him! Get him out of there before they gang rape him!

  • Anonymous says:

    For once, 2ch is on the right side of things –

    Yamamoto was a decent and wise commander who had to follow orders and bowed to the pressure of short-sighted tojo and other war criminals to take the wrong path in starting the pacific war. At the time, anti-japanese sentiment was so high that we could not say such things openly, but many after the war many agreed that yamamoto was one of the few long-sighted and capable commanders japanese had. Indeed, IJN never really won any battles after yamamoto was killed.

    Bin Laden is no admiral or even a solider. This little shit is just a deluded little spoiled middle class brat, insecure and infantile at best, drunk from his parent’s money who happened to get a teeny wheeny little wind of religion in college and foolishly gained a naive thought that he had everything figured out. He’s iconic of this material rich generation – they get a little whiff of reality, like an ant licking the surface of the watermelon and all of a sudden he foolishly preaches like he knows the truth of the universe. Egotistical and disgustingly shortsighted, pampered like little emperors and absolutely worthy of greatest contempt. To compare this to Yamamoto?

    I wish I had whatever u were smoking there cuz i sure want a drag of that.

  • Anonymous says:

    2chan will look for any reason to get offended. There was no subtext to Holder’s statement.

    Holder wasn’t comparing bin Laden to Yamamoto because he had any particular opinion of Yamamoto. He did it because it offers the clearest legal precedence for killing bin Laden. Law in the US is based heavily on precedence, its second only to the united states constitution as far as determining the legality of something. Yamamoto wasn’t singled out because of anything he did, he was singled out because his assassination was the clearest and best known example of the US intentionally killing an enemy leader.

    Maybe it would have been better to mention Che Guevara’s death instead, because while the circumstances are not as well known, the situation was more analogous. however, then you have to analyze the more than abiguous nature of Che’s death, which opens up a whole new can of worms. Yamamoto was picked for a lack of legal ambiguity. that’s all.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’d have to both agree and disagree with what was said. They SHOULD NOT compare Admiral Yamamoto, who attacked MILITARY vessels to that of Bin Laden whom specifically targeted CIVILIANS on non-military land. Also, the nuking of Japan is NOT something most Americans are proud of. However, at the time, the American military leaders felt that the only way to end the war quickly was by dropping those bombs. Their choice of targets, however, was very poor indeed. The targets should have been isolated military bases (if any existed). The reason for the nukes (in their eyes) was to show the Japanese people that they needed to stop what they were doing or face their own destruction. In my eyes, it was the choice of military leaders that were tired from the war with Germany seeking a hasty end to the war by any means possible, making poor decisions in the process.

    American naval battles against Japan were largely unknown to the general American public due to the fact they were classified during, and for some time after the war. By the time the naval records were declassified, many Americans had cemented into their mind the battles between Allied and Axis powers on German shores as being the major battles of WWII. In fact, some Americans (depending on their education) still do not even know the reason behind Pearl Harbor, nor what lead up to nor resulted from those attacks aside from the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    Much of the war between Japan and American during WWII is not something to be proud of, for both sides; but especially for Americans. This world has too much trouble seeing the good that countries do as the good deeds that are done are seldom covered compared to the atrocities committed by a country. We are also too quick to generalize everything in this world for the sake of simplicity. Just be cause part of a country supports an act, doesn’t mean the rest of it supports it; good or bad. Our governments (not just America’s government but all governments) are putting in motion, acts that the majority may not be in favor of, or whose opinion has been swayed incorrectly by biased media coverage, possibly supported by the government, to reach a desired result. I am neither for, nor against war; but I do believe that not enough ACCURATE and UNBIASED information is being provided to the people before and during, and to some extent even after a war. It’s as if our government is trying to protect us from the ugly truth that can be our world, rather than letting us work toward a better, more unified world. A world with no boarders; geographically, religiously, or intellectually.

  • Anonymous says:

    OK, a few things.

    1 – The attorney general did NOT liken Bin Laden to Admiral Yamamoto, simply the circumstances surrounding both. Besides, Pearl Harbor was a retaliation against a blockade from the US Navy.

    2 – Osama Bin Laden organized an attack that murdered 3,000 civilians and had a chance at collapsing the lives of 100,000 TIMES that.

    3 – Congrats, Holder, you just pissed off a TON of people on BOTH sides of the ocean.

  • Anonymous says:

    do you know why america is japan’s so called ally? to keep tabs on them. america has so many troops in japan. america can still call the shots. Americans hate japs just like Korea and china, japan started war with united states now they are Americas dog. japan listen to your master which is america.

  • Err this may be late to be askin but… I thought did the American government announce OBL’s death as soon as it hit, or like a week after? I thought DNA tests took a few days… I guess they get top priority back in the states but it would take some time for them to get back as well. Otherwise, where did they do it… just curious.

    • Anonymous says:

      They said they found Osama and was planning to move in as a week passed. Despite them supposedly training for this event back in April.

      They got him and reported it at night around 10, the next day Obama says they did DNA testing and affirmed it was him. Despite DNA testing requiring 2-3 days to finish.

      1-2 days later they dump his body in the sea and Obama gets world round applause, but soon some started to question and asked for images.

      Today we eventually get gruesome images of everything almost except Osama himself.

      Me I wonder, before they dumped him in the sea, why couldn’t they just clean him up and then take fresh photos of him to beam back to us in the states, if they were too gruesome back in the building.

      Smells fishy no matter how you look at it.

  • Anonymous says:

    They’re looking at it the wrong way. It is simply using another assassination as an example of a commander, regardless of past transgressions, that was killed in the name of national defense. It would be ridiculous to compare the two.

  • “This is all the fault of those dirty Koreans enlisting American support.”

    Lol Japan, you and your Korean passion.

    As for Yamamoto blindly obeying his government. That’s what soldiers should do, if your government tells you not to shoot the enemy leadership right in front of you, you stop. If they tell you to go to war with someone you do the best you can. But then we also have the Nuremburg trials that following order is no excuse.

    I guess we’ll have to wait for the day some soldier ignore the order not to shoot the enemy leadership.

  • correct me if im wrong, and i very well may be.

    osama – military leader specializing in terrorism.
    yamamoto – military leader, orchestrated a terrorist attack.

    both attacked america un provoked (well, we pissed off the midle east FAR before, but we werent killing people there for fun)

    in reality, the only difference is that yamamoto had government sponsorship, osmam i don’t think did at the time of 9/11

    killing osama was the best coarse of action, its better to kill a charismatic leader than to take them prisoner, because of an overwhelming chance he may get away.

    i really don’t understand japan, are they that much of a pussy that they don’t get how you deal with people like him? i mean this coming from a nation that got attacked by a civilian, held him prisoner, than gave him back to china and he was hailed as a hero.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yamoto, terrorist attack? LOLOLOL
      When you declare war to a country, and this country attacks back, it is nothing near a terrorist attack.
      Plus, why they heck does America whine about it anyway?
      If they hadn’t got into the war, they wouldn’t of suffered human loses.
      It’s like jumping in a pool and whining about getting wet!

      • are you honestly saying we shouldnt have joined ww2?

        if i remember right, we did nothing to japan prior to that, so if a country does it declaration of war, if an organisation does it, terrorism.

        kind of hard to see the difference.

  • Anonymous says:

    People are forgetting the simple fact. We American’s believe every thing we do is justice. If someone attacks us we’ll attack them back ten-fold simply out of vengeance. I don’t agree with it in any way but I do agree with the killing of Osama Bin Laden. I think much of the problem with some people is that they don’t understand the intensity of 9/11 and the effect it had on the American people. America is a powerhouse as evidenced by the fact that it spends more money on its military than any other nation. America, also, however, doesn’t like fighting on their own soil. And when the fight is brought to us we bring it right back to them. The comparison to the Japanese commander was a little extreme but it delivers the same point. If you mess with America, America and its vast military presence will mess with you. Its a bit of a fear campaign but if it keeps us safe I have no objections. People need to realize Americans don’t kill innocents unprovoked, however, when it comes down to it we can be as cruel as we need to be.

  • Anonymous says:

    “Does anyone still believe the US government didn’t know about Pearl Harbor beforehand?”

    Um America was actually it’s just an Idiot Commander didn’t account for International Timezones and attacked a Day earlier then they said they would.

    • The point of contention was sneak attack. The US government had knowledge about a specific attack on Pearl Harbour but interpreted the information incorrectly or ignored so it can’t be really called sneak attack/ambush.

  • Anonymous says:

    What’s the problem. Nobody said Yamamoto was a evil men, just that since he was an enemy commander during time of war. Thus it was not unreasonable for him to be targeted and killed. Same goes with Osama Bin Laden. As he also fits the definition of enemy commander.

    This has absolutly NOTHING to do with the actual character of the said individual. Nor did he made the comparison.

    As usual, 2ch is being retarded.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is what happened.
    His office was taking a lot of heat for the hit on OBL.
    Feeling the pressure he gets nervous and tries to justify the situation.

    How ever through history there has never been a similar situation where there has been a coordinated terrorist attack against the USA resulting in the death of thousands.

    So grasping at straws he tries to make connection to any similar situation he can.

    Pearl harbor+surprise attack+thousands dead+the revenge killing of Yamamoto = close enough for government work.

    (for all you non USA people “close enough for government work” is slang for a shoddy job that would not pass for acceptable in the private sector.

    In other words we are so used to the government doing a crap job of things we have our own slang phrase for their bad work.

    As far as carrying a grudge for Pearl?
    I don’t care, it was before my time and had nothing to do with me so why should I care.

    Most people that can’t get over Pearl Harbor are crabby old guys who spend their days complaining about everything any way.

    • Anonymous says:

      I believe those who complain the most about Pearl Harbour incident is mostly those who don’t have any relation with the incident directly.

      The ones that complain usually is those people who just love to speak trash even my family never blames Japan for that incident anymore as he knows whats past has past.

  • Anonymous says:

    Get over it already.

    Every government has its flaws, but dont blame the people. They are merely sheep in all of this.

  • Anonymous says:

    We didn’t even really elect this guy and he’s talking for the entire country?
    That’s not even what he’s supposed to be doing. Interesting that Eric Holder was born in 1951 and he’s talking like he remembers where he was when Pearl Harbor was attacked. Seriously, we just started to have a more favorable image to Japan and this jackass has to go and blow it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Eric Holder is a perfect example of a hypocrite liberal… just like the hypocrite liberal who appointed him. Even now, he and Obama are trying to prosecute CIA agents who extracted the info that made it possible to kill Bin Laden because they “waterboarded”. Crap! The USA waterboards many of their own as a part of their training. Comparing Yamamoto to Bin Laden is the level of stupidity I have come to expect from Obama and his flunkies.

      • Anonymous says:

        Obama is a neoconlib when it comes to foreign policy not much different to Bush in fact. But he also has to keep an image, the people of america are the one’s asking questions about water boarding ever since Bush admitted to it.

  • what about the guys who ordered the incendiary bombings over many civil non-military targets in Japan that killed thousands of deaths each time?

    what about the guys who ordered the atomic bombings over civil targets?

    • Anonymous says:

      Atomic bombing was after the Nanking, Unit 731 and other Japan military crimes against humanity. So it was nothing but an answer. Jap “warriors” was merciless against enemies and had no morale, they has been “clearing” entire villages, killing even children. And now they are trying to accuse us that we have killed some civilians or dropped bombs. Did they thought about civilians at WW2?!! What a hypocrisy! In other words – non-japs for some japanese are still no more than a garbage. So nazi. The only USA crime against Japan is that they have left many japanese military criminals without punishment.

      • Anonymous says:

        Look, child. The war crimes of the Axis were mostly unveiled [i]after[/i] the war. The atomic bombing was just the conclusion of the major strategic bombing campaign. You really don’t think that bombs dropped on major population centres don’t kill people, “even children” as you yourself spout in your froth-mouthed vigor?

        The Axis war crimes (especially against the western allies) are dramatised and bring about a much greater reaction even though the ones who really took the hit (including civilian casualties) from the war were the Axis (and Soviet Union). But that has nothing to do with any manner of moral – it is simply because the Allies won.

        • Anonymous says:

          So if the UK had pre-emptively invaded Germany when the NSDAP rose into power and, if successful, saved the world a lot of bother, the Germans wouad have been justified in flattening the whole of London?

        • it’s not war when you attack civilians.

          U.S as Japan, Russia, China and others, have done horrible things.

          But when you take actions against civilians when you should be taking actions against militars, it’s just populistic.

        • Anonymous says:

          It doesn’t matter whether those events was “dramatized” or not. They was, and it’s fact. The Japan was aggressor, not USA. It’s some kind of demagogy – to overturn roles “aggressor – defender” when one of them starts to win over the other. In other words I think that the Axis damage can be and should be justified by means of their role of “aggressor”.
          And creating, construction and dropping bomb on the civilians is not the same as to take the sword and cut them yourself, one by one. I think it’s harder and you need to be more animal than human to do this.

    • They didn’t order the nuclear bombings over civilian targets. Don’t talk about it like they looked at a map and specifically chose a place with a bunch of non-military. If that were the case why not Tokyo or one of the other much much more populated cities?

      Hiroshima and Nagasaki were big cogs in the military machine. Civilians take a risk by living near military bases.

    • Anonymous says:

      By definiton they were also fair game as it was time of war and it wouldn’t be unreasonable for them to be targeted by the Japanese, should they had the capability.

      For god sakes, all he said was that Yamamoto and Bin Laden were both considered “enemy commanders”. So it wasn’t unreasonable for them to be targeted and eliminated.

      NOBODY said anything about how Yamamoto was an evil motherfucker like Bin Laden. People just made the delutional connections on their own cause they’re eager to have something to piss at.

  • Yamamoto was opposed to WWII, due to the fact that he went to Harvard, he really didn’t have a choice but to serve his country and made the attack. Osama is a whole nother story. His story was basicly revenge.

    • Anonymous says:

      Osama knows too much about US Secrets to Stay Alive.

      He worked with the US for many years and in fact the USA Sponsored him and their armies for many years from the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan till near the end of the war.

      In effect they started the chain that resulted in 9/11 and all the deaths at the World Trade Center.

      To leave him alive was not an option.

    • Anonymous says:

      USA’s Attorny General is “Eric Holder” – He’s a fuckin’ Idiot!!!! No really.

      *He wanted to bring “Kalid shake Mohamad” to NYC for a Civilian Trial.

      *He selectively OVER-Looked video evidence & Testimony of the Blank Panther Party intimidating voters in Philadelphia

      *He used Tax Payers money to attack the Gov. of Arizona in court so she couldn’t enforce a law (that was Passed in her State) that let the police check immigration status on people ALREADY accused of ‘Other crimes’.

      Eric Holder is an IDIOT!! Not even a Punch-Line The Japanese should be LAUGHING at Mr. Holder for even comparing Yamamoto to a shitbag like Bin Laden. I would rather have Yamamoto as my Attorney General…and he’s not even alive!

      Laugh it off Japan – He’ll lose his post in 2012 with his Boss.

    • But that’s not the point of the quote. It doesn’t seem like people are getting that the comparison is just to say they were both in the field leading a war. There’s no commentary at all on how the two lead their army or their personal beliefs, just that they were war time commanders and take the chance of being killed by being in their respective military.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well in any case, Japan aren’t accepting what they have done during the WWII as facts.Is a nation of that nature in any position to criticise the war behavior of others?We can always get over mistakes and move on, but not before accepting and learning from them.

      • Shippoyasha says:

        I agree with that assessment. If anything, the original usurpers of the government, the military coup enablers and those advising the emperor (and even the Emperor himself, despite all the Japanese apologists saying he was totally innocent) are probably more worthy targets of vengeance.

        Also, it’s not ‘just Pearl Harbor’. That’s what the hypernationalists would want people to believe. It’s the whole freaking 40+ years of subjugation, destruction and rape of dozens of nations leading up to that Pearl Harbor attack. It’s that whole violent cycle and that violent culture that fostered it.

        I hate to say this, but they really got what was coming. And it’s really sad that Japanese citizens were killed by hundreds of thousands, but that’s not even accounting for the badly mistreated POWs killed by the Empire and the countless millions of civilians in ‘lesser’ nations at the time. Worst being the inhuman slaughter in Phillipines and Manchuria. Possibly worse than even the way Nazis hunted the Jews since the attacks on civilians by the Empire was indiscriminate.

        • Anonymous says:

          “If it wasn’t for America, China, Vietnam, and Korea wouldn’t be Communist.”

          How the hell can you say that? If it wasn’t for America all of Asia would be Communist and let’s not forget Europe and the middle east as well. Go look up a history book!

          Look no country is perfect, but the world complains about America acting as the world police. We don’t want to be the world police but the UN is useless and other countries other than Britain don’t want to get involved and it forces our hand. Do you want countries like North Korea, Iran, Iraq (pre war) having WMPs?

          Let’s not forget that WWll could have easily been prevented but Europe was too cowardly to stop Hitler when we knew all about his ideals and breaking the treaty of Versailles.

          The Attorney General shouldn’t obviously made that statement. It was careless. As for bin Laden being killed, some people deserve to die and he is one of them. There is evil in this world and he was one of them.

        • There’s no point in arguing if any act of war was “Right” or “Wrong”. At the end of the day, no matter the circumstances; it’s one human being slaughtering another human being, and the taking of human life is always unjustified.

          Would the world be better off without some people? Sure it would. It would be insane to find a way to disagree with that notion. But really, whoever the main bad guy is in the world at any given time. Look back into their past and I am willing to bet 9 times out of 10 they themselves are just lashing back because of a previous wrong doing done to them.

          There’s a cycle of hate in the world, killing just begins more killing. People kill each other because some ancient book says they each are supposed to own a patch of sand. There’s no sense in any violence, and until there’s a way to break the cycle. There will always be war, and war is always bad.

        • erochichi says:

          Nice to read a comment from somebody who really can history. The rise of Japanese militarism probably got power from victory against Russia in 1905. Racist ideas amongst military we`re strengthened which led to atrocities like in Nanking etc. Japanese military saw themselves as superior race, destined to rule all Asia, including Russia in later stage.
          I love Japan, but not it`s criminals, like ruthless military or yakuza.

        • Anonymous says:

          The US military has also raped thousands and murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent people, if not more.

          By your logic the attack on the towers was also deserved by the US.

          Lots of innocent people dying to pay for the wrongs of others.

          Bravo on the twisted logic.

        • Shippoyasha says:

          I actually agree. It was an ugly time at the early 1900’s with all the colonialism and all that (America and Europe was part of the problem), but the fascist uprisings were way too extreme, way too anti-humanist, way too…. well, EVIL.

          And it’s shocking how I find some fellow Japanese still think we had the right to kill off ‘inferior’ Asians and all foreigners. I’m glad Japan has more of a pacifistic streak than an insane, murderous fascist streak.

        • Anonymous says:

          Those idiots should thank america every time they see oppai in anime

          They’re too stupid to realize that ishihara wouldn’t be the exception, he’d be the norm if japan was still an empire

          Imagine a nation of ishiharas hellbent on killing all happiness and joy in the world

          They should thank america

        • Anonymous says:

          If it wasn’t for America, China, Vietnam, and Korea wouldn’t be Communist.

          Pearl Harbour was a military attack against military targets. Which totally justifies the mass murder of thousands of innocent civilians.

    • Yamamoto is still the “bad sort” if you get my meaning. He’s opposed to it but still “following orders.”

      Unlike some of the German officers (not “Nazi”, they are not tied to the party but are officers of the German armed forces) who “follow orders” yet also consciously help Jews escape from German-occupied territory.

      Heck even the other “loyal” officers tried killing Hitler.

      Yamamoto? He just looked on meekly and did nothing but “follow.”

    • Anonymous says:

      Not only that, but he planned a legitimately military operation against a legitimately military target. That’s a LITTLE different then turning several hundred civilians into unwilling missiles for the killing of several thousands more. :\

    • Anonymous says:

      the following japs that commented are total ass wipes that complain but at the end are wrong all the time every time and why are they right now. During WW2 they rape and murdered people and i have seen chinese little girls have sticks up there pussys all done by japanese soldier. It seems the japs have no moral values at all so i conclude general fuck face or tojo is no better than Osama

      • Anonymous says:

        For god sake. Rape happen in War, i assure u. Even from the U.S.A side i believe.

        It is just because one side won the war than they can just tell that they are the heroes and they did nothing wrong during the war while those who lose on the war will get all the blames.

        • Anonymous says:

          The US bombings of Japan are not even comparable to what Japan did.

          US bombings killed 100,000 civilians.

          Japanese raids killed 10+ million Chinese civilians and soldiers.

        • Anonymous says:

          And you guys believe Suddam Hussain had WMDs

          In wartime anything goes, I wouldn’t be far surprised that Americans have torture and humiliated other people. There are true stories of brutal rape of other villagers and civilians back in the old day BECAUSE TECHNOLOGY WASN’T AS ADVANCED AS IT IS NOW.

          Nowadays if you get caught even raping/razing a village without permission you will be quickly up for court martial if it ever gets through the press. Like this article now, defending the killing.

          Oh we forgetting Gutamano Bay now are we?

        • What are you saying? USA never did anything as horrible? I’m not saying this in a “they did worse than Japan, Japan is all okay!” way, but in a “of course it’ll be harder to find out about America’s atrocities, especially when they win a war, than Japan’s atrocities as they have lost WWII for example” way.
          You won’t learn much about what the victors have done in the background during times of battle, but that is no reason to assume that they were clean and only killed some civilians here and there.
          Japan did Nanking/Unit 731; short-term atrocity.
          USA did Agent Orange (Vietnam); people still suffer from it nowadays even though it happened decennials ago.
          In addition:

          And my personal favorite example:

          Japan has learned (obviously due to being forced) to behave though after WWII. USA still enjoyed their power and have continued to fuck around even in this century.

          Every fucking country fucked around with innocent people, period. No reason to point fingers.
          Soviet Russia will stay nr1 for amount of its own people murdered in gulags though

        • Anonymous says:

          agreed the japs have done alot of scary things nearly vomit after seeing what they did to malaysian ,chinese and koreans. they even use chinese people as test subjects for bio weapons seriously the japs a mental. you also wouldn’t believe what they did to americans POWs

        • Anonymous says:

          The US did absolutely nothing comparable to what Japan did in Nanking in WWII. The US has definitely done some shitty stuff, but only crazy ultra-conservative Japanese nationalists believe that it’s worse than Imperial Japan.

  • “It’s lawful to target an enemy commander in the field. We did so, for instance, with regard to Yamamoto in World War II, when he was shot down in a plane.”

    All he did was call them both an “enemy commander” that’s it. He never said their actions, character, and motives were the same. You can have good and bad commanders. In this case, it wasn’t even mentioned whether Yamamoto was a bad guy.

    • Anonymous says:

      This just out on the AP wire:

      1 armed guard defening Bin Laden. Taken out.

      But, the American SEALS continued to shoot unarmed bystanders and killed them.

      Great, now instead of kudos – the world hates America more.

      • Uh, the world has ALWAYS hated the United States since day one. 99.9% of the world wants us all dead.

        The British hate us the most. They still believe that declaring independence was betrayal to the crown.

        “Death to America” is probably the most popular phrase in the world right now. We are the evil empire now. And all empires fall. We’re next on the list…

        The sooner the USA is nothing but a bad memory, the better…

        • That’ll never happen. I personally think that the USA needs to be split into smaller nations. We’d be less of a threat to the world and to ourselves.

          In fact, I consider myself to be a Californian first and an American second. Most Americans feel that way. Texans feel like they’re Texans first. The same is true with New Englanders. And most of the Southern States feel the same way too. The Feddies just have too much power. And that’s what’s holding us back.

  • Personally, I’m amazed the Japanese haven’t told the US to stop occupying them. In fact, I’m amazed other countries that the US occupies haven’t risen up and tried to kick them out.

    The US would never allow the reverse. I can’t imagine us allowing military from China or Mexico to build a base in San Bernardino or Albuquerque. So other countries should tell the US to GTFO.

    The sooner the USA stops acting like the “world police”, the better. Ronald Reagan referred to the Soviet Union as an evil empire. Well, I think the United States is starting to become one as well…

    • Anonymous says:

      They don’t ask them to leave because as soon as war hits, the US would jump to their aid.

      Japan is an extremely important military staging point for the easter theater.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you an idiot? All these country CAN indeed kick US out if they want to. Since by agreement their own government has the final say about keep having American bases there. If they say no, the American by agreement HAS to pull out. However, they know for a FACT that having and help maintain American bases there is infinitly cheaper than trying to expand and upgrade their own military to adequate standard against their possible foe.

      Plus it’s a great discouragment for their enemy as they know if they try anything funny, not only would they be going to war with the said country. There’s also a shit load of American reinforcement they’re going to have to deal with.

      I’m not saying it’s right or wrong to have American bases everywhere. Only that it makes sense for countries to want them there.

  • Anonymous says:

    Japan can’t get over the fact that they got their asses kicked by America. Maybe if you remind them of all the attrocities they committed against other countries…oh wait, they deny all of them.

  • Pyrolight says:

    Oh I think a lot of Japanese missed the point and got trolled by “quote out of context”, general mis-communication between the east/west and language barriers.

    What was said:

    Attorney General – Bin Laden + Yamamoto = commanders in the field so fair game (which is true).

    What was seen:

    Japanese – Bin Laden and Yamamoto = Both unethical dirty swine.

  • Anonymous says:

    “Why can’t America get over Pearl Harbor? They destroyed the Imperial Japanese Navy and burnt hundreds of thousands of civilians, that should be enough. But they still aren’t satisfied?”
    “This is what the top US lawyer says about it? America is looking more and more like Nazi Germany these days…”
    “The US is killing innocents itself!”

    2ch being a bit hypocritical considering their past atrocities

    • Why not compare Bin Laden with Hitler then, those two killed innocent civilians, not just armed soldiers in a war.

      Remember the Taliban? those cowards killed people for shaving their beards, not for mass murdering people. If they were to actually apply the law fair and square in the Middle East, Bin Laden would have been sentenced to death a long time ago.

        • erochichi says:

          Anon 20:11 you know nothing about EU. They are spending vast resources to military while social welfare i going down ever so faster.
          Just now it is EU having most military in war against Gaddafi in Libya, USA is mostly watching it from outside.
          EU is ultra capitalist system, if it makes you happy.
          They are now in process letting taxpayers pay for their many big investment bank`s fiasco in Ireland, Greece, Portugal and Spain & Italy coming next.

        • Shippoyasha says:

          I actually kind of agree with House except SMART Americans like the President himself has said this was about a terrorist leader. Most muslims in America bristle at the thought that Bin Laden is their ‘leader’ in any way. Most of the Arab world has long since discarded Bin Laden as any kind of leader since he killed fellow Muslims in Muslim nations (and also in the West).

          Likewise, those people acting on bloodlust and going nuts celebrating doesn’t represent everyone. It didn’t back in 2001, it doesn’t now.

          We shouldn’t pay too much heed to how media separates the two sides so evenly. Especially when apparently Muslims largely disagree with the extremists and militant Islamic nations’ policies quite a bit more than we know (if not, where’s the BILLIONS of Muslims rising against us? Instead they go on an internet fueled ‘Jasmine revolution’ in their nations trying to be more like us).

        • The simple reality is making light of any symbol of the honor of a nation or an ideal is the perfect way to cause history to repeat itself.

          The day Osama was killed, I wasn’t relieved that he was killed, because his death means nothing realitistically. It only means that we’ve much to learn when you see stupid college kids chanting in the streets exactly like the flag-burners in the nations who oppose us. I was only happy when they said that they at least tried to follow a burial in respect of his life, regardless of his actions. But even that is under question because nobody was there to witness it.

          Giving honor to your enemies is the one thing we can do that will prove ourselves to the planet and earn their trust in our ability to lead. Nothing else we do will do so much to prove our honor and character than to treat our enemies with respect, regardless of our differences.

          And yes, anyone who knows some of Osama’s history knows he deserves some respect for what he accomplished in the perspective of his people. Just as Hitler deserved respect for his ability to have pulled Germany from the ashes of economic turmoil, even if his intentions became erratic and fearful. Discounting all the good that someone has done because of the effects of their negativity is the mark of a one-dimensional mind, and we’re all guilty of it. And it will lead us nowhere but in circles.

        • @ Anon 16:21

          You just defined all of humanity who has sacrificed their ability to see potential. A victim is someone who allows themselves to be a victim, it is not an event, but a state of being you must accept in order for it to happen. I do not accept it. I have the benefit of knowing that I will die, and no matter what circumstance it occurs, it will be by my own will.

          If it means I’ll be attacked by the weak-minded for knowing that to respect an enemy even as you kill them for their crimes against you is a more enlightened path, then so be it. The very concept of vengeance breeding vengeance is something the youngest of children can understand, and yet so few people recognize, is proof positive that most people are cowards and not worth listening to.

        • Anonymous says:

          Also like euroland; never having to spend a fucking plugged nickle on defense to dump more cash into socialistic crap for their lame population. Of which is biting Hard back at euroland even as I write!
          Face it Nipponese; you got a free ride for close to over a century. Blowing it finacial up in the late ’80s as your economy popped. You’re still playing for it now too!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      to me.. $1.00 bullet.. vs 3 million dollar trial and incarceration…

      Navy Seals… Saving Tax payers money since 1962!

      and.. as some face saving by me to the Japanese.. Eric Holder is an Idiot… Please forgive his stupidity!!

  • Anonymous says:

    How about we get over this guy, we all know that the average american likes japan. Eric probably had a slip of the tongue moment, or he is in fact a bit racist or maybe a lot(which is reasonable as he is 60). But don’t judge the US over what any one person says, even if he is high ranked. All it means is that the person is probably good at his job and/or manipulating, but may in fact be a messed up person. Like Hitler nowadays.

  • Admiral Yamamoto’s assassination was justified. Not just because he was a brilliant Commander-in-Chief, but also because he was secretly creating the first boy band to the world. Sadly, it only delayed the inevitable; as scrupulous entrepreneurs were able to find Yamamoto’s secret files on “Boy Bands” and used it to infect America with the likes of Menudo, New Kids on the Block, and Backstreet Boys.

    Its one of those things they skip in school text books.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ll agree what in regards to them both planning and overseeing an act that killed thousands of Americans; which in turn made America kill them in some secret operation.

    However, Osama and Yamamoto were NOT the same in terms of ethics and personality.

    • Anonymous says:

      “However, Osama and Yamamoto were NOT the same in terms of ethics and personality.”

      And he didn’t say that they are either. People are just connecting the imaginary dots on their own. Because they’re just eager to find something to be pissed about.

    • Anonymous says:

      GTR there is no comparison, amerika was caught with their collective pants around their ankles in Pearl Harbor.

      They had radar and several wings of fighters at their disposal. Why didn’t they have patrols or scramble any fighter at the first sign of the Japanese?

      They were complacent & the higher ups in the US govt knew what was going on. The US Govt is to blame for pearl harbor.

      As for 9/11?

      Why didn’t the pilots of those airliners crash their planes in the sea or mountains instead – simple they were pussies.

      Ground zero could have been prevented. Americans have gotten soft, this is why terrorists are exploiting their weaknesses now.

        • Yea Metallica man! To prepare for peace is to prepare for war. Fuck not being involved in war. We should have been ready for that. KILLL KILL KILL!!! BLOW ALL THEM MOTHERFUCKERS UP! AMERICA IS THE BEST! DESTROY ALL OTHER NATIONS! WAGHHHH!

          /end my raging sarcasm

          Soldiers were chilling in Hawaii without a god damn care about some other nations shit.

          Of course we learned from out mistake here. PH is a good example of why we get involved in other nations business.

        • Anonymous says:


          no -amerika was already involved in the european theater.

          their boots “were already strapped for war”

          US Naval intelligence was fully aware of the situation in the Pacific with Japan, and the Japanese Naval codes were broken by the US Navy’s code breakers.

          Why do you think all the boilers on America’s Battleships were cold? We bluffed and the Japanese Navy called our bluff. We lost Pearl Harbor. Why did you know that CINPACFLT wasn’t informed of US Naval Intelligence’s info? Thats why He as courtmartialed in disgrace and hung out to dry.

          If the 1940’s US govt had let Pearl in on all the secrets, we wouldn’t of lost Pearl Harbor.

          Half of the fleet would of been out waiting to catch the Japanese fleet [u]without their carrier based fighters[/u] we could of caught them and blown them to hell.

  • Anonymous says:

    yamatao orchestrated the surprise attack on pearl harbor and was killed during the war

    bin ladin orchestrated the surprise attack on the WTC and was killed during the war on terror

    and both men were firm believers in their own code/beliefs (for lack of a better term/word)

    so he’s not exactly wrong

    • Anonymous says:

      This isn’t metal gear. Nobody actually takes into account their motives.

      What I get here is that some Americans are comparing Osama’s unjust actions to a General’s intelligent fair battle stance.

      I think it’s fair when the opposition to America’s wars takes the initiative too. America can’t always have an undefeated streak of nothing going wrong. They just have to play war fairly and call the dead people casualties without pinning their hatred on the “bad guys” corpses.

      The problem is that America’s battles these days have become a power showdown to the eyes of the world. The media portrays America’s enemies as invincible yet flawed, and when they win, it is always portrayed as a victory due to the government’s dedication in military spending and the corruption of the bad guys.

    • Bin Laden was more like Hideki Tojo then Admiral Yamamoto.
      Yamamoto had ethics and warned against going to war with the US out of concern for his people.

      After Pearl Harbor he even quoted “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”
      “In the first six to twelve months of a war with the United States and Great Britain I will run wild and win victory upon victory. But then, if the war continues after that, I have no expectation of success.”

      Tojo on the other hand was a tyrant who hijacked a nation and simply did not care who died so long as his vision was fulfilled.

      Bin Laden and Al Qeada killed more fellow Muslims then he did Americans.

      • Anonymous says:

        Never knew that part… he sounds like the Rommel of Japan. Rommel respected his enemies and disobeyed direct orders to kill special forces upon captured and conducted himself like a true general.

    • Anonymous says:

      With one major difference: Osama Bin Laden specifically targeted civilians, while Yamamoto Isoroku targeted a military base.
      That is however precisely what makes the reasoning valid: Osama was much worse than Isoroku, hence the killing is justified.
      Given that no two enemies are exactly alike, it follows that whomever you want to insert in the comparison next to Osama would probably be less bad, otherwise the reasoning would break down.
      As an added remark, Japan should probably let go of its hero worship in re Isoroku. He may have been a decent commander, and have had his heart on the right side on several issues, but in the end he was a vital cog in the fascist government machine.

      • Anonymous says:

        The killing is justified because people deem it justified in this current society. Justified (justice) is just a dam biased word. I mean a century later some history textbooks will paint bad guys as good guys (already happens – Andrew Jackson on the US 20 dollar bill or christopher columbus pillaging and killing First Nations people).

        • But that’s exactly the point of having a trial.

          For all we know, 9/11 could have been a part of a big conspiracy and Osama could just be a small fry working for the US government. Perhaps the guy they killed isn’t really Osama, but rather some random Arab they decided to use for propaganda reasons. Hell, does “Osama, the terrorist leader behind 9/11” even exist?

          The possibilities are endless. It really doesn’t matter what you believe in – we don’t want the government to hide info, and that’s why we need an aboveboard trial. Even if human rights don’t concern you at this point, government transparency does.

        • People don’t accept a changing truth, for there is more than one person, and generally more than one truth. It is only, as Anon 11:13 said, the powerful truths, the most competitive truths that survive.

          In the end, you guys just killed him because it was in your best interests to kill him. Prettying it up with incommensurable words isn’t going to change that fact; you guys killed him selfishly, for selfish reasons.

          I’m willing to go with this however, because it is in my interests as well.

      • TheBeast says:

        yamamoto just had a case of bad timing. a well laid plan with a wrench thrown in the gears. osama is an unprovoked killer of innocents with the element of intent. yamamoto did want to kill the americans, but he was going to do it by the book. the only difference between murder and manslaughter in america is the element of intent. osama intended on killing civilians and had no plan to announce it. yamamoto was going to declare war and it just so happened he was a bit late. so america reacted with above average retaliation. yamamoto deserved to die because he was the enemy, but osama deserved to die because he was a scorge on mankind, an abomination.

  • Have everybody forgotten the nukes on hiroshima and nagasaki? How many civilians dead from that?
    I don’t understand why the Americans can hold a gruge agaisnt Japan for pearl harbor when less then 100 people was hurt/dead from the attack when over 200 000 died from the nukes.

    • Anonymous says:

      The bombings of Pearl Harbor killed 2300 people, not 100.

      Most Americans don’t give two shits over pearl harbor, just saying.

      The Japanese killed more than 7.5 million civilians, they are not victims.

  • The Japanese can get pissed about it all they want…doesn’t change the fact that it’s a fair comparison.

    The only difference I can think of is that Yamato was in charge of an actual country’s military…not a bunch of rag tag wackjobs

  • Anonymous says:

    oh america.. you find it just to compare everything but your own people. a country of farce and hypocrisy indeed. no wonder most of your people act superior since you’re devoid of your own wrongdoings

  • Anonymous says:

    “They are picking a fight with Japan by comparing Yamamoto to him?”
    “As if they are. Who picks a fight with domesticated animals?”

    *drops pants, pulls out genitals, applies peanut butter*
    That’s a good boy, Pochi. That’s a good boy.

  • Anonymous says:

    “The USA goaded Japan into attacking it by leaving Pearl Harbor open to attack, so it could get into the war – that should be common knowledge.”

    Actually, the Americans goaded you cowards into attacking by cutting off your oil supply. Without oil you pussies would have never made it passed winter. Therefore the only choice was retaliate. And in doing so, you rallied an entire nation against you. Sher brilliance, on behalf of the Americans. You guys, not so much. bwahaha

  • Anonymous says:

    “The USA goaded Japan into attacking it by leaving Pearl Harbor open to attack, so it could get into the war – that should be common knowledge.”

    What a load of bull shit!!!! the person who made that comment must be a retarded. there where plenty of ships ( 4 battle ships at least as well as 3 destroyers 3 cruiser), planes, i mean think about it i dont think i was a poorly defended base judgeing by what was staioned there.

    well after that little rant i still stick with my statement that that guy is a retard.

  • just like 9/11, pearl harbor was uncalled for, which makes pearl harbor pretty much a terrorist attack

    so the comparison is just about right

    if japan never made that attack, then the nuclear bombings won’t have happen

    same goes for bin laden

  • Anonymous says:

    I have to disagree,… Admiral Yamamoto was an honourable & distinguished Naval Officer.

    Bin Laden was just a terrorist with a bankroll…. Like Donald Trump for example.

    He fucked over lots of american investors with loophole tactics to make his billions.

    • Anonymous says:

      The only reason why there are people like bin laden is because you have big countries like the US who do not know how to stay the fuck out of smaller country’s business affairs in the first place.

      It’s only when he supposedly coordinated planes into buildings in the US, did you Americans started to “listen”, but that just ended up as mere patriotic wars that had nothing to do with Osama himself.

      For fuck sake he was in Pakistan for 5 years! Not Afghan! Not Iraq!

      • Anonymous says:

        While it is true we stick are nose in to much we also shouldn’t help out these pussy countries when they ask for our help fuck them and fuck you you retard inbred motherfucker.

    • This wasn’t a comparison of character or motive. This was a comparison of situations. I don’t think he needed to mention any names for this but he did, and for some reason people are reading in between lines that aren’t there because of it

  • Anonymous says:

    god the people of japan are freaking idiots. What the hell ever happened to common sense. Did it just get thrown out the window, as soon as they were born, or are they just naturally that stupid from birth.