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Sony Finally Admits Leak – “Anonymous Did It!”


Sony has finally confirmed that all 77 million PSN accounts have been leaked to hackers, previously having maintained this was a “possibility,” and has revealed it found a calling card from “Anonymous” on a hacked server.

Previously Sony’s language used lots of weaselly wording, generally admitting only the possibility that leaks occurred or that only some of the accounts had been leaked.

Now it seems Sony is ready to own up to the fact that it has lost all the data entrusted with it – it has finally conceded that all of the data was definitely stolen, something which probably comes as news to nobody.

Just who is responsible for the hacks and what their motives were is not yet clear, but supposedly Sony has found a file titled “anonymous” with the text “we are legion” on a server compromised in the second hack, suggesting that someone wished to implicate a loose-knit rabble of cyber-hooligans in the hack.

Sony also blames a recent DoS attack on “Anonymous,” a rather interesting admission considering SCE CEO Kazuo Hirai’s statement in a recent interview that he was sceptical of “Anonymous” involvement.

Sony claims stolen credit card numbers have not been used:

As of today, the major credit card companies have not reported any fraudulent transactions that they believe are the direct result of this cyber attack.

Some might wonder as to what is meant by a “direct result” in this usage.

Sony has also further detailed the free stuff it is offering to its American victims:

[Our intent is to] to offer complimentary identity theft protection to U.S. account holders and [we] detailed the “Welcome Back” program that includes free downloads, 30 days of free membership in the
PlayStation Plus premium subscription service; 30 days of free service for Music Unlimited subscribers; and extending PlayStation Plus and Music Unlimited subscriptions for the number of days services were unavailable

Sceptics have noted that all of these compensatory offerings require victims to provide or continue providing their details to Sony.

A firm schedule for full restoration of services has still yet to be provided.

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  • Anonymous says:

    The irony of being Anonymous.
    Anonymous said they didn’t do it.
    Anonymous said they did.

    I never figured why people became convinced “anonymous” is a good thing in the last couple of years. Nothing good ever came from anonymity.

    Sure, we have maybe a couple of tips on corporate pollution and whistle blowing, but in the end it didn’t change anything. So fall guys cleaned those situations up nicely. Not the same Anonymous as the losers who evolved from 4chan, this kind of Anonymous was actually useful back when people gave a damn about the environment before Al Gore started taking credit for everything.

    Then there was that whole Anonymous Gay Sex thing back in the stone age that helped spread the aids pandemic. Don’t forget the Anonymous conspiracy theorists that we always ignore!

    And then life leads us to yet another cult of feeble minded people who will do what other people say to do without thought or questions, because they are legion.

    They called it an organization ,Anonymous.
    You can’t organize anonymity – That defeats the purpose. It’s like having the Daily Meeting of Procrastinators meet at 5pm sharp every day, when they get around to it.

    Let’s skip the Anecdotes.

    Now it all boils down to a group who call themselves Anonymous claiming they are the entire concept of Anonymous.

    Congratulations are due, they accepted the blame for anyone and anything that dares call themselves Anonymous. Be it some other dudes, some Russian phishers, some Canadian basement dwellers, some bored ECHELON operators looking for a good laugh or even Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony themselves.

    And to make things even funnier, if they want to prove innocence of all things? Reveal who they are and that’s impossible.

    It’s Anonymous, it’s a secret to everyone.

  • Anonymous says:

    People are .. severely confused about who and what Anonymous is. They aren’t trolls. They don’t do things for “teh lulz”. Occasionally splinter factions from Anonymous may do such things but they aren’t what Anonymous is as an entity.

    Anonymous is a digital hive mind that protests injustices; they’re concerned with freedom of speech and, yes, they may “troll” organizations that limit this … but they’re very picky and choosy as to what they decide to really work against. The statement Westboro Baptist Church was given by Anonymous turned out to be a fraud and even Anonymous stated that while they don’t like the Church and their opinions, they respect their freedom to say such things.

    Anonymous would have no reason to hack into PSN to get user information. They don’t troll individual people, unless that individual is the leader of some organization or company or something. And I can’t imagine anything Sony has done recently that would make Anonymous act in such a fashion.

  • Anonymous says:

    Anonymous isn’t exactly centralized or anything, so if a small number of people who participated in previous Anonymous hacks (or even people who didn’t!) did this, it doesn’t really mean “Anonymous” did it…

    Wonder why none of them saw this kind of smearing coming…

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey people,considering that until now 50 million ps3 were sold worlwide and only 60% of users play online,think that over 100 million credit card data were stolen is pure stupidity!Do you now the word multiple accounts?

  • It’s doubtful Anonymous did it.
    And, from the get-go they’ve denied any involvement.

    Nothing to really expose. I mean, what could Anon care about the PS3 network? Uh, who cares who makes the GoatSe tribute on LittleBigPlanet? And a strong criminal motive for it, all the credit card info. Anon’s a troll and a pest and a radical, but not a “Criminal” at least as far as stealing/crime for personal profit, that’s not the theme or they’d be total “Darknet”.

    Checking out other blogs, lots of people are complaining about card info being used improperly. Now, I’m sure SONY would reflexively say “Well in a large enough population there’s going to be X number of ID theft hacks”… Yes, and the Pope also said the number of “Molester Priests” was only half that by percentage of the general civilian population…

    One in particular, I think from Arstechnica, a person posted that he’d been called by a blatant phisher, some negroid accent (Caribbean islands) sounding lady, and it was the “You have a prize, confirm your credit card #” thing BUT they had the NUMBER, repeating it to him, they just wanted the CCV on the back…! So, instant call to change #.

    WIRED thinks it’s Russian/Czech hackers.
    I agree with that.

    IMO: Some RL Borat who happened to be good at computers just went “Look at recent person unlock ps3. So SIMPLE… I could kick self, waste much time looking for more complex code. Wonder if network also like that? I no care about making own games for device, I want credit card numbers. More money for Vodka!”

  • Well whether Anonymous was responsible are not doesn’t really matter. Sony is screwed and is one foot into the grave. Besides, they wanted Anonymous out of the picture and decided to frame them with this shit. I wonder who would be clever to pull this stunt off anyway?

  • Anonymous says:

    If I remember right reading something a while back, i think Xbox live went down for 17 days until it went back to working, if psn is up by tomorrow then both Xbox live and PSN went down for 17 days and back up.

    Weird huh.

  • Anonymous says:

    Whoever it was, it was another gamer, by the simple fact he/she/they used a quote from Mass Effect 2, “We are Legion” when asking the Geth characters name in the game. Though it could just be coincidence, but I doubt it…They had to of known about the holes in the security in order to exploit them anyway, by that logic, they played on the PSN network, and paid for it too using their info. I could go on but eh…

  • Anonymous says:

    Can Someone Please tell me how a Multi Billion Dollar Company that deals in technology couldn’t come up with something better then ” It Was Anonymous?” how about ” We found a IP trail that is linked to a calling card that was left behind. and are currently tracking that to the Individual who is the cause of this.” to me this is nothing more then putting on a show to cover up there own Inability to actually do anything properly and it does not take more then a week to properly document and check everything if they were actually being serious about the issue in the first place because they’d be stopping what they were doing and running cover their asses drills as fast as possible before a class action lawsuit could be compiled.

  • Anonymous says:

    So what would Anon gain from having hacked such a huge corporate powerhouse?
    As far as I know, the actual “Anon” Legion doesn’t go around hacking people and stealing credit cards for the fuck of it, they’re literally internet superheroes.

  • Anonymous says:


  • Anonymous says:

    We all know how powerful and dangerous the secretive group known as Anonymous actually is.

    But what if some unrelated anonymous group pretended to be Anonymous in order to divert attention?

    Or what if there is a power struggle within Anonymous, with members vying to be the most anonymous?

    What if it’s some anonymous guy pretending to be Anonymous?

    It’s all so confusing because they are so anonymous. Will the real Anonymous please identify themselves for the sake of my sanity.

    And who is this Anonymous who keeps posting here on Sancom? Could he be involved? I just don’t know.

  • another biased and misleading article similar to the one I read in Gizmodo. Is the Escapist Magazine the only online blog that can deliver this kind of news unbiased?

    Apparently Sony never said that they blamed and accused anonymous of the attack. They just said that they found the files named ‘anonymous’ and ‘we are legion’. and they also said that these files were put there by the hackers to put the blame on anonymous.

    and what about customers losing trust in Sony and such? I mean this kind of massive online attack and breach might not happen everyday, in a large scale, but it happens! It’s just this time, Sony and its customers are in bad luck that the hackers are targetting Sony and its service. There is no way that Sony is negligence in their part protecting the highly private and confidential customer’s information, same like banks and other financial institutions. It’s just that this time, the hackers got the upper hand, like when several years ago some big financial institution got breached too.

    It’s really unfortunate incident, but we really can’t blame anybody for this, except for the hackers since this breach is a cyber crime, and I as a customer, highly condemn this act because I can’t use the service and my personal information might have been compromised.

    I actually applauded Sony for their work and effort to get the service online and informing everybody about what happened. If by this you can’t trust Sony, then you might want to swith to cash or pre-paid credit card forever.

    • Anonymous says:

      So the fanboys can keep using this blow to destroy the PS brand? I… don’t think so. More games the better. Hopefully there’s Persona 5 for PS3 this year, and FFVS13.

  • Anonymous says:

    The amount of people speaking about anonymous as an organized group with members here astounds me. are people really this stupid? Sony was hacked by Anonymous? OF COURSE THEY WERE! Anon is ANYONE without a face and has an agenda. The anon “organization that caused the original DDoS on Sony is NOT the same ones that hacked the CC, why? cause Anon is a broad term.

    Simply put cause I posting anonymous right now I must be a member of the group that did the hacks right? no. cause Anon is not some unified group out to steal away all your hopes and dreams at night, stop buying into scare tactics by news shows.

  • Anonymous says:

    Why do people keep saying “members of anonymous”? Just about anyone can claim to be anonymous. It’s not like there’s an iniciation process or an actual membership.

    • Anonymous says:

      Who are you trying to side with Anonymous or Sony?

      If caught = Anonymous can’t be anonymous anymore.
      If Innocent = Anonymous should keep quiet right?
      If Sony’s Guilty = The company you trusted your information with “stole” it?
      If Rogue Sony Employee = Selfish capitalism for firing personnel? Sue Sony?

      Do not turn this into a selfish corporation vs little guy thing. I bet that’s what the real crook wants.

  • it’s easy to say Anonymous did it because anyone can call themselves that.

    people should start realizing that Anonymous is not a real organization, it’s the people of the internet itself.

  • Anonymous says:

    Just because the file says Anonymous doesn’t mean it’s THAT Anon who did it. Have they forgotten what Anonymous even means ? Besides someone could have tried to frame Anon for this ..

    Also lol at the free services they will provide us for data loss and identity theft … Seriously Sony ? Can’t come up with anything better for something as major as this ?

  • Anonymous says:

    Since Anon is a sort of Stand Alone Complex in real life, it could well be a hacker who is doing the same thing. Not necessarily a part of the core of Anon but some other guy who is implementing the SAC and belives himself/herself part of Anon because of that.

    That means it might not just be Sony looking for a scapegoat, but something that is actually there, though under what authority (whether actually Anon or someone who think belongs to Anon) is an entirely different matter.

  • Anonymous says:

    Excuse me but, PSN is multinational, meaning that not al the 77 million people on it are americans. Why then are they only offering free compensatory stuff ONLY to americans? What about the rest of us who were equally damaged by this incident and are not americans nor live in the US?

  • Anonymous says:

    Many of you have facebook and you post almost all your personal info on it and now your are worried about your personal info. What are they going to do? Come in your home and rape you?

    The only thing they can do is make fake cards, but that is pretty impossible in most of countries unless you live in some fucked up country. And blackmail you if you had some dirty secrets. And that secret should be some hell of a secret like you killed/raped/voyeur-ed someone.

    • Anonymous says:

      Read a bit better. What I meant to say is that everyone these days use facebook and write their personal info, and that they are bitching how could sony leak their personal info to strangers. Hello? You almost update where you are every 5 mins and suddenly when Sony leaked your info you feel “unsecured”! Buuuhuuu.

      If it is that easy to clone credit card then every seller on ebay or other buying sites could duplicate them. You are just playing stupid and making n00b’s feel unsecure.

    • Anonymous says:

      You realize the irony of this statement, right? That “Anonymous” typically uses Facebook to find out personal information on targets to harass them?

      Hell, they got some pedophile in Canada arrested, but most of their victims are innocent attention whores and nothing more.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry but no. Your ex girfriend got boned by her new boyfriend in November last year in England. They charged her credit card 6000 dollars to it before the you noticed anything….

  • Anonymous says:

    They probably falsified that file. They’ve been lying to consumers for well over a decade. Nothing Sony says should be trusted, and it’s about time people realized that.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Gitbrew has proudly released otherOS++ Linux Dual Boot v1.0b1, enabling PS3 users to install an alternative OS to their console with full access to all system hardware, including all 8 CELL cores”

      “One small steps for devs, one giant kick in the nuts for Sony Corp.”

      • Sony fuck themselves when they went on this witch hunt for pirates and crackers.
        They spent all their effort trying the lock down the PS3 and invested no effort in making the servers secure.
        A small amount of piracy is far from the end of the world but having you users bank accounts stolen is extremely damaging.
        In short it was Sony’s own greed in wanting absolute and total control of the PS3 and paranoia of piracy that screwed them over.
        The heads of Sony’s gaming branch and maybe even the CEO should step down out of shame.

        • Anonymous says:

          The US Airforce uses custom official licensed PS3s. Like DevKits.

          I remember reading about the airforce’s PS3 cluster. They didn’t use linux. They wrote their own codes. That’s why the USAFs PS3s can play in and access the PSN.

        • Anonymous says:

          If you want to call the US Airforce hackers, then yes.

          Considering they used Linuxed PS3s clusters to emulate the capacity of a regular supercomputer.

          Just a whole lot cheaper.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why are you still defending a bunch of trolls that do things for the lulz?

      Of course it’s true, they announced their attack, they’re known to do this sort of shit before, and unless you’re implying Sony hacked themselves and leaked 100 million accounts themselves…

      • Anonymous says:

        Anon did a completely separate attack before this one. Then they called off the attack, and chose not to make any further attacks, because they didn’t want to piss of the PSN players – it was opposite of their goal.

        They’ve also totally denied doing this attack, which is completely opposite their MO – they’re PROUD of the shit they pull, from despicable to admirable, and they always admit it. They also have never stolen massive amounts of personal information and credit cards for no apparent reason – when they pull data, it’s for a purpose, usually political in nature.

        This whole thing just doesn’t make any sense for it to be Anonymous, no matter how much people want to believe it’s them.

    • Well in the article that I read about the matter, Sony said they have 2 possibilities they believe, 1)Anon had been suckered into doing so unwittingly, or the more likely 2)The real culprit did this to divert attention. A frame up.

  • Anonymous says:

    I had to laugh when Sony said “We found a file named Anonymous”. LIke a hacker, no matter who it is, would be fucking stupid enough to put their name inside the hack.

    Anonymous already said multiple times that while they DID crash the servers with the DDOS attack about a week beforehand, they did NOT hack the servers because seeing a fair chunk of Anon are PSN users, they’d basically be hacking their own data.

    Honestly, this sounds very much like Sony is looking for a scapegoat to throw blame off of itself, and who better than a shadowy organization of nigh untraceable possible-hackers that has scared most logical people shitless for the last few years?

    (As a side note: Anon doesn’t hack in order to bring websites down – their method is a program anyone can download called the Low Orbit Ion Cannon, or LOIC. Basically you just type the website name into it and it starts firing on it’s own, with no programming skills or hacking required.)

    • Anonymous says:

      I had to laugh because you don’t realize that the hacker calling himself “Anonymous” amounts to “Hey I’m a nobody and I just hacked you!”.

      Regardless, “Anon” thrives on attention so them announcing it’s their doing is no surprise.

      And really? Scapegoat to put blame off themselves? So you’re saying Sony hacked themselves?

      • Anonymous says:

        Of course I’m not saying Sony hacked themselves, that would be asinine. But just happening to find a file that not only is named “Anonymous”, but says on the inside “We are Legion.”, when they know that Anon DDOS’d the servers but have no proof that they actually stole the info, which happened over a week later?

        All I’m saying is that something isn’t adding up. And again, Anon said it wasn’t them in this case, and they are notorious for wanting attention when they do something. Moreover, again, why would Anon fuck itself in the ass stealing the credit card data of it’s own?

  • Anonymous says:

    2 conclusions come from this.

    #1 Sony is lying out there ass to cover up there own mistake when they see a nice scapegoat right in there sight

    #2 It was a lone anonymous cell that did it by himself. To Quote a awesome anime like “Black Lagoon” “Its rare but you come across them now and again, Seeds of evil nothing but trouble even amongst the garbage of the underworld they are considered outsiders. Usually these guys will run wild, Cause alot of damage and eventually wine up dead”.

    PS….2chan isnt even the place where the actual anons gather anymore you brain dead faggots.

  • “the person who hacked us likes to eat bread!”
    That’s what they could’ve written.

    the hacker has visited one of the most visited websites on the internet at least once in his life – or actually DIDN’T and just used the group’s name to stay, well duh, anonymous.

  • Anonymous says:

    If there is no widespread fraud happening at all with the credit card information’s, then maybe Sony is lying to us and they just simply fucked up back at home-base and now using the opportunity to get back at Anonymous…

  • Anonymous says:

    “We are Legion”

    @ 1st glance i thought it was a Mass Effect 2 parody b/c the playable geth character whom is eventually labeled “Legion” would always talk about himself as “we” or “us” etc. Since legion was essentially a unique and isolated geth server in the game comprised of numerous geth “minds”.

    -and i mean cmon the little robot dood was a sniping hacker.

  • Anonymous says:

    … Arte are you proposing that Sony collaborating with the FBI and/or other government/political groups decided to pin the blame on Anonymous.. because of their actions like in 2010, along with them trying to ddos Sony recently?

  • Lol Captain Obvious. If they don’t know who exactly did it, then the person is anonymous, because he/she’s unknown.

    But wow, now they exclaim, ‘It was Anonymous!’

    That’s a really ‘brilliant’ conclusion, Sony. XDDD

      • Anonymous says:

        He (holy one) is kinda right you know, maybe you (anon) dont know what Anonymous means. Here let me elaborate:


        1. Having an unknown or unacknowledged name: an anonymous author.
        2. Having an unknown or withheld authorship or agency: an anonymous letter; an anonymous phone call.
        3. Having no distinctive character or recognition factor: “a very great, almost anonymous center of people who just want peace” (Alan Paton).

        That there is a group named Anonymous is mere coincidence, or not, who knows what Sony really means.

  • Anonymous says:

    That is total BS and they are just trying to blame Anonymous for the attack to save themselves and to hurt Anonymous. Anonymous couldn’t have done it since all they have done is DDOS attacks which are very simple to do and if there were some “real” hackers as part of Anonymous then they would be doing more then that.

    • Anonymous says:

      Lol how will they get back at Anonymous? As the name implies, it’s a bunch of nobodies with no organizational hierarchy that band together when it’s time to cause chaos. How can they hurt that which has no body?

      As you said, Anonymous is a random group of nobodies, so how do you know there aren’t people in there that would do it?

      And what would they hurt of Anonymous? “Oh they’re just a group of noble people that organize mass DDoS attacks” lol like that’s a good reputation in the first place.

  • Anonymous says:

    I highly doubt Anonymous did it. Anon has shown that all they can do is just steal some e-mails and perform DDOS attacks via bots and scripts. Finding a venerability in a 2-month outdated Apache web server is much, much harder.

    If you were the russian mob or some other cyber criminal, what better time to intrude their servers than behind a massive DDOS attack by someone else’s bots?

    • Anonymous says:

      But what is “anonymous”? Is it not just a disorganized group of people calling themselves “anonymous”?

      If so, and this “real hacker” knew of this scheduled DDoS attack then he (and more) is part of “anonymous”.

      And assuming they didn’t, you agree that they paved the way for the criminals to get in. They held the bank hostage and opened the bank vault but let the real thieves go in.

      • Anonymous says:

        ‘But what is “anonymous”? Is it not just a disorganized group of people calling themselves “anonymous”?’

        There is no definitive notion of Anonymous.

        A reasonable approximation of consensus is that anyone who has seen 4chan at least once can call himself Anonymous.

        Chris Poole, for example, is undoubtedly Anonymous some of the time. And yet, when he gives interviews as Chris Poole, he is not Anonymous while the interview is going on.

        4chan users include murderers. One Anonymous murderer disclosed where a dead body had been hidden. The police checked and it was on the news as true.

        So Anonymous includes murderers. Anonymous also fights civil wars against itself. Anonymous is not unified.

  • Anonymous says:

    “With SCE’s CEO on record as saying he didn’t think Anonymous was involved, this does rather suggest Sony has been lying through its teeth the whole time.”

    They did say they just discovered who might in fact done it and previously said it could of been them. I really don’t want to think they would make this up just to divert anger… who knows maybe hackers could be framing anonymous, since they don’t seem to be capable of this. (just a thought)

    “Skeptics have noted that all of these compensatory offerings require victims to provide or continue providing their details to Sony.”

    How else would you expect them to pay us back?

    And last but not least… PSN COME BACK ALREADY!!! I’m already spending way too much of time on this site for god’s sake, help me!

    • Anonymous says:

      Well I already completed single player on all the ps3 games I have, I don’t feel like buying a new game, so really online multiplayer is the only option left for me.. and tbh it can get addicting. I’ve never really liked gaming on a keyboard much so comps are out of the discussion for me.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s weird for me how some people have become really dependent Of that. I barely play online and if there’s no service well I have my pc and a bunch of games to replay

      • Anonymous says:

        Same here until my pc fried and I kept receiving DOA components everytime 😛 otherwise I hadn’t turned on my ps3 for at least a few months and I own no other console from this generation >_< I sPend about as little time on pc games just as well tho

  • Anonymous says:

    “With SCE’s CEO on record as saying he didn’t think Anonymous was involved, this does rather suggest Sony has been lying through its teeth the whole time.”

    What’s wrong with Sony changing their opinion, they said they were still investigating the matter and information is constantly being discovered.

    But of course rational thought isn’t a forte here.

    • Anonymous says:

      They were hacked twice. The first is the incident which we are all familiar with that resulted in the PSN being taken offline, and the second time (see here:!5797858/more-than-12700-credit-cards-stolen-from-sony-online-entertainment), which Sony was not initially aware of, specifically targeted their servers which are related to online games such as DC Universe Online and EverQuest. This second incident is where they found the suspect “Anonymous” file, not the first one.

      In short it means that the statement claiming there was no evidence for or against the involvement of Anonymous was given before they had actually found any traces of Anonymous’s involvement. It’s not Sony changing their opinion or “lying through their teeth” as the article states, it’s a development in the story that, to somebody who is not paying attention to what is going on, will make it look as if that is the case.

      • This is correct, I made an update based on the additional information contained in Hirai’s detailed response to the House – thanks.

        His interview statements still seem dubious in light of the fact the company was DDoSed by “Anonymous” script kiddies only the week before, however.

        For him to claim he did not think they were involved sounds more like a political, legal or marketing decision than a statement of fact.

      • Anonymous says:

        Fair point, but given the complexity of the situation I would understand if Sony or any other future companies facing similar circumstances were to retract or change their statements from time to time.

  • Anonymous says:

    Some might wonder as to what is meant by a “direct result” in this usage.

    Likely, it means “we did not give them your credit card number”. Indirect would be a hacker obtaining your PSN username and password, using it to find out your email username and password, using that to find out your online banking details, etc. etc.

    That’s a bit more “indirect”.

  • Anonymous says:

    hahahaha i belive its a imposter, i highly doubt that Anonymous would do this, all that have happend was denial of service, wich even includes Anonymous member, so there is nothing gained at all.

        • Sony had layoff 200 or so people which was the Online division I suspect it could be Ex-Sony Employ’s who did it.

          Who knows Anonymous and Sony had a lot of friends and a lot of enemy’s who knows who did it.If Sony did it to cover up the fact that Sony security software suck’s it maybe there problem.If Anonymous did it for the LOL,trolling,trying to get revenge for a fellow Hacker, or bring down someone as a pedophile.

        • yuriphoria says:

          Indeed. But the most funny thing is how people flip between “Anonymous is a bunch of retards incapable of doing squat” and “It was them! Because you can’t prove me wrong!”. I just hope they don’t try and switch it mid sentence, doublespeaklike.

          Pointing out that since the hacker is anonymous he could be from Anonymous is counterproductive.

          What do you accomplish by blaming anonymous anyways?

          Well for Sony, it’s clear they are trying to counter-smear Anonymous to silence their message about Sony abusing the legal system against Geohot.

          But, for the police? It is a false lead.

          The kind of people who supported Geohot and participated in the DDoS are into civil disobedience and protesting, not malignant intrusion for commercial gains. And claiming the intruder did it for the lulz, they would have bragged about it already. The intruder isn’t bragging at 4chan so throwing the FBI dogs there is a waste of time.

          The sensible thing to do is assume monetary interest and follow the accounts closely.

      • It’s a common misconception that anonymous is comprised solely of sweaty teenage trolls.

        There are groups within anonymous that date back pretty much to the beginning of the internet.

        And just as not all members of anonymous are of one body, they are also not of one mind. They all may claim to be freedom fighters, but this cannot be the case realistically speaking.

        • Anonymous says:

          >A known vulnerability that became more vulnerable because of the LOIC DDoS attacks.
          There is at present no proof of that. Also, Sony initially claimed that Anonymous had made the hack possible by diverting their attention. Only later did they change their story to ‘we found this anonymous file’.
          Part of me wants to believe that someone self-identifying with Anonymous did it (and if so, chapeau) but I think Sony is just trying to pin the blame on someone, either because they can’t figure out who did it, or because it was fully their own fault, or a bit of both.
          And remember that when you pick a scapegoat, the best strategy is not necessarily to figure out who most likely did it, no instead you pick someone you already hate, since that actually benefits you. In short, there is probably no correlation between Sony’s pointing fingers and the actual culprit.

        • Anonymous

          i’m still saying that “anonymous” didn’t. and i’m using anonymous as the masses, not the one person who fucks up the party. let me put it another way.

          you throw a party, one guy gets fucking wasted and throws up on someone else.

          its not YOUR fault that the douchebag got wasted and tossed cookies on some one, you are not to blame.

          if you are outside of anons ideals/what they are doing (in this case loic attack on psn) than you are not part of the collective.

          anon provided cover unknowingly, because i cant say they knew of that one vulnerability (fucking spell check and being tired, i missed that one) due to the fact that anon is always doing shit like this to people who they feel are in the wrong. this case was no different.

          i believe someone with the knowlage of that vulnerability was watching ANYONE who would attack sony, and than once it was obvious an attack was planned or in the planning, probably stirred the pot a bit, adding a bit of fuel to the fire, and insisting more rage, to get maximum cover.

          sony more or less gets this, thats why they aren’t saying exactly who is the cause, because if it was anon, they would have left the note, and if it wasn’t, they would have left the note. but the difference is, anon would have crippled the servers from the inside, not stolen information.

        • Anonymous says:

          @Alidan – A know Vulnerability that became MORE vulnerable BECAUSE of the LOIC DDoS attacks.

          Either way, I stated on here a while back that it was anonymous, and everyone replied back saying ” OH NO, THEY SAID THEY DIDN’T DO IT ”

          All I have to say is this: Told you so…

        • you also have to remember, that they exploited a KNOWN VENERABILITY, something that should have been patched.

          but i have to give kudos to who ever did this, they did it at the same time anon loic the hell out of psn, and dirverted a large ammount of attention away. and snuk into soe before psn…

          they may not be anon, but they had to have stirred the pot.

      • I seriously doubt that Anonymous would go as far as actually stealing information like this. They’d hack into Sony’s servers but only to troll them and not cause any actual problems like this (especially since many of them are gamers and would also be affected by the PSN being down).

        Either Sony is just using Anonymous as a scapegoat so that people will stop bothering them about finding the real hackers, or the real hackers are using Anonymous as a decoy.

        • “Multiple copies without an original”

          Actually that’s pretty accurate to anonymous’ early history. From what I understand the whole thing started when image boards gave unregistered users the screen name “anonymous,” a name which through a meme later became treated like that of a real (singular) user.

          And from there you have the basis for a stand alone complex.


          Come to think of anonymous became organised right around the same time GiTS SAC first aired on television right? If so I wonder if somebody who was inspired by the stand alone complex phenomenon took advantage of the situation in 2-chan to create the Anonymous group that we know today.

          Food for thought.

      • More like they were so worried about pirates they completely failed to invest any effort in making their network secure that or they hired them same morons who wrote securom and XCP to maintain the playstation network.

        Most likely it was a crime syndicate such as the Russian mafia or Yakuza that stole all those accounts.
        The Russian Mafia has a long history of this.

      • Anonymous says:

        In this case it will be “It’s not I (Sony) who clusterfucked all because was busy scratching my ass and didn’t pay attention to anything, it’s Almighty Anonymous who is Legion!!1!1!”.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you implying that Sony hacked themselves…?

      It’s pretty obvious that Anonymous did it.

      Whether it’s the “group” Anonymous or some Anonymous hacker group, matter of fact is, they hacked PSN so I don’t know how this is scape-goating.

  • This is not Anonymous. Because Anonymous is an ideal, and this does not follow the ideal. If this was a hacker who wants to blame the concept of being anonymous, then they are going to do a decent job, because most people are too stupid to understand the concept that ‘Anonymous’ is not and never was a true organization, but a scattering of cells of people following an ideal.

    It is more than easy for any asshole to pose as anonymous to point to as a scapegoat. First off, any hacker who would actually manage to hack Sony as anonymous wouldn’t leave a mere portion of the credo. Second, the very basis of Anonymous is to bring light to the dark and unenlightened, while also doing it for the lulz. They do not steal, they obstruct. That may be illegal, but they will never do permanent damage themselves for the purposes of doing harm and harm alone.

    If it was someone who pretends to be following the basic elements of what Anonymous stands for while doing this, then they fail at life and should die. Anonymous themselves will go after them if that’s the case, and happily hand them over to authorities.

    • Anonymous says:

      Assuming what you say is true, there’s one thing that remains true.

      In their vigilante style of justice, they brought down PSN and allowed the real criminals to get in (or more easily anyways) just for the lulz.

      It’s like they decided to break down someone’s door for the lulz/prank and left it there until the owner came home to fix it. Meanwhile, some real robbers go in and steal everything.

      They also caused a lot of problems for the users, you know, the ones they were supposedly fighting for (themselves probably too since they can’t go on PSN). I guess if it’s for the lulz… it’s all good.

      • yuriphoria says:

        You don’t seem to understand how computer intrusion works.

        Stressing a system actually makes intrusion harder.

        Firstly the DDoS attack itself will make it harder to access the service *by definition*. Unless it’s taken offline which is nothing like breaking down a house’s door, and more like blowing up the bridges to a castle surrounded by an infinitely deep abyss.

        Once the service is brought online again the admins would be extra observant, because no service is more vulnerable than the one that never demands attention.

        Admittedly, a DDoS attack could help masking probing of the service security but the disadvantages listed above outweigh this because even if holes are found the service would likely be fortified when it comes online again.

        • Real data thieves ie black hat hackers don’t want to announce their presence with DDOS attacks.

          They try to be like ghosts and make sure their presence is never known.
          Their target was the CC numbers and they want to uses as many of these as possible before the intrusion is known.

          Seeing how secure past Sony software was and the quality of shitware such as securom it’s most likely Sony’s network had security holes you could comfortably fly a star destroyer through.

      • Actually yes, it is. And your logic is exceptionally flawed. First off, you talk like some wall was destroyed that let bad people in. Systems don’t work that way. Plus, nothing anonymous would have done would have affected Sony in any permanent way. In fact, they HADN’T done anything. They merely threatened retaliation for the company pretending that it was better than its customers. That didn’t mean they had actually organized anything yet. It was great timing for whoever really hacked the system and stole the numbers, because they can easily make people like you believe Anonymous is a hostile entity because they were vocal about it.

        Thieves don’t announce themselves. Any idiot knows this, and this is no different. Plus, Anonymous wouldn’t shut down the network. They retaliate against constricting ideas, not the people affected by them. I guarantee you many of Anonymous are on PSN themselves and are just as annoyed.

        This actually follows all the classic signs of a propaganda campaign. All the elements were in place: an uncontrollable, generally untraceable group gaining strength in the eyes of the general public making a statement defining their next action, the action is done within an almost convenient amount of time, and something incriminating is left behind following enough of the MO to be recognizable, but doing some real damage instead. It is truly well done, but it is not the actions of the Anonymous ideals. No matter what happened, no matter who it was, by the very definition of Anonymous, it cannot be anyone who is of Anonymous.

        • @ Anon19:52

          There are several posts here now that prove that what you’ve said here is at best misinformed. Your metaphor is completely incorrect and not worth considering, and you need to recognize that so that you don’t continue propagating such misinformation to people who don’t know any better. Anonymous is not part of this theft, period. The reason I am certain, is because Anonymous is not an organization of people with a hierarchy. Considering the anonymous credo, even if the hacker who did this were a part of anonymous, as soon as he did it, he would no longer be following the Anonymous ideal as soon as he decided to take these actions, and thus instantaneously no longer be Anonymous.

          That is why stupid people don’t understand what Anonymous is. It is not a defined physical thing that they can shelve easily in their brains.

        • Anonymous says:

          You’re overlooking one small tidbit though.

          Anon is being accused of hacking SOE’s MMO section, which a) was done prior to the PSN DDOS (if I’m getting my dates correct), b) is most likely on a separate server system, so the PSN DDOS wouldn’t have effected it anyway.

          So there was no door breaking to begin with. At best you could argue, that because a bunch of folks chained themselves to the front gate of a logging company, that it distracted the security team from checking the back area of the compound for an actual intrusion.

          Or to use a more precise analogy. Suppose Greenpeace is protesting at a Lumbermill, and the Earth Liberation Front is making use of their distraction to say sabotage equipment.

          How culpable are Greenpeace then in what has occurred, considering other simply made use of what they did, and subsequently tried to smear them as being the actual culprits, to deviate attention from themselves.

        • Anonymous says:

          Try hacking into anything that is suffering from a proper DDoS.

          Unless the admins of the attacked system are complete and utter retards and switch off security featurs in an attempt to lessen load, it virtually makes getting ANYTHING useful (like, in this case, a hacking attempt) through to the servers virtually impossible.

          Try getting a malformed http request through a DDoS. Chances are it’ll never even reach the attacked webserver since the router in front of it just starts discarding requests at random.

        • Anonymous says:

          So you’re saying that Anon DDoSed PSN and coincidentally that was the same day the real hackers decided to try and break into PSN?

          Permanent damage or not is irrelevant. They brought down the door and let the thieves in. Anon is known for mass DDoS attacks and they are known to announce their actions. They brought down the servers and in the confusion, the thieves got in so if Anon didn’t go around flaunting their “justice”, Sony and its users wouldn’t be in this mess.

          And assuming they had no involvement at all, if they stopped playing armchair vigilantes, the thieves wouldn’t have had a good excuse to hack PSN since according to you, they only did it because they found a scapegoat.

          So now their armchair vigilantism has affected the people.

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh lord.

    If anonymous does something they take credit for it out in the open

    Blaming them for YOUR fuckup will just lead them to doing something so horrible to you that they’ll take credit over your weeping slash wristed body

  • Anonymous says:

    As I commented elsewhere… This sounds like Sony looking for a scapegoat. Anon is certainly legion but it does it for the lulz, and this doesn’t have lulz written on it… sounds like bullshit from Sony.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, I’m raising the bullshit flag on this one too.

      One, it does not match Anonymous’ MO. There was no lulz in it.

      Two, it was far too clean for Anonymous. Anonymous attacks are notoriously dirty, and their attacks are often weakly disguised.

      Three, Anonymous denied doing this. Anonymous likes to brag about shit like this. Why deny it now?

      Four, it was more likely an East European hack-for-profit crime group, who specialize in stealing databases and credit card numbers.

      • Anonymous says:

        1. No lulz? PS3 users can’t play their games online for 3+ weeks is not lulz? Leaking 100 million user accounts is not lulz? I thought chaos was considered lulz in Anonymous’ mind.

        3. Anonymous denied doing it? And who is anonymous? Anonymous is… anonymous. A bunch of anonymous people. It’s not even a real group, anyone can call themselves anonymous.

        4. Let’s assume that’s true. The obvious fact is that they took advantage of Anonymous’ lulz attack and sneaked in. They’re as much to blame.

  • Anonymous says:

    i always thought if u fucked with a big company this badly the either hire u or assassinate all involved…time for humanitarianism is over. fly sony monkey’s and hunt those fuckers down. p.s pissed cause i wanna play mortal kombat online

  • Anonymous says:

    People should stop blaming Sony for getting hacked. People should blame the hackers who hacked and pretty much shut down the network for everyone. It’s not Sony’s fault and Sony is actually being nice giving everyone who uses a PS3 a sorry gift like a good month of Playstation Plus for FREE plus extras.

    The real people that PS3 users or gamers should hate on are the hackers. They’re just assholes and pretty much the scum of the internet. They just do what they want to do not caring what they do will have an impact on other people’s lives until they’re pretty much caught. Sadly, people doesn’t realize that fact and pretty much hate Sony.

    Also for the so called waiting period between when they knew and when they announced that accounts on PSN are stolen, they had to go to their lawyers. That wait period is due to lawyers making sure Sony doesn’t get screwed big time.

    • Anonymous says:

      No. Seriously.

      A company as big as Sony, handling data of millions of customers, has a responsibility to keep their systems secure.

      The hackers exploited a known defect to get in that wasn’t fixed.

      A known defect in the webserver, more importantly, an inherently internet-facing application. And the internet always has to be assumed to be a hostile network from a security standpoint.

      Try leaving your door open overnight in the slums and then suing when something gets stolen. I’m not sure about the legal situation in the US, but at least where I live you can expect no insurance company covering ANYTHING due to this behavior in essense being “accesory to theft”. Same for leaving your car unlocked, or other situations like that.

    • yuriphoria says:

      Actually I don’t. I do wish them a world of pain, and I do not care at all about Sony’s clients being unable to play for a month, it’s karmic justice for dealing with such an abusive corporation.

      But I do NOT like that this information was stolen, that’s a bit extreme. However Sony is completely at fault for storing the user’s passwords as cleartext, that’s fucking retarded, they deserve to be sued over that.

      Guilty or not they do owe their clients some sort of indemnification since they were responsible for keeping the information safe.

        • Anonymous says:

          Just because the file said Anonymous doesn’t mean it was anonymous… ever heard of the word Poser? Sony probably was considering the possibility that someone with no relation to anonymous (the group) other than being a hacker was the ones that accessed the server. Besides, my take on Anonymous is that they want to control the PS3 “for the people” as they claim… basically hack it so they can homebrew and piss off the rest of us that try to actually play a game rather than cheat at it. The last thing they’d want to do (IMO) is destroy Sony, cause who would make new hardware for them to use besides Microsoft and their RRoD POSs and Nintendo with their outdated-on-release consoles.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yea so much for the people. Their DDoS attack for the lulz brought down PSN for weeks and allowed hackers to get away with 100 million account details.

          Even if Anonymous didn’t steal the data, they started the chain reaction.

          I hope this was enough lulz to satisfy them.

  • Anonymous says:

    After all this, I can’t believe there are people here defending Anonymous.

    A CEO will get fired for lying. Fraudulent corporate statements can get companies sued. I believe that Anonymous is responsible or at least partially.

    1 day before the PSN shut down, Anonymous sent a word across the net. “We will stop attacking the PSN.”
    Why does it say “will”? That only further proves my idea.

    Analysis 2:
    Anonymous is comprised by many people and trolls. A rogue cell may exist inside it, and those a-holes caused this.

    Analysis 3:
    Recently, Anon’s network was attacked by their own ex-members. Nobody knows why, but I think we can make a smart guess on why they’ve divided. Some group there must have violated their own code.

    • Anonymous says:

      Anonymous is not an organized group of individuals. If anything, it is the most disorganized mass of differing opinion in any forum and to believe that the collective name as a whole might be able to pull off something such as this is naive.

      Look at what you are suggesting. By that very nature, all Anonymous here are guilty and if we were to take it a step further, all Anonymous here would be the same person, arguing with themselves.

      Planting a text document takes a few seconds and scapegoating an already frowned-upon group even less time. If the note had said it was from Al Qaeda, we’d all be having a completely different discussion right now, even though neither they nor the so called “Anonymous” group are known for this kind of attack.

      It is an organization I’ve no doubt who knows what they are doing and how to manipulate public opinion away from them. Perhaps Sony should get on the case and investigate instead of accepting the evidence given to them by the criminals themselves.

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree on those points. But anonymous has been known to work organized in the past. If they can make DDOS attacks synchronized, then this doesn’t look all that impossible.

        It also doesn’t matter if anon confessed or were found out, there are an unknown number of them thus arresting will be useless. The damage will end up on their credibility. Few weeks before the attack, anon sought to ruin the image of Sony for arresting a “fellow” hacker. It should balance the scales.

        If it wasn’t anon, it could have been one of the original PS3 hackers. Graf Chokolo vowed revenge on Sony for stopping his CFW.

        • Anonymous says:

          jackass sony isnt the only one who make games, anyway didnt chase and a whole bunch of other companies get hacked because of some internet security company thing get hacked by a bunch of hackers and alot of info was stolen just a couple of months ago?

        • Anonymous says:

          maybe im just being paranoid, but with all this new stuff happening lately, the yt- pocodot website thing, that whole the site wouldnt let you delete stuff and blah blah, sony being fucked in the butt, idk, is it just a coincidence or just me?

        • Anonymous says:

          I can see a handful of people that generally participate in anon activities (be it for lulz or whatever else) and that ARE competent hackers using the general situation, the earlier DDoS, whatever, to make things easier for their own ‘heist’.

          And if some of these are movers and shovers, they may well have steered the initial attack into a direction that is beneficial to the later ‘real’ attack in some way, shape, or form. ‘Social hacking’ the other anons, so to speak.

          Full datasets of people (name, address, possibly bank account info, phone numbers, possibly profile with interests/hobbies/whatever set) and god knows what else, even without functioning credit card details, are worth a lot of money. Depending on how exhaustive the datasets are, 100 million accounts is possibly a billion+ dollar heist.

          Darned huge if you ask me.

        • Anonymous says:

          So how does potentially destroying Sony do them any good?

          Sony creates a lot of good games and provides a free online service. Destroying them means you’re left with Microsoft and Nintendo and since Nintendo caters to casuals, you’re only left with Microsoft for the real games.

          So much for competition brings innovation since Anon decided to try and destroy a company for the lulz.

        • Anonymous may have some petulant hackers, but they aren’t stupid, and they aren’t thieves in the traditional sense of the word. Anonymous does not form itself based on thieving for the sake of revenge. The DDOS attacks are online protest in the same sense that protesting outside a building causes business to go elsewhere, and make them lose money. It is designed to cause a business to halt for a time to recognize that they are doing something to cause displeasure, but every security person knows a DDOS is impermanent and at best a nuisance.

          That is the fine line. It does cause loss in money due to lack of business and traffic, and is technically illegally invading a company’s infrastructure online, but does so without any permanent damage, much the way people would chain themselves to construction equipment to prevent cutting down trees.

    • Anonymous says:

      “A CEO will get fired for lying.”

      Well, I guess every CEO on the planet should be fired then.

      Also, there is a HUGE difference between a DDOS attack and an intrusion. The first means to just spam their servers with connection attemps, the second means to actively bypass the security to gather the data behind the security. All that Anonymous admitted to was just the DDOS attacks.

    • Anonymous says:

      The rogue cell theory is pretty sound as Anonymous has no de facto leader to organize the troops.
      While they like to specialize in denial of service attacks that don’t actually harm anyone outside of that company, it’s not impossible for a rogue cell of Anonymous with the skill to hack the system.
      Thank god i provided a fake name, fake birthday, and fake address.