Cobra Movie “May Actually Be Good!”


An upcoming movie adaptation of classic space pirate manga Cobra, due in 2013 and titled “Cobra: The Space Pirate,” has the unusual distinction of actually being well received, largely thanks to the rather striking promotional image above.

The live action adaptation is to be directed by Alexandre Aja, known for such classics as Piranha 3D and Mirrors.

2ch is enthused by the promotional poster though not the director’s track record:

“So cool!”

“Excessively cool!”

“Can we look forward to this?”

“This is going to surpass the original!”

cobra“Cobra is really cool.”

“I’ll even forgive it for diverging from the manga.”

“The content is pretty Hollywood-orientated, even they can’t mess it up I think.”

“If this ends up like Dragon Ball…”

“His gun really reminds me of a penis. I hope they don’t cast too serious an actor…”

“Of all the ones we’ve seen this looks as if it may be the best.”

“SF manga are perhaps best left to Hollywood – imagine Gantz done by Hollywood.”

“Never heard of this guy so I looked him up.
1997 Over the Rainbow
1999 Furia
2003 Haute Tension
2006 The Hills Have Eyes
2007 P2
2008 Mirrors
2010 Piranha 3-D

Is this guy OK?”

“It’s done for.”

“Not good!”

“Nothing but guro B-movies…”

Piranha 3D:

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