Why The Chinese Hate Japanese Anime


Chinese quizzed about why they hate Japanese anime supply reasons ranging from a dislike of sex and violence to the vapidity of their stories, and of course a hatred of Japan.

The reasons given, based on the same survey of the anime viewing preferences of 3,000 Chinese that was previously featured:

1. Crude gags – 26%

2. Violence – 20.2%

3. Their stories are devoid of content – 17.5%

4. Because of the sexual depictions – 14.8%

5. “Other” – 11.3%

6. Moral objections – 8.2%

7. Hatred of Japan – 5.5%

37.3% reported not having any particular dislike for Japanese anime.

These results should not be construed as Chinese hating anime as a whole – 77.5% “really” or “comparatively” liked Japanese anime, suggesting most only disliked specific anime for the reasons given, rather than all anime.

Indeed, it is not unlikely that similar objections would be found the world over, even down to the dislike for Japan.

For just which anime the Chinese detested, refer to the previously featured top 10.

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