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Mugi vs Mire: “Mugi is Finished!” “Sayonara Mugi-tards!”


The latest addition to K-ON!’s pantheon of moeblobs is Sumire Saito, who fans have not unreasonably noted is virtually a carbon copy of gentleman’s favourite Tsumugi Kotobuki, save for the caterpillar eyebrows.


For those not familiar with the new status quo, Sumire Saito is one of Azunyan’s moeblob minions, appearing only in the newly published Azunyan high-school spin-off manga, whereas the other ‘blobs continue on in the new K-ON! at university.


Incidentally, unlike Tsumugi, Sumire is clearly identified as a blonde and blue-eyed Caucasian (or “a foreigner” as the manga puts it) by Azusa and company, though one mysteriously bearing a Japanese name and seemingly devoid of barbarian mannerisms.

The fan reaction:

“Mugi is finished you guys!”

“She’s so cute!”

“Damn, isn’t she cute?”

“What’s this throbbing in my chest?”

“Sumire-chan! So cute!”

“I’ll trade in my Mugi for that one.”

“Sayonara Mugitards.”

“Kakifly: ‘If I make Mugi cute she’ll look like this…'”

“They fixed her weight and eyebrows.”

“She’s cute but as a character she’s a bit lightly characterised…”

“She’s not plump enough.”

“Does she have money though, money?”

“A blonde tea-drinker! She’s ripped off Mugi too much!”

“One is uni, the other school, so they can coexist!”


“Wait, if you fatten up her eyebrows, she’s totally Mugi!”


“Gross, she’s ruined. We can do without them.”

“Mugi-chan is crying!”


“She can’t win against Mugi!”


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