Politician: “2ch is Paid to Manipulate Voters”


A DPJ politician who recently lost her seat has been ridiculed for accusing 2ch users of being paid to manipulate public opinion against the DPJ using their posts.

Former Hiroshima prefectural assembly member Yukiko Kajikawa, attached to the ruling DPJ, apparently blames her recently lost election on 2ch – well known for a visceral and frequently irrational hatred of the leftist DPJ.

According to her tweet, professional posters have been hired to systematically manipulate Japanese public opinion, being paid several hundred yen for each defamatory post.

She goes on to claim that the conspirators now use Twitter to continue their propaganda efforts as well.

As might be expected of a high profile site used by millions, 2ch is actually home to its own ecosystem of crooks, scammers and cranks, as well as all manner of political provocateurs and commercial and media shills, so unfortunately there may well be some truth to her claims even if she is crazy.

2ch’s reaction to being accused of spreading lies about political candidates is a relaxed one, likely because it is widely believed:

“Admit it! It was your doing!”

“Damn, she found out about us!”

“Professional posters – as if!”

“When were they recruiting posters? Come on, introduce them to me too!”

“Several hundred yen for a single post? Looks like a sweet job.”

“Thank you DPJ! < That’ll be ¥300.”

“This is a conspiracy!”

“Something is wrong with her.”

“She’s a classic conspiracy nut.”

“I’ve heard of something like this.”

“Check out her crazy tweets… she’s on some drug or religion or something herself.”

“I think they exist, but it’s hard to think they are paid like that.”

“Someone could make a script to post for them and really be in the money!”

“She’s probably right about this actually. Although it would be several hundred yen per hour, not per post.”

“There are lots of shady reputation management companies who do this sort of thing. [The poster presents a list] It’s big money.”

“2channelers are the only thing standing in the way of systematic efforts to manipulate public opinion by the politicians, bureaucrats and mass media!”

“After losing her election, she’s a nobody now anyway.”

“This is the dream solution to the NEET problem!”

Kajikawa herself is suspected of Hatoyama-level loopiness – previously she alluded to the “HAARP caused the quake” theory of earthquake generation:

There are two kinds of earthquake. Naturally occurring ones and ones caused by man.


Where is the proof that artificial earthquakes are lies?

The people who say this is an emotional argument with no basis in fact are the same as the ones who believe it was divinely ordained.

A more explicit accusation:

Important proof! Fukushima was attacked from Alaska!

‘Scientist: U.S., Canada,
Mexico, Hawaii targeted in nuclear war from Japan – Seattle
exopolitics: http://exm.nr/hjMgMz

A snippet from her link:

The west coasts of the United States and Canada, Mexico, and Hawaii are being intentionally targeted by dangerous radiation from the March 11, 2011 tectonic warfare earthquake and nuclear meltdown events at Fukushima.


The purpose of this nuclear war is to attack the health and genome of the North American population, to depopulate North America, and to make future humans less healthy and less resistant to takeover by a global new world order.

The real mystery is perhaps why the Japanese persist in electing people with such eccentric worldviews

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