2ch: “Do We Know It’s Osama? All Foreigners Look Alike”


2ch has been busily celebrating, doubting and in some cases even lamenting the death of top terrorist Osama Bin Laden.

The 2ch reaction, in this case in response to a Sankei story claiming Bin Laden was shot in the head by a SEAL along with one of his sons:

“Is it really Bin Laden? Foreigners all look the same, don’t they…”

[English] “Nice shot”

“Expect it to be made into a MoH or CoD game!”

“If they test his DNA a few times they can be sure.”

“What’s amazing about the US miilitary is that while one lot is doing Operation Tomodachi the other is doing this sort of thing.”

“Don’t forget they are busy assassinating people in Libya too.”

“It was probably a kagebunsha!”

“So they just went in and shot him? What kind of legal basis are they going to use to justify this?”

“He said 10 years ago that he would fight them to the end. Besides both sides are desperate to kill each other anyway.”

“What the hell are you talking about? He went around massacring innocent people.”

“With soft-headed ‘human rights’ types like him amongst our lawyers, it’s no wonder anyone can have their way with Japan.”

“America is such a black and white place. They are a people of extreme logic, that’s why I love them.”

“It has to be like this with the US.”

[English] “America Fuck Yeah!”

“Did the shoot him after confirming his identity? Or in the midst of the firefight?”

“Even if they confirmed his DNA, can they be sure  he was behind 9/11?”

“Does the guy who shot him get the 25 million?”

“It’s unfortunate, I respected him.”

“Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, the man who planned Pearl Harbor, was ambushed and assassinated [by US fighter planes in ‘Operation Vengeance’] a few years later. I would not want to pick a fight with a country like that.”

“If you kill their leader they’ll retaliate. Expect another big attack.”

“The Taliban have already vowed revenge.”

“Without Bin Laden’s charisma their organisation will surely weaken.”

“America is terrifying. You have no choice but to go along with a nation like that.”

“The way the US just deals with anything inconvenient using violence and then passes it off as justice is pretty annoying.”

“How would they know if it was a head shot? They just want an excuse to pull out their troops.”

“All this is only going to amplify doubts about what happened. By not trying to capture him and put him on trial they have only made a breeding ground for conspiracy theories.”



“IEEE1394! IEEE1394!”

“Whatever America does is just and anyone who disagrees is evil.”

“I think the anti-Americans are fools, but by no means is America good or virtuous.”


“Those TV idiots were tricked by some crappy Photoshop…”



“Aha, they were tricked by that!”

“It does look as though it could be a fake.”

“It’s a fake already!”

“An old Photoshop from 2006 is dug up and used on the news, and the idiots and Japanese TV stations think it is real and start using it again…”

“Europe and America just keep continuing these wars of aggression using the pretence of justice.”

“The reports say they never bothered to tell the Japanese government, but told South Korea before the announcement. So Obama is pro-Korea and anti-Japan? Is Japan that much of a soft touch?”

“Why did they bury him at sea so quickly…”

“So they can’t make a shrine of his grave?”

“That was awfully fast…”

“Burial at sea? Really? Come on, now they are just underestimating world opinion.”

“So they just announce it, with no photograph or any proof? It’s a bit unconvincing…”

“Well, with a burial at sea there’s no proof either. Just how much the Pakistani government was involved in the confirmation is the key.”

“They say they are debating whether to release photos.”

“If they had kept him alive they could have tortured him for information.”

“I don’t know whether they were connected with Bin Laden secretly, but they certainly raised him.”

“It was the CIA which funded him in the first place.”

“It’s scary having a president coming out with this naive justice claptrap. Monotheism is scary stuff.”

“Justice… if you believe in justice so much, try him before a court of law while he’s alive. They just lynched him. Wait till it’s your turn to experience this ‘justice.'”

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  • Anonymous says:

    As I live in Hong Kong S.A.R. China I have to say congratulations on killing that murderer. Now please cheer the fuck up and start investing more in China again. 🙂

    PS. Half the posters here are worthless spoiled pieces of shit or even worse… conspiracy theorists. You stupid westerners don’t know how good you’ve got it, or how nice and clean your leaders are. You’ve got so much bloody free time you even make up stuff about them.

  • Anonymous says:

    And in other news, Mr. President Obama of the United States of America will not shows the images, thy proof to Osama bin Laden’s slain body.

    Today many americans and people around the world started to feel pretty damn stupid.

    I just laugh.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think killing him was a bad choice – the terrorists are going to get revenge for it and arrange a second 9/11. I even heard somewhere they threatened to nuke the shit out of EUROPE of all places. So yeah, as an European I’m pretty much pissed at Obama right now. Seriously, this is just going to cause more blood to spill, look forward to hundreds if not thousands of people dying in the near future.

  • Anonymous says:

    His wanted poster said nothing about 9/11 and he spent years saying that he didnt do 9/11….

    I dont really know much “justice” happened here to the victims of the World Trade Center stuff.

  • Anonymous says:

    “So they just went in and shot him? What kind of legal basis are they going to use to justify this?”


    Wait, you were serious?!

  • why the “most powerful country in the world” (propaganda, not true) think a 11 yo photoshop skill will fool anybody?

    like in my country (Mexico), when the US admited its culpability in the “Fast and Furious” operation, of selling 200k heavy weapons to Drug Cartels was like this:

    “Yeah we, ah, did it, to, eh…. sell and profit… well.. more like… an “operation” to know which Drug Cartel had more money income to pinpoint our investigations…”

    a reporter asked:
    “Did Mexico knew about this so-called operation?”

    and the US representative said;
    “i… uh… dont… know..”

    the US officials at a rage of ignorance selled 200k assault rifles, bazookas, greanade launchers ond other heavy shit, only to “Know which Cartel was the loadest in munny”

    to conclude;
    After 4 days of international struggle between US and Mexican officials the media realesed lies and lies and lies to cover up US shitcake and after 4 days was like this;

    “It was a Joint operation, mainly planned by mexican officials, and thus little participation by the US.”

    while in local mexican news:
    “no Mexican commander, official or politician, not even the rpesident admit to knew about “Fast and Furious” joint operation with the US”

    again a 8yo liying;
    “Naaaaaa itwasnt meeeh! no i wasnt no no noooo!”
    “it was Cuba and and… the Ruskies and and other commies, im soooo innocent!”
    end rant/

    • Member548 says:

      “he US officials at a rage of ignorance selled 200k assault rifles, bazookas, greanade launchers ond other heavy shit, only to “Know which Cartel was the loadest in munny””

      No they didn’t.

      Quit making shit up.

      While the ATF made a serious mistake and need to be punished, and have recently vastly overstepped their legal boundaries in this botched operation, and their attempt to illegally keep a listing of US citizens who buy rifles when they are expressly forbidden to, they didn’t allow the sell of any weapon that couldn’t normally be legally bought. Meaning nothing but semi-automatic rifles. No full auto military assault rifles, no grenade launchers and no bazookas(which havent been made since like 1950 by the way) or “other heavy shit”.

      My recommendation to Mexico is if they really don’t want guns flowing in from the USA that they lock down the border nice and tight and stop anyone from entering Mexico from the USA, and stop anyone from leaving Mexico to the USA.

      That would be super awesome wouldn’t it? Fewer Mexicans in USA and fewer guns in Mexico.

    • Anonymous says:

      so very true. If you didn’t know, the government of the USA was loosing credibility on their politicians for their failure in the war in middle east. How to solve this problem?

      In fact is really easy,

      “Let’s just say that we killed Osama”

      “Sir but what about proof”

      “They will believe anyway”

      And so they regain public popularity. If you didnt know USA is known for their secrecy and lies.

  • Anonymous says:

    2ch is full of a bunch of morons. The CIA funded Bin Ladden? Just where the fuck are they getting their information. Damn morons don’t know a thing. Personally assassinating a guy who massacred thousands of innocent lives by smashing airplanes into skyscrapers was the right choice. You don’t give a trial to evil scum like this dude.

    But I am still skeptical about whether it was really Bin Ladden they killed.

    • erochichi says:

      CIA did in fact fund Osama Bin Laden and Talebans (called Mujahedin back then) in 80`s when they we`re fighting against Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.
      It is a well known fact for everyone who followed foreign politics during 80`s.
      Remember Stinger missiles! Who fired them against Soviet Battle helicopters? Mujahedin aka Taleban!

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s all media speculation at this point: Sankei says it was a SEAL sniper… The US media says it was a UCAV strike…

    Take it all with a grain of salt. All we know is, it’s being circulated now that he’s dead, and unless we were there and can tell the real story, or we can find some semblance of the truth, that’s what we have to go on.

  • Anonymous says:

    this maybe doesn’t solve anything… unlike past enemies, which wave white flag for defeat and very sportive (japan, germany, and cold war russia attacks are legitimate military strike, or in russian case, political strike), arabs are known for their determination (they never wave white flag, they even didn’t fear death for their cause), also very cowardice and underhanded (attacking office building and civillian buildings in no-war area, anyone?) So the only way to bring world peace is to purge ARABS from their world and their wretched belief of TERROR, DEATH, AND DESTRUCTION. otherwise, we’re back on ARABIAN TYRANNY JUST LIKE OTTOMANS.

    ps. maybe send NUKE to MAKKAH so they can hajj anymore (radiation FTW).

  • Anonymous says:

    Esa basura que habita el sitio 2ch me hace querer desear que Estados Unidos arroje UNA NUEVA BOMBA NUCLEAR SOBRE JAPON.

    Malditos y estupidos japoneses; como si no fuera tan dificil distinguirlos a ellos de otros asiaticos (los japoneses se parecen a los chinos, deberiamos de llamarlos chinos tambien). ES MAS FACIL DISTINGUIR HORMIGAS QUE JAPONESES.

  • Anonymous says:

    “Justice… if you believe in justice so much, try him before a court of law while he’s alive. They just lynched him. Wait till it’s your turn to experience this ‘justice.’”

    I’ve said it before, only American’s think the US is great, everyone else just laughs at them.

    “Whatever America does is just and anyone who disagrees is evil.”

    Wow, someone surviving on only one brain cell.

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re the one with one brain cell, that’s obvious sarcasm.

      And America is becoming more and more popular with China rising and has never been truly unpopular with anyone but Nazis, Communists and Indians.

      • Anonymous says:

        That’s because the Europeans for the most part stick with each other and Europeans assimilated into the americas, the only nations without them are African and Asian countries.

  • Anonymous says:

    “America is terrifying. You have no choice but to go along with a nation like that.”

    Well if you’re a terrorist yeah……… o_O We kinda frown on that sort of thing.

    Apparently Japanese people think we should have knocked on the door and asked him politely to come outside.

  • Anonymous says:

    “America is such a black and white place. They are a people of extreme logic, that’s why I love them.”

    While it may seem cold, this is the way leaders and soldiers are supposed to be, regardless of country. Gotta be Vulcan to get it done. You can consider the emotional side because we are all human, but that’s not how you make decisions.

    “The way the US just deals with anything inconvenient using violence and then passes it off as justice is pretty annoying.”
    “Europe and America just keep continuing these wars of aggression using the pretence of justice.”

    The man was a fucking terrorist. He’s killed people all over the world including people from Japan. To not do anything would be irresponsible AND they’d bitch about that too.

    “How would they know if it was a head shot? They just want an excuse to pull out their troops.”

    Because he’d be missing part of his head….

    “The reports say they never bothered to tell the Japanese government, but told South Korea before the announcement. So Obama is pro-Korea and anti-Japan? Is Japan that much of a soft touch?”

    The South Korean military actually coordinates drills with ours. Japan just sits there complaining that we’re in Okinawa while simultaneously telling us to put North Korea in check. And how does not telling you first mean we’re anti-Japan? Not like you wouldn’t find out.

    “Justice… if you believe in justice so much, try him before a court of law while he’s alive. They just lynched him. Wait till it’s your turn to experience this ‘justice.’”

    Saddam was lynched after being released to their government and tried. He was a world leader and the rules of war are different. Osama was a damn terrorist, and it was more logical to kill him quickly to avoid repercussions of taking him into custody. Furthermore, the compound was heavily armed, and it would have been nearly impossible to get him out alive.


  • Buried at sea so muslims wouldn’t throw a shit fit about how their religion says they have to be buried within 24 hours.

    The US sure as fuck wasn’t going to bury him over there, and they sure as fuck weren’t going to bring him to america to get a grave.

    In other words, take some blood/hair/pictures, and stick him in the ocean.

    • Anonymous says:

      It seems like half the world is delusional and will believe anything that comes out of American media outlets.

      (Like yesterday when that Hokkaido bitch believed the article written in a rag that stated that the freemasons were behind the Tohoku quake…T_T)

      Just because it says it somewhere does not mean that it’s true. Just because someone claims they know someone who knows someone that knows that he is dead doesn’t mean it’s true.

      I dont understand why you have such a hard time believing the following: Tabloids were wrong and he wasn’t really dead. US Intelligence has been following this lead since August of last year. He is dead now.

      • Anonymous says:

        Because there is so much information out there about bin laden/cia/9-11 that it’s not just simply black & white.

        It’s much tougher to take the middle ground, then to just blindly believe in one side.

  • Kitsune9Tails says:

    /“So they just went in and shot him? What kind of legal basis are they going to use to justify this?”/

    Maybe on the legal basis that he is directly responsible for the murder of over 3,000 civilians?

    • Actually, Bush is responsible for murdering 100,000 (aprox number) Iraqis. Can I please go shoot him now? No? Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

      And who knows how many Libyans fell and will fall victim to Obama’s, Sarkozy’s and Cameron’s agression.
      Can we go shoot them too?

      Double standards all over the place.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sure, you can try. But the question is whether you can or cannot carry out the shooting and whether you’ll be protected by backers for your actions after that. The Navy SEALs have the capacity to carry out the assassination of Osama and it is justified because the US government is behind them and no one can touch them on a legal basis due to the protection of the state.

        That’s how wars are. If you kill someone in peacetime, in your own country, you will be hunted down. Because the state is after you. You have no powerful protectors, therefore your actions are unjustified. If you kill people from an opposing camp in war, it is fine, because on a legal basis, you have the protection of the state.

        Some people from other camps, especially the opposing camp, might view your actions as unjustified. They are right, that is true to them. But that is not true to you or your backers. Someone can be both a demon and a guardian angel. A soldier is a guardian angel and a protective warrior to the people and the state he protects and a demon and mass murderer to those he targets. Most of everyone else will sympathize with either one of the camps.

        • Anonymous says:

          “Hank, do you see him? He’s holding something in shiny in his hand. OMG ITS A FORK!! HE’S RESISTING WITH A FORK, SHOOT HIM, SHOOT HIM!”

          After the ‘firefight’…

          “So he was just eating a meal, how do we explain this to the chief. We were supposed to capture him alive. I know lets just shoot 2-3 random Pakistanis and say they were in league with him.”

          “Hey sir, you there, yes you with the turban.”


          “Hmm Hank i dunnoe. this doesn’t feel terrorist-ty enough. I know lets say they took a local women hostage as well”

          “Ma’am, will you please follow me for a bit, its a matter of US importance. If you do not cooperate we will bomb your country every man, woman,children and chihuahua.”

          *Woman freaks out and runs away.

          “Oh no! She’s getting away, she’s gonna rat on us. Shoot her, shoot her!”


          “Now how are we supposed to explain this to the chief?”…

      • Member548 says:

        Who ever is responsible for taking revenge for hundreds of thousands of imaginary deaths.

        I like how that number gets thrown around “millions”… always makes me laugh.

        It took a concerted effort at total war in WWII with unlimited, unrestricted bombing and shelling of cities to kill millions of German civilians, and by the way, Germany had a larger population in 1933 then Afghanistan and Iraq does now combined.

  • “Is it really Bin Laden? Foreigners all look the same, don’t they…”

    Oh lol!

    Is he trolling and making fun of people who say that all Asians look the same, or does 2ch think that black people look the same as white people?

    • Anonymous says:

      No, to asians all caucasian pepole look the same. Same all asian look alike to you. To be honest I can tell asian apart fairly easily these days, the trick is to focus on anything execpt the eyes.

      If you focus on the eyes (like 90% of pepole do), you wont be able to tell asian pepole apart exactly because youre paying way too much attention to the eyes.

  • Anonymous says:

    Orders were to kill or capture. If it was possible for them to have taken him alive, they would have done so. They weren’t taking any chances; once they were inside the compound, it was obvious that Bin Laden wasn’t going to come quietly, so he and a few others ended up gunned down.

    It isn’t so much that they assassinated him, but rather that his choice to resist capture obviously resulted in his death.

  • And let’s see…

    At the same time there’s this rather public media/elite figure called “Trump”. He makes a presidential bid every election for at least two decades. He never goes through with it, but by coincidence he gets lots of ratings from the media exposure and public exposure which does help him get $ and ego.

    This time, the Prez is in a slump. He was elected by more or less most of the American people who were voting against the current administration in every way, shape and form. And he keeps their agenda, even as the remnants of said administration attack him in every way they can.

    Trump uses one of their last minute “Willie Horton” lies during election time, that Obama wasn’t a US citizen. The radical right goes into a feeding frenzy seeing anyone in the mainstream media using something pushed to “Fringe”. Interestingly enough when there was talk of Schwarzenegger becoming president and a special “Amendment” shoved through to allow that, they were 110% for it.

    So, Trump faces the possibility of WINNING, even by Write-In vote since he might in the course of his business neglect to do silly things like registering for the election. And Obama faces losing, even though it’s clear for all the smoke and mirrors they just want another debt funded “Mini 90s” to prepare for the real “Event/Enslavement” 9/11 was obviously a step towards.

    Worse, the so-called “Right” is getting divided by this fake “Tea” movement, one that might go off on it’s own tangent that’ll inevitably lead to “Isolationism”. I mean that, if you want to get America’s prosperity back without “Socialism” the quickest way is to get rid of illegals and end any tax break for companies that ship jobs overseas. Negative unemployement overnight, and that’ll force wages sky-high with no “Laws” the elites could cheat on. Anyone willing to work would have food, anyone with skills who works hard would prosper. You could yell “Get a JOB, you BUM!” with no guilt for there’d be negative unemployment, even the “Homeless insane” could find some good low end job that’d tolerate them with “Pedro” gone from the equation.

    Therefore, they use the “Osama” card. Now, why not years ago? Well, Dubya’s a friend of Osama and Osama was making TONS of money and power from this. He obviously just wants to retire and so IMO the Bin Laden clan just has another “Prince” that, uh, wasn’t registered since he’d never left the country…that’s the ticket.

    Just one man’s opinion.

    • Anonymous says:

      They didn’t tell Pakistan government about this operation and did it just one day after the Pakistan government asked CIA operation to stop.

      It’s a very slippery slope that I hope can be used very judiciously in the future. Like just going into Libya and other countries without requests by local government.

      • Yeah. there’s an idea. They should’ve told the Pakistani government that’s been shielding him for all this time that they wanted to go in. >.>

        I don’t even know how to express how ludicrous that idea is.

  • Americans twisting the laws of nature, some claim Osama died back in 2001 in a hospital. So they basically killed an already dead terrorist.

    Also, they were VERY quick to dispose of the body, bury him at sea. lol
    Not really a generic way to treat the world’s most notorious criminal. What if he rises from the dead and turns the fish against us? Osama Davy Jones Laden.

    I say pure bullshit, Obama’s ratings were falling, so he needed some quick bump for his campaign.

    • Anonymous says:

      My guess why they dump the body so fast, if they started to plaster the news with his bullet riddle body pictures and drag his body around, it would give very little chance for the USA to prepare for a very, very fast reprisal attack.

    • Anonymous says:

      Islamic law requires that a body be buried within a certain timeframe.

      Burying him on land, could lead to it being made a shrine by nutcases.

      Best solution? Feed him to the fishes by burial at sea.

        • Anonymous says:

          American military had the tredition of trying to bury their adversaries in their respective custom. IE German WW2 POWs who died at prison camps in California were buried with a Nazi party flag covering their coffin.

          Technically Osama doesn’t even apply cause he’s not from a legitimate military. The fact he even got a 24 hour burrial is good enough.

        • Anonymous says:

          US does have his family’s DNA on file. Cause *shock* not all of Osama’s family agree with his methods. A number of his brother’s and sisters cooperated with US. Including providing their DNA sample in the event of needing to making positive ID.

        • Anonymous says:

          The U.S. government trained Bin Laden for years as an insurgent and as a leader in militia actions against government entities. Of course they have his DNA on file. Ever been to the hospital and signed some papers talking about records to help identify you in the case of an emergency? Yeah the government has you on file too.

      • Conspiracy, lol. How about common sense? The country with the most powerful army and intelligence agencies hunt a guy for almost a decade, and then rush to drown the body for no reason.
        We’re laughing our assess off here in europe. Wonder when you guys will wake up and realise that face saving became top on US’s agenda.

        • Anonymous says:

          AHAHA, you are fucking STUPID. just another small minded human. and you are also a sheep. a bit more retarded then most sheep. the french fired the missiles at Libya first. Britain is also helping. the people of Libya asked for help cause that evil dictator was killing his own people. he is a crazy man, if you hear the kind of speeches he gives you might understand. he is sick in the head.
          I’m not saying we didn’t kill innocent people by accident, but they have also killed innocent people, their own people. THAT is what evil is you ignorant fool. and how the hell is helping Japan evil?! JESUS. YOU ARE EVIL. god damn, grow a freakin brain.

        • Anonymous says:

          “I love how you fuckers call anybody a conspiracy nutjob when they think differently from you.”

          Errr no. Believing something that has no solid fact in it’s fundation just because it suits your vision. It’s one of many elements of how consipracy nutjob’s mind works. Which many of these anti-everything-American people seem to greatly possess.

          I’m no fan of America, but I call it as I see it. Yeah, America is messed up (So are many many other places on earth, mind you), but I don’t make bullshit up like HAARP or 911 consipracy just because “Hurhurhur America is evil, so even outrageous claims like these MUST be true!”. Cause that’s the definition of cherry picking the bullshits around the internet to suit your vision of how evil America is.

          And here’s the bottom line. If any country on earth can do what America’s doing and get away with it. They FUCKING would. Every single country on the planet has their own interests at heart. There’s no real bad guy or good guy, every countries regardless of their political spectrum are mostly selfish pricks, just like America. Cause that’s what government were created to do. The sad reality is most of these countries bitch not because they think what America’s doing is evil, only because they them self couldn’t be doing what America is doing and get away with it.

        • Anonymous says:

          Nice putting words to my mouth. I never claimed American sending help to Japan is all from the goodness of the heart. But you certainly did make the statement how it’s all a sinister American propaganda plot. Nor did I say the terrorism dies with Osama. LOL seriously, just face the fact that you’re a nutjob. Instead of failing at coming up with refute. Then you’ll be more at ease to the fact how most sensible people don’t take what you say seriously.

          It’s funny how you automatically assume that I’m from the west. I’m just pointing out you’re just as stupid as those dumb American you seem to mock so much, whom only seem trust the news stories they want to hear, and claim every negative stories to be bullshit. When you yourself is just as idiotic as them, only the other way around.

        • @anon 08:16

          And here’s your logic at work:

          Sending help to Japan = US never heard of morality and geopolitics, they’re just shiny little angels at heart.
          Killing Osama = We destroyed terrorism!!!!!!!!!!
          Burrying Osama at sea withint 24 hours according to Islamic law = Islamic law was our first priority after hunting the dude and fighting a war for a whole fucking decade.

          “Claims of American killing innocent women and children on purpose!”
          Wait, what? Now you’re improvising with fictional quotes?
          “American bombing Lybia.”
          Where there’s bombing, there’s America! Somehow I yet to have seen an American official saying “well, maybe we should first send an investigation team” or “Oh well, maybe we should sit this one out.”

          Face it, you’re just another western know-it-all with little of the actual know and a shitbag of HURAAH.

        • Anonymous says:

          “Most powerful army and intelligence agencies” [citation needed].

          One of the biggest military, definitly. Most competent? Extremly debatable. If American military is all so competent, the wars in middle east would be done already. And they’d be getting all the oil and shit they want, instead of still dumping billions and billions of the tax dollars with no profit in sight.

          Here’s your fucked up logic at work:

          Sending help to Japan = Evil American propaganda!
          Killing Osama = He didn’t exist! Another evil American propaganda!
          Burrying Osama at sea withint 24 hours according to Islamic law = No body! Fake! Fucking evil American propaganda!

          Claims of American killing innocent women and children on purpose! = Totally NOT propaganda! Evil American!
          American bombing Lybia. (Even though it’s NATO who made the decision and commands the operation) = Fucking American is behind it all!

          No matter what American do you’ll just think it’s something sinister. And no matter what claims of American evil doings, you’ll always think it unfabricated truth. Seriously?

          Face it, you’re just another sheep, just the opposite side of the same nutty coin as those brain dead flag weaving American nationalists morons who thinks America can do no wrong.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s Usama, not Osama.. Osama makes the rest of the world hate america for the fact they can’t spell his name right (and still can’t). Maybe that’s why so many people doubt that he’s dead..

      “Yep! That’s Osama Bin Saden alright!”
      “I thought we were suppose to kill Usama Bin Laden?” “Close enough!”

    • Anonymous says:

      Personally, Obama and Osama is so close that I won’t play anyone down for mistaking one another.

      However, I do feel that people who treat this news as a cause for celebration are imbecilic fools. Al_Qaeda isn’t an organization like Mishima Zaibatsu, Umbrella Inc., or even Shadoloo where you can stop them just by taking out the leader.

      Pakistan for example houses so many militant extremist groups who don’t take orders from or collaborate with each other. They kill civilians by brainwashing a few hicks who were unfortunate enough to not enjoy proper education; THAT’S THE ONLY SIMILARITY THEY SHARE.

      Even Hamas, listed by both Israel and the US as a terrorist organization, have to battle with ANOTHER terrorist group called Salafist inside their own territory in Gaza(fuckers who killed an Italian who was pro-Palestine. civilian Palestinians who went to see his body off were all asking themselves why must he be killed even though “he was on our side”).

      The only way they can stop Middle Eastern terrorism is to teach them to stop using religion and bend it to fit their own interests.

        • Anonymous says:

          So does the belief of the arabics called Islam. They spread in all over the world, including tropical islands like Phillipines and Indonesia, poor countries, have to belief such beliefs of DEATH and DESTRUCTION.

          It’s different. Sixty five years ago you can take down Axis by make the leaders give up. But now it’s difficult. Maybe purging all the arab race would end this… but it’s needing racial profiling, which is difficult.


  • Anonymous says:

    Why is America getting all the credit? Also it shouldn’t be celebrated as a success considering the thousands of troops that died and the fact it took this long. I just don’t see the fuss.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s celebrated because the world is full of ignorant and gullible idiots that can’t think for themselves. There are too many obvious things that people don’t even think about asking for answers, it’s pathetically sad.

      I’ve accepted it quite a long time ago now and not caring anymore makes life easier, and most others in my situation have done the same. Too bad these kind of events just tend to remind me that humanity is fucked, and has already been going downhill for God (and people do not comprehend that they’ve killed him as well; Nietzsche ftw) only knows how long.

      • Anonymous says:

        Also, at anon 1. So you’re going to make a blanket statement about how you’re right, everyone is wrong, and then masturbate over nietzsche? I don’t know if you’re a troll or just a giant flaming moron.

      • Anonymous says:

        What I wanna know is if Osama Bin Laden did exist(yes lump me in the skeptical/conspiracy theory crowd) than where the fuck is the body? Well they said the body was dumped at sea to conform to islamic traditional of a burial within 24 hours, but they didn’t want an actual grave site because they didn’t want it to be turned into a shrine. But I WANT FUCKING PROOF! An actual photo and not some shitty photoshop.

        @2ch anyone with a bit of intelligence knows that was a photoshop even before you bloody idiots pointed it out. Only sheep in the US believed it was real. People like me and many others who actually have an ounce of intelligence in the US can distinguish between fact and fiction.

        • Anonymous says:

          I’m American you dumb fuck. I guess the sentence ” People like me and many others who actually have an ounce of intelligence in the US can distinguish between fact and fiction.” wasn’t enough to distinguish that fact for you?

          Damn idiots. You do realize people that are born and raised in the US can still pick up slang or terminology from other cultures if they have that culture around them, and have it in them. Bloody fucking idiot.

        • Anonymous says:

          good god, if a “shitty photoshop” is possible then what photo, what statement would be proof enough? Do you want the government to send you back in time, take a sample from his still warm body. Then walk you through the steps of lab work required to test his DNA? Fuck.

        • Anonymous says:

          LOL probably some Eurofag crying their country didn’t get a chance to surrender before we killed him, you know to bring back the good ole days of “European Warfare” (white flag not included).

      • Forgot to login, in case someone feels like voting my post down.

        In case one is wondering what those ‘obvious things’ that I’ve mentioned are, then just read the comments/2ch comments, they’ve already pointed out some.

        USA is still bset at being the ‘leader’ of the world. Cheers to capitalism, democracy, Christianity and human rights.

    • Anonymous says:

      Osama was a valuable pawn, a good excuse for us to grab earth-metal rich afghanistan. 10 years to establish that was too good of an opportunity to pass up. XD

      It is almost as if we were controlling him directly! Shitty brats like bin laden are so easy to manipulate for geopolitical advantage. =p

        • Anonymous says:

          With Taliban’s ‘Spring Offensive’ most likely to kill many innocent afghans, and majority of afghans still want some semblance of security, we have plenty of well-managed reasons to stay =)

          Oh we love it when our enemies just pour our plates with more justifications for us to kill them and trade their riches =)

    • Shippoyasha says:

      I think people are praising for the swift and decisive attack.

      “With soft-headed ‘human rights’ types like him amongst our lawyers, it’s no wonder anyone can have their way with Japan.”

      Makes me think pussy footing nations simply would not be brazen enough to pull this off.

  • Anonymous says:

    Good question there. Someone was pointing out that even DNA test results can be faked (an anti-Obama loon, but he had a good point) so…… we cannot really be sure that this is actually Osama even with the government telling us it is.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t get. Why do people believe that Osama was killed? US goverment presented NO PROOF at all – everything is based on just their words. Come on, do you guys still believe what polititians tell you? This is 2011 guys, we should know better.

    You know the rules, Obama: Proof or GTFO.

    • Well it’s quite simple really… if he isn’t dead, then the terrorists would be quick to point out how wrong the US is. You think they’d let their greatest enemies gloat over a victory and not prove them wrong?

      They’d take any opportunity available to discredit the US. So yeah, unless they say otherwise, I say he’s dead.

      • Anonymous says:

        Osama on tape even said he was not the culprit behind 9-11 and proposed a much darker side to what really happened, yet you democratic loving americans blame him without trialing him, or looking into proof. Was there any proof of Osama directly causing 9-11?

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m not saying he’s alive. I’m saying there’s no proof Americans killed him this week. When was the last time Osama appeared in a threat video? Like ten years ago, right? So is there really any proof he didn’t die from bad heart in, say, 2004 and later his name was just used to mess around with the voter’s minds by US goverment? And now we need a political boost for Obama – bam, Osama magically dies.

        If there’s no proof that he died there and then, I’m not buying it and no sane person should.

        9/11 happened but, again, there’s no proof that it was Osama’s plan (he could take credit for it just for self-promotion).

        • Anonymous says:

          I find it laughable that you should be commenting on what sane people should be thinking. If they didn’t kill him. The US’s enemies would never pass up the chance to embarrass it by proving otherwise.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s honestly probably the reason they dumped the body – the Seals probably mutilated and sodomized the fuck out of it. Don’t think that’d play to well on the 8 o’ clock news.

  • Anonymous says:

    If you point a gun at any type enforcement, Expect to get shot at.

    “Taking Osama alive to be tried in court” is a ridiculous notion considering he was shooting back and even using a woman as a shield.

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh how hypocritical all the world can be when they have no idea how intel is discovered, or really what people have to sacrifice for that intel. If this man was tried before a court he’d be serving 3,000 Fatality Felonies, they only way to keep the world safe from a mass murdering terrorist is to keep him out of it. You never create an organization where you have irreplaceable terrorists, how organized would it be if one man died and your entire organization was destroyed? The world is full of sugar coated thinkers, here’s an idea, you escort a world known terrorist to court, and see what happens. S’if they are willing to play the game by your laws, they’re already terrorists.

  • Anonymous says:

    Anyone who lost someone on 9/11 because of that(now burning in hell)bastard has now been vindicated.The USA had EVERY right to hunt down that sob like a rabid dog, no matter how long it took, or where they had to go to get him.

    One less mass murderer in the world now folks.No matter what way you look at it, that’s a very good thing.

  • Anonymous says:

    Dood they did a dna sample next to his sister they match let’s not have this ‘we may be wrong’ thing & over the years his physical look would change a lil he’s dead end of story bye bye….see you later

  • Anonymous says:

    There was a firefight. While I believe the US would have preferred to take him alive, was the American military supposed to send droves of expendable operatives until the man ran out of bullets?

  • “The reports say they never bothered to tell the Japanese government, but told South Korea before the announcement. So Obama is pro-Korea and anti-Japan? Is Japan that much of a soft touch?”

    Well, the Secretary-General of the UN is a South Korean

  • Anonymous says:

    Guess now it’s anti-japanese time !
    Was getting tired of the american bashing, they get trolled too easily 🙁

    Btw isn’t the rotation of the race-bashing topic a little too fast recently ?
    We got chinese , french , american in such short time … >.>
    let the troll time to gather some stuff to say dammit ! i can’t keep up !

    This whole theatre is hilarious.

    Osama died.
    Osama lived.
    Osama never existed.

    Does that make a difference? CIA turned him into the Saudi Justin Bieber. He played less of a threat than an antagonist character role. As if Al-Queda would fall apart just by losing 1 bearded man.

    What do we know of this day? US is supplying weaponry to the Libyan rebels. Several of the Libyan cities were infested with Al-Queda. They’re not fighting on Gaddafi’s side. What? Do you think they just got up and went to sit it out abroad? Or dug themselves a hole? It’s Al-Queda, people. They’ll always be on the action, and if they’re on it, and not on Gaddafi’s side, they’ll be on the rebel side. Rebel side gets full blown support from US and NATO.

    Osama dead? Osama lived? And yet another day passed. Nothing changed, Americans are just dead-stupid to believe a single person is capable of singlehandedly becoming the number 1 international criminal.

    Have your pointless holiday over a person’s “death”, I’ll just kick back and watch this day being erased from western history books once the community realises the utter idiocy of this cheap opera show.

    • Anonymous says:

      Gaddafi is an evil dictator who kills his own people if they disagree with him. if you hear his speeches he gives you would understand that is a sick crazy asshole. you are calling these people al-qaeda who want rights and want to be free, to not live in fear in their own country? that’s retarded. they asked for help to stop this crazy man. and it’s not only the United States who are helping, it’s the Brits and the French as well. and btw, the French are the first to fire missiles at Libya. Don’t sit there and blame the United States for everything. from what I am reading your the one that sounds pretty damn stupid. and no one said or thinks al-qaeda is “falling apart” cause one man is dead. soooo GTFO.

    • If he shaved that beard off he really could have simply walked right in.
      Biometrics in real life do not work like it did in the movie minority report.
      It can’t accurately pick someone out of a crowd anyone who claims otherwise they are lying and it is very much effected by lighting.

    • GWB never really tried to find him in Pakistan because he was in bed with the companies who were profiting off the war on terror.
      Killing OBL would mean loosing a useful boogie man that scares the sheep into doing what he wanted.
      For the security industry Osama was a goldmine.
      Shady companies like L-3 communications would not be able to sell body scanning booths that cost as much as a Ferrari without a good boogie man to make people scared enough to agree to things they normally would not.

    • Anonymous says:

      Because the previous team got distracted by other shinies.

      After that, it’s simply an issue of the trail having grown cold, meaning it takes a hell of a lot longer to dig up the relevant leads.

      Eventually they got some, and this is the outcome.

  • Anonymous says:

    2ch is so butthurt! They must sit around and reminisce of the good old days when the Imperial Japanese had a backbone and could kick ass like the Americans! Limp dick pacifists shouldn’t have the right to complain!

    • Anonymous says:

      ‘Limp dick pacifists shouldn’t have the right to complain!’

      I think 2ch is filled with blue-balled otaku who will eventually snap and go on stabbing sprees, not limp-dicked pacifists.

      The limp-dicked pacifists are getting chased by the carnivorous women.

    • Anonymous says:

      they shouldnt? if thats the official american mindset maybe osama was right…
      that aside, with the last iconic internationally despised sworn enemy of america who actually deserved it dead, who bully next?
      i mean its only years until chinas economic takeover and after that america will soon join the japanese “limp dicks”

  • I don’t really blame anyone if they considered the US as an aggressive “country” due to using war and death and then sugar-coating it with the word “justice”. Matter a fact, how can I since America is not really a country but stolen property that Europeans from many years ago took from Natives by killing pillaging. But that’s a different story that I’ll save for now.