Dog Days Excessively Cute But Not Very Interesting


Inumimi anime Dog Days has finally managed to get both pantsu and bikini service in the same episode, albeit in tiny amounts, and it seems to have the distinction of having the most mixed reception of all the season’s anime…

dogdays #05
dogdays #05
dogdays #05
dogdays #05
dogdays #05
dogdays #05
dogdays #05

The general consensus appears to be that the series has almost nothing going for it save incredibly cute characters, lacking as it does service or interesting plot or action.

Witheringly cute omake section:


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  • Anonymous says:

    Isn’t this made by the same folks who did Nanoha? Frankly, the first season of Nanoha didn’t truly hit its stride, become interesting, and become a properly entertaining anime until Episode 7 (the time the TSAB showed up.) It started to around Episode 3 with the appearance of Fate, but it still had a long way to go.

    Give it a little time. Maybe this, too, will grow like Nanoha did and become an actually interesting series.

  • Some of you who don’t like Dog Days may be missing out on some the humor of it: Cats & dogs fighting like cats & dogs! And then the dogs summon a human (’cause dog is man’s best friend) who wields a stick as the dogs’ hero (let’s play fetch)! And the story probably takes place close to the “dog days” of summer. However, I’m still waiting for some “tail-sniffing” and “fire hydrant” jokes. And maybe something with catnip & balls of yarn…

  • Anonymous says:

    Who actually seriously expected substances when they watch this anyway? Anime like these are just shallow entertainment, if you want anything deeper you should watch something else instead of complaining.

  • I’ve enjoyed the show so far, it’s like Strike Witches to me, low on plot but high on it’s own brand of fanservice, and in the case of Dog Days, it’s a show full of animal-eared characters, which is a major win for me (oh and Leonmitchelli… mmmmmmmmm. Next cosplay go! ^^ )

    It’s not a show for everyone, sure, but it’s still a good no-brainer to watch.

    tl:dr- Haters gonna hate

  • Anonymous says:

    “The general consensus appears to be that the series has almost nothing going for it save incredibly cute characters, lacking as it does service or interesting plot or action.”

    Lol the same could be said about K-ON, but yet that is a generational phenomenon.

    Should have rephrased that as, this anime is cute but doesn’t have any school girls.

      • Recently was checking animes of 70s and 80s on the anidb. Well, if you think that all/most animes back then were much better than now, look through the list again: it is loaded with carp we fortunately have already forgotten.

      • Your type is what give type-A’s a bad name. Arrogant, repugnant, always assuming everything outside of the shonen,pre 90/00’s are inferior. Why not get out of your cave and try something new for change?

        The overall quality of anime has drastically increased. Even Western pop culture juggernauts such as Marvel, Warner Bros, etc have jumped on board. Don’t like the adorable fluffy cute girls? There’s always the Ironman and Wolverine anime to try. Oh and then there’s Stein Gates, Supernatural, Beelzebub, and Angel Beats(really awesome).

        Oh and for the record, we should be grateful that we get any anime nowadays, especially when most of us watch it for “free.”

        That being said, I’m a type AB! I enjoy a little bit of everything, from unrivaled epics like Akira, Dragonball, Rurouni Kenshin, Inuyasha,FMA, Initial D, GTO, Chobits all down to sausy,panchiro, and moe themed shows like Kampfer, Qwaser no stigma, Kodomo no Jikan, Achannel, Nichijou, Azumanga Daioh, and yes, even Dog Days.

        Okay, so maybe “Dog Days” isn’t spectacular show, but its better than than watching shit like Adventure Time, Ben 10, Chowder, or Flapjack I assure you. Plus it has the fluff going for it. Or maybe that isn’t your type of thing. 😛

        • Diemeow23 says:

          @19:26 Idiot Wise Ass Wannabe Anon

          Dragon Ball IS epic quality in that it was the title that started something, Any OTAKU worthy of the title know at least how to appreciate the roots of anime,

        • Diemeow23 says:


          All those who would like to complain about anime using the lamest or biased reasons like the genius 13:27 above us!

          Please stick to fapping to NarutoxSasuke please and thank you! Does everything have to be o so simple shonen. Or do games always have to be filled with over muscled body builders, Westerners have a tendency so say “Gay” or “Fag” but their gaming industry if filled with muscle men beating each other with slow motion body sliding contact or gore beyond all reason, I guess everyone has their own preferences

        • Diemeow23 says:

          Dororo Enma?

          I’m loving it now!

          Let’s no compare as back then Japan did not have enough resources to heighten their quality. We SHOULD however appreciate the fact the what efforts they put off back then(however insignificant to you)are the backbones of what you see today

    • Anonymous says:

      at least learn to type the rest of the title properly if you’re gonna do a parody on the name from another title. It should be Ore no Dog Days ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai ..

    • I’ts not that. It just looked like it would be a fanservice anime and now you have all the pantsu/loli/jiggly fans disapointed. Watched 4 eps so far, needs more plot and maybe a catch or two. Familiar of zero did the whole summon thing better. Only the furries are happy.

    • Anonymous says:

      No, it’s just that Dog Days remains completly bland and uninteresting.

      Want anime with no fanservice? There’s a whole lot of big options, from Deadman Wonderland, going through Steins;Gate, Tiger & Bunny, Ano Hana and others- which are incredible to watch, yet don’t rely on pantsu and other bullshit to cater otakus.

      This, however? No entertainment. At all. It’s just boring.

      • Diemeow23 says:

        Yes so so very very bland then please go Ben10 where it’s filled to the brim with, wait. . .what do they call it? Ooh “action” right? There are two kinds of complaints (1.Speaks the truth of a show lacking/exceeding or something like that) and the other (2. Speaks either you have a very Narrow sense of entertainment Television-wise/Manga-wise/Game-wise or that you Absolute HATE cute girls/women and you’d prefer watching WWE’s bulky men over anything)

        If we happen to be wrong then please cite what’s ACTUALLY WRONG about “dog days” rather than just plane “boring” or maybe you just have something against feminine figures on your screen

        This title is just plain FUN just as how the new Marvel/DC live action movies are full of just pointless expensive CGI and have little connection to the Actual plot of the comics(If there is any, I mean sheesh it’s already going to be over a century)

        • Anonymous says:

          To me the show felt a bit too much like a children’s show, with the not really a war and no one gets hurt for real and all that. Especially the personality of the hero. Nothing wrong with that, just not my thing.

          Mostly I think I just got disappointed comparing the epic artwork I saw before compared to the drawing style of the actual Anime. I expected something completely different.

          I will say though that I did judge the show after just one episode, so if someone tells me the first ep was a bad representation of the show, and that it matures a bit further in, I might give it another shot.

      • Anonymous says:

        what? rofl, I saw some silly/sexy costumes for the girls in T&B. if that isn’t fanservice I don’t know what it is…

        oh, and for the record, pantsu are no bullshit. not at all.

        • Diemeow23 says:

          Fun is FUN

          Billions of People play COD MultiPlayer or MMORPGs everyday but does that have plot or give you money,no it’s just fun fun

          FUUUUUUUUUUU*gasps*UUUUUUUUUN! de~geso

        • Anonymous says:

          indeed we are watching the same show if you think like that. in fact, the scene at 1:46 (off of Epic Raws) is pure Nanoha destruction just waiting to happen. i’m enjoying this series because it’s NOT brimming with big boobs, deaths/horrible deaths, or a rip off of KyoAni style. it’s just good old plain fun.

      • Anonymous says:

        there’s one thing that Dog Days has that the majority of those series that you listed doesn’t (with a few exceptions): originality. it’s not based off a manga series/novel/eroge/visual novel which is the trend nowadays which is sad as most legendary anime series/movies were original stories not based on anything but imagination. major points awarded to Dog Days for originality.

  • Anonymous says:

    People die when they are killed. Turn war into Olympic games will not do a good thing to popularity among men. It’s lame to call “war” when both side just try to play “friendly match”, it should be call “sport” otherwise, the writer is confusing with the meaning of “war”.
    However the story is boring and we can expect the story of next episode easily. What’s the point to watch when nothing left 4 you to expect ? If you are just expect boobs, suit yourself.

    • Ever read the Dark Sword novels by Weis & Hickman (the ones who did Dragonlance)? The Iron Wars started off as a war conducted more or less as a game like in this anime, but turned so serious it engulfed all Thimhallan and led to the banning of all technology from daily life. Dog Days shows signs of taking such a turn in the behavior of certain members of the cat nation rulers & war leaders. Also, various Native American tribes conducted war in this way amongst themselves. It was called “counting coup” by Europeans and it was used just like it’s used in Dog Days: settling disputes between tribes without causing undue bloodshed.

    • Anonymous says:

      U WATCHED EP1????


      good job.

    • Anonymous says:

      If all you want is plotless moe anime just rewatch some old shit. It’s all the same anyway. There really isn’t any need to give the industry more reason to produce more of the same.

      • Diemeow23 says:

        Some people are really under the illusion that PLOT filled titles are so easily made? Well THEIR NOT!

        Still don’t understand? Then write one your self!
        Don’t go “hmm the telling the critic to do better line” Because you are NOT a critic. Critics let people know who they are and they show their Identities.

        I admire the originality this title has(as original as something gets without steering away too much from the viewers interest range)

        • Anonymous says:

          I don’t understand why everyone keep saying the anime in this decade failed more compare to anime 10 years ago.

          If u really try to look at that originality is still easy to gain as some type of anime genre is still not known but in this 10 years many anime genre has spawn out which shows that what most people wanted to see already change and oc developer would wanted to take advantage of that.

          If u can not stand how the anime industry is developing then don’t watch any anime as i believe most of us the people only watch the anime for free but still complain like they are the king.

    • Marine-RX179 says:

      …as well as “take things out of context” hehe

      Not the first time he take those few seconds service shots from a random anime and try to brainwash some suckers here who have not watch the shows into believing that they are anime with nothing but fanservice…