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Top 10 Anime Most Hated by the Chinese


Chinese quizzed on which Japanese anime they hate the most supply a list topped off by such staples of otaku detestation as Death Note and Bleach, but also including the loveable moeblobs of K-ON!

The ranking, based on a 2011 survey of 3,000 Chinese men and women in equal numbers:

1. Death Note (6.1%)

2. Bleach (5.8%)

3. Initial D (5.5%)

4. Kuroshitsuji (5.2%)

6. Chibimaruko-chan (4.7%)

7. Crayonshin-chan (4.7%)

8. Captain Tsubasa (4.5%)

9. Code Geass (4.4%)

10. Sailor Moon (4.4%)

11. K-ON! (4.2%)


It should be noted that 47.7% did not particularly hate any anime at all.

Death Note is actually banned by the Chinese government for being harmful to the young, showing just how effective China’s state censorship is in preventing people from watching it, and just where Ishihara and company may have been getting their ideas.

Some differences between the sexes were also evident – men’s most hated anime were Chibimaruko-chan, Initial D and Bleach, whereas those of women were Death Note, Bleach and Kuroshitsuji.

On the other end of the scale, the least disliked anime were Conan at 45th with 1.7%, Doraemon at 44th with 2% and Ghibli anime at 43rd with 2.1%.

Of course, it hard to see any Japanese caring what the Chinese think about their anime – China in its infinite wisdom has banned Japanese anime from its TV networks and the vast majority of Chinese never pay for it in any case.

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