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Fukuoka Police: “Beware Grenades! Don’t Kick Them!”


Hand grenade warnings given by Fukuoka police in response to a surge in grenade tossing yakuza attacks, urging anyone encountering a grenade not to kick or tread on it, have lately been perplexing many.

The page:


Some helpful snippets from the colourful page:

“Beware hand grenades!”

“Hand grenades are weapons designed to kill people by propelling shrapnel!”

“They come in various colours and shapes!”

“If you discover a hand grenade:

Absolutely do not tread on, touch or kick it

Immediately move away from the hand grenade

Save yourself by hiding behind cover

Reportedly there have been an increased number of crimes involving grenades in Fukuoka (although as this is Japan this could just mean “a crime”), unsurprisingly all yakuza-related.

One such incident was in April, where a witness reported seeing something which looked like a grenade near a yakuza office, whilst earlier that month a pair of yakuza hoodlums blew themselves up in a car after mishandling a grenade, apparently intending to attack the offices of another syndicate.

Japanese observers are bemused by the sudden onset of urban warfare in Kyushu:

“What is this, Mexico?”

“What kind of a warning is that?”

“How are you supposed to warn about a grenade – ‘Ah! Grenade!!!’ < by this time it’s too late…”

“What about that kiddy font…”

“‘Don’t tread on, touch or kick’ – the three rules of hand grenade safety, somehow I think we can do without those.”

“Had I not seen this article I would not have known – the thread starter saved my life!”

“We are talking about Japan here, right?”

“200m is a big radius for shrapnel… if you can actually see one it is not looking good for you.”

“How would you throw it anywhere and then get 200m away before it went off?”

“Serious injury within 50m must be a lie.”

“I expect people will start carrying bats to hit them away…”

“Thanks to FPSes everyone thinks these things have a tiny range.”

“Next episode! A sudden increase in crimes involving AK-47s! AK-47s are assault rifles designed to kill people by firing bullets!”

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