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PlayStation Network Down 5 Days with No End in Sight


The ongoing global outage of Sony’s PlayStation Network, now at 5 days, may be in danger of continuing even further – in its latest update Sony refused to provide any information on what is going on or when it will be fixed.

Despite predicting “it may be a full day or two before we’re able to get the service completely back up and running” on the 21st, since then Sony has stopped providing a timeframe and in its latest missive only offers a lame acknowledgement of the disaster:

I know you are waiting for additional information on when PlayStation Network and Qriocity services will be online. Unfortunately, I don’t have an update or timeframe to share at this point in time.

As we previously noted, this is a time intensive process and we’re working to get them back online quickly. We’ll keep you updated with information as it becomes available. We once again thank you for your patience.

Rumours now suggest Sony may be nearing a point where it can restore service, although there is next to no official information from Sony itself about any progress.

In fact, all Sony has revealed is that an “external intrusion” prompted them to turn off the entire PSN service, rather suggesting they may be downplaying the severity of the trouble.

Microsoft for its part has graciously called the outage “regretful” whilst crowing that it expects to see “an increase of traffic.”

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  • i think sony should put alternative paying methods, get rid of storing cc on a online database, and put more PSN cards in stores. i mean i always went to a pharmaceutical store that sells PSN cards for $20 and $50, im probably the only one the knows and buys there.

    hopefully sony learn a lessoned, and companies will take note of this

  • PS3 should give us something in return for waiting for it to be Fixed and give te PS3 lovers something in return, Everyone has lost time to be playing Online games, For like the people who have no Lifes, That is really bad, But for the people who play, MW2 or Black Ops, We should seriously get something in returen like Money or Free online games or something. Noobs!!

  • I know who does it!!!!
    It is US Airforce…
    Reason is simple ..
    2 weeks ago Sony announced stooping support for Linux in new PS3, and US Airforce uses a supercomputer made out of PS3..
    US Airforce got disappointed with Sony…

    Now to stop the hacking Sony has to announce that the newly build PS3 will support Linux…

    Because i seriously believe that guy’s from military won’t be beaten by sony..

  • At times like these I am happy about two things: 1 – that I can play either xbox or ps3, and 2 – that online doesn’t govern my gaming because I like to chose games that are already spectacular on their own, and the online is just a bonus. Too many games out there these days feel like the online is the only focus of the creators, and so the single-player mode fees horribly short and un-finished.

    Oh, and does anyone else think that maybe this downtime is due to the recent attempt to combine steam and psn, and someone along the way fucked it all up and sony is too proud to admit it? That’s my theory

  • I would’ve been fine with the network being offline if it didn’t happen at the worst possible time for me.

    I went and bought some DLC items. Got past the confirmation of order and was on the screen to start downloading. Then I get the messages that there’s an error and then a few restarts later do they take down the entire thing.

    I just want the shit I paid for, but no, the network has to go down right as I paid for my shit.

  • Like I said in other post on other sites, I don’t give two shit about the PSN down, hell might as well be down for a month for all I care. I also own a PS3 myself but I prefer playing a game offline single-player style. Beside, this is all Sony’s fault this happened anyway due to their past stupid mistakes which led up to this problem they’re having.

  • At first, I thought nothing of these outages, then

    “Microsoft for its part has graciously called the outage “regretful” whilst crowing that it expects to see “an increase of traffic””

    i c what u did thar~
    tricky bastards

  • Devious. Someone really want the players to see the outer life no matter the cost. But even Sony know where the real issue is. It’s just a matter of pride and time to fix it up.

    Hate me as much as you want, but if Anon is looking for a boycott against Sony, I’m the last person they want to deliver the message.

  • This is taken from a blog…

    “Anonymous is a group of unknown hackers who considers themselves the police of the internet. They believe in free information trade, free market of the internet and so forth. Rumor has it that in a court case recently sony said that in their terms and conditions that the $300- $400 dollar console you bought, you don’t own, and anything you buy from them you are borrowing therefore you cannot hack their property… Anonymous didnt think this was right. (I think they are correct btw.) Anonymous then shut everything about the playstation network down. Another rumor is that if sony does not apologize and redo their terms and conditions Anonymous will continue to bring everything down… unfortunatly for us sony’s ego is bigger than Jupiter and they will continue this until they start to lose sales…probably.

    The point is twio weeks is unlikely. Try 2 months or more!!! This is now a pride war, but Anonymous has more resources, more tools and more knowledge than sony can muster. the only group that has ever given Anonymous a run for its money is the US Military. Even then in terms of hacking it was a stalemate…”

    • Really if that’s their problem then the head of Sony’s security or who ever made the decision is a fucking moron and should be fired ASAP.
      I’d tell the idiot to his face he is a moron.

      If the problem is with pay DLC content “which is a scam anyway” all they have to do is temporarily shut down the Play station store and implement fixes for that part vs take down the entire network.
      Even this may not be necessary if theft is not very rampant.
      They could just deal with some stolen pay DLC and just have the Play station store fix rolled into the next OS update.
      Shutting down the network will cost far more then losses via a crack which really are not losses as said people likely would normally buy very little pay DLC anyway.

  • What’s happening is PSN got hacked bad enough that it had to be closed down. Now Sony is saying that they are having to rebuild PSN completely from the ground up so that they can make it stronger so they say. Also it’s meant to be down for at least 2 weeks so who knows when we’ll get it back but at least there working on it. That said though it just means I can’t play some of the games I have with my friends but most of the games I have are offline anyway, but yeah it is nice sometimes to take a look and see things on PSN.

    I do say that it is wrong that Sony aren’t telling people anything though or at least barely letting any information be told.

    On and I forgot to say that because PSN is being re-made that everyone will lose all there trophies which is kinda annoying ^ ^; cause some of the ones i’ve got were hard to get aha

  • This PSN outage might a serious warning to those games who centered their experence for online gaming only or need online excultively to power their features. Games like Final Fight Double Impact and Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 will not start at all without the PSN and some features in the games that still work will depend on how much it is attached to online (i. e. how much of your game must absolutlely need the power of online to make it work without it being disabled when the servers are off).

    This is what will happen if there is an online only future and there is no way to keep what you pay for. At least get rid of the DRM crap as soon as we brought the game. The DRM BS should’ve been reserved for demos, not full games. I fell like the good guys, the honest people, and those who follow the rules are getting screwed real hard because of someone else’s BS. We are nothing more than acceptable losses in a meaningless war.

    Poeole in the Xbox 360 and Wii camps need to be real careful in what they say about this situation. Their system might be next. There is no honor among theives. They will celerbrate with their knives behind their back ready to kill as soon as their “friends and allies” turn around.

    Before this decade is over with the PSN for the PS3 might shut down permantely. You all saw how Microsoft treats the orignal XBox Live service after the XBox 360 came on the scene. Don’t be suprise if the same thing happens here. Companies of all types put money first before anything else and will do anything to keep that money flowing, even if it means resorting to BS tactics like the stuff we experence in the past 6 years.

    Think about it, how many games you have right now will not work well offline or have very hollow gameplay offline, those games that you just can’t live without online? It’s sadly a decreasing list as the years go by, even worse if the PS3 is the only system the gamer have in their room right now.

    In the meantime, if you still want to play games offline, look at your PS3 collection (or any other collection tf you have another system) and take some time to play the ones that you miss or didn’t have time to play due to you being online almost 85% of the time. This might be a great time to catch up on your trophy hunt or finish that game that you have a lot of trouble trying to complete.

    Or you can just stop and smell the roses and take this opportunity to refresh yourself, to unwind, to recharge, to go outside and look at life a little bit more. Always take all things in moderation, don’t spend too much time on one thing.

    That is my 2 cents on this matter. It will be back soon. Just be patient. SOmethiines there are more important things in life besides videogames.

    And at least I don’t have to worry about Bowel_Jacker187 bugging me for the time being so it not all that bad.

    • So Anonymous has dealt a blow to Sony.

      Couldn’t expect less, but you are truly right.

      As for Steam, even a troll of the likes of Gabe Newell has learned when to keep his mouth shut (sorry Gaben).

      I believe Nintendo and M$ got a glimpse out of this.

    • I was tempted to comment on this in the body of the article.

      The only truly major online gaming services are XBL and PSN – both of which are contending they are fit to encompass the consumer’s entire digital lifestyle, and either of which represents a single point of failure. Both are also run by ruthless and impermanent corporations. What if both went off at the same time? Or if both decided to engage in more aggressive price collusion?

      It wasn’t so long ago that people ridiculed the likes of AOL, MSN and Compuserve for trying to wall people off from the Internet with their own little networks, and yet these two have nearly pulled it off…

      • i cant comment on those isps, as i wasnt online when that shit was going down.

        but consoles walling off their services for the sake of drm, is a smart move. though their implementation is poor. realistically it should be more like you log in, and once every few weeks it would need to re log in to verify. once the console cycle is over, than greener pastures.

        however i dont think network games will be treated the same next cycle too, various reason i wont get into.

        but in all honesty, if they pull that kind of shit, there will always be a work around. isnt there a way to play xbox games with a mod chip circumventing the xbox live? if i need to resort to piracy to play the games i own, i will.

        • To be honest, this smells of a DDOS-attack.
          True, it can be that they are trying to find a way to stop a bug from being exploited, but they could just deduct the points if they went over their logs, I’m sure.
          True, it could be a hack, but somehow I doubt PSN would be down for five days and running if it was “only” a virus or backdoor.
          A continued DDOS would make it impossible to open PSN again until the attack was over. Considering such attacks seldom lasts this long it would give an explanation on why they stated one or two days initially and now have no date.

        • I think if a group of good hackers can get together they can hack the PSN and take it down, remember there are a lot of hackers out there some little ones using a premade jailbreak usb, others the one making the jailbreaks of Tomaso so just saying that Sony is hiding behind imaginary hackers could be very wrong, someone could have hacked the PSN but then again you could be right since they have just been hacked and maybe they want to make the PS3 unhackable again but there is no sure fire answer so I think people should stop assuming things like idiots. That’s how rumors like “Sony’s going to start charging for online” get started, when I hear things like this it pisses me off and when it never happens then I put it in their faces.

        • Agreed. I doubt this is a hacking attack on PSN. Rather, this is Sony taking down the PSN because people figured out how to get free money on PSN to buy any thing they want. Look up Redbug CFW for PS3. This is Sony going Oh Shit, and clicking the off switch.

        • Exactly steam rapes both XBL and PSN anyday.

          Also anyone who believes the outages are from hackers they are sadly mistaken. Sony are just putting up a smokescreen so their customers don’t get really pissed. So instead of focusing on Sony’s incompetence they are focusing on these imaginary hackers.

          PSN is down all around the world. It would take one HELL of a seriously hacker to pull it off. No one from anon, the PS3 Scene, or anyone in between has that amount of skill or even equipment.

  • I bet anything remember last year April fool clock mishap That was Anonymous practicing for this massive attack I really hope that this will teach ps3 a lesson like the the Tales of Vespria and medal of honor….

    I hope that the region walls will crumble so I can buy some japanese exclusive ps3 items can be bought

    • sony was licking their chops on that “victory” didn’t they~ While patting backs, the HACKERS / Crackers came and FUBAR’d the entire economy of the psn. Don’t forget that MILLIONS of bucks DON’T drop into sony banks a DAY with the psn being down and how many days have passed now?
      Remember sony this lesson: when you stomp down on a bug, don’t forget to notice the SPIKES surrounding it~~~
      sony got GIMPED and kudos to the bastards who did it!

  • There is an easy solution to this psn users! Blow the 500 or so dollars required to get a lowgrade gaming pc and exult in the superiority of Steam sales whilst still enjoying superior hardware!

    Other than that, I might not feel your pain, but I hope your situation improves (not really, I love this drama! Go anon!).

  • Supposedly the rumor is that the PS Network will not be online till Tuesday for the US and Europe.

    The reason for the downtime is up for speculation since “Anonymous” stated that they had no direct hand in this particular event (although they cannot vouch for all of their members).

    The most likely reason was that Sony got whupped by a bunch of hackers, and are now upgrading the system to “prevent” such occurrences from happening again.


    Double-reverse-engineered ‘custom firm-ware’ used to backdoor access PSN content, resulting in near-total PSN shutdown?

    It (to me) seems like one of the more plausible theories behind the outage…

    Clarification: I’m a 360 fanboy and I respect the PS3 and it’s fanbase; my ISP can go offline without any warning (not an XBL issue) leaving my whole house stranded.
    You have me sympathies.

    Good luck in this difficult time and keep your hope up. 😉

    • If they pull down the network everytime a pirate figures out how to get DLC for free then expect the network to be down many more times in the future.
      If you ask me the head of Sony’s gaming division needs to step down in shame.
      He’s like Ahab going after his white whale and we all know how that story ended.

  • Sony has sent reports to game developers more or less saying they have to completely rebuild the network from scratch and will be sending more information about how new games are to be programed.

  • PS3 is a console, same category as the SNES, which was awesome without online functions. If you don’t like your PS3 without internet: get a gaming PC, or an SNES.

    Now playing Portal 2 coop with friends on PC, and then Assa Creed 2 on PS3 🙂

    • Envy you. I got the PS3 version of Portal 2 and can’t access the free PC version that comes with it until i link my Steam account with my PSN which I obviously can’t do with this down. ; -;

      • I linked my PC version the day Portal 2 came out. I was impatient, and I think my impatience paid off for once.

        By the way, for those of you who miss playing with people online, make some real friends and play Portal 2 with them on your PS3 in split screen. They will get obsessed and/or addicted. (Much like they did with Fat Princess.)

  • Hackers are hating on Sony with a passion…. sigh and it ruins the experience for the rest of us. And some people actually support this?! They are taking your fun away because they want to be pricks trying to take on a large corporation for their twisted fun. Remember that hackers only do it to make themselves look good because they can do this stuff, they dont care about your fun and enjoyment.

    • Hackers? Really?? Pretty much every high-profile online service gets hacked. Constantly. MSFT and Google in past were publishing materials on the topic. Every online service gets hacked constantly.

      Port scans, services probes, brute force password attacks, attempts to dumbly send malware – is the sad reality of modern internet.

      If you have decent ISP, you can ask them to give you a static IP without any protection on their side. Then plug a vanilla empty Linux box into the Internet – and watch the log files grow by minute with reports from firewall about compromise attempts.

      The fact remains that Sony has slacked – at basics. And users suffer now, not because of some hackers, but because Sony had slacked.

      • Any high profile network is a target.
        Though I suspect Sony dropped the ball and is using hackers as an excuse to cover their own ass.

        If they did add the ability to execute remote code on login with the PSN then they just opened up every PS3 to become an easy target for hackers or more correctly crackers.

        The only real fix would be to remove said feature as the ability to execute code not in a sand box remotely without user consent is inherently insecure there is no way to fix it permanently.

    • Sony has some shady business practices going on, like you not even actually owning the PS3.

      I for one don’t mind if someone is actually hacking the PSN, DDOSing it, whatever they did.

    • For many gamers, it’s all about online rank and accumulating Achievements/Trophies for online boasting. Read Xbox forums and you’ll quickly find people who admit to playing some games just to get easy Gamerscore points, and Trophies were the most important thing on Playstation forums. I suspect that many gamers wouldn’t see the point to playing a single player game for fun.

      • I play FFXI and this mentality exists there as well.

        There’s a specific expansion on XI called “Chains of Promathia” that many XI gamers agree would probably be the best storyline SE had to offer. Cue in one elitist who just finished the last boss in the expansion, cue the AWESOME cutscene with a vocal soundtrack ending, which they havn’t done since, and man you got one kick ass ending scene… but all he cares about is “ok this is fine and all, but how do i fast forward this to get my prize.”

        Tis’ sad…

        Gone are the days when a random person would just play for fun, because back then, ALL games were played this way offline. Sure invite a few friends over for some Goldeneye and kick ass or get ass kicked, so what, it was all fun.

        Now we got Trophies and Gamerscore getting in the way of good clean fun. Nothing wrong with achievements mind you, but some people treat it as a way of life and brag about their “second prestige and platinum trophies.”

    • LOL, remember they didnt get taken down by anonymous, then said it wasn’t anonymous… then didn’t get taken down again for an unknown amount of time because they were being conceded.

      God I love that I have both a ps3 and xbox otherwise my netflix would almost be useless

        • The Xbox Live issues weren’t nearly as bad. Their service didn’t go completely offline, but was just being slow during that time, with some people having difficulty connecting. It was supposedly just due to not having enough server capacity to handle the large number of people connecting during the Holiday season, but their service didn’t go offline.

          In the case of the current PSN outage, the entire service has been completely out for everyone, for the better part of a week already. It’s also supposedly due to a security breach, and I’ve heard Sony has been unable to confirm whether or not people’s credit card information may have been compromised. I’d say that certainly sounds more severe than what happened with Microsoft’s service.

        • This was for one game and was over as soon as they added more servers.

          PSN is down because Sony can’t build a reliable network. PSN always felt tacked on anyway and this just goes to show you that you get what you pay for. After this I know I’m not trusting Sony with my CC info anymore. Everything will be prepay from now on.


      if you have a playstation and have netflix on it. you can bypass the need to be logged into the PSN to view it. just press X on the netflix app. it’ll ask you to sign in. attempt to sign in. it’ll fail. press O to go back one time. netflix will continue to load. it’ll ask you a second time. attempt again. it’ll fail. press O one time. after that, the interface will load and you will have access to your netflix. there will be no more interruptions once the app is running. it took me 3 days to figure that out. so i offer it here free. peace guys.

    • I’ve used xbox live for 5 years; at no point have I had longer than 12 hours of down time which was scheduled and notice was given prior too, I spent about 15 minutes browsing google for the longest downtime; the longest time I could see was 12 hours.
      Back in 2007 some people had connection issues at Christmas for 3 days on halo 3 although nothing was ever down, Microsoft apologizing and gave the game undertow free too all users for 2 weeks; what do you think Sony’s going to do? can you prove your claim in anyway that is down for 17 days, or even a full day? or are you just a sad troll?

      I don’t care about online play although I enjoy the psn store…

  • The network downtime is negligible in comparison to the possibility that users credit card information may be compromised. That should be Sony’s top priority to get to the bottom of so people can cancel their cards if need be.

  • hackers? mantenience? zombies? kami-sama?

    whatever it is its ok, i have been using psn for free
    downloading demos, movies, full games, patches even expantion dlcs and all there is to offer, not to mention multiplayer features in every game i have, again for free.

    whetever they do, xcept start charging for the service its ok with me, go Sony, just dont mess up with all the hackers at the same time, until of course you have more

  • I say this is a hoax. Sony probably decided to take down PSN for a week or so and claim an attack to place false blame.

    I heard they put 1 cent in George Hotz’s paypal just so they could claim that he does take donations for hacking their console.