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Nintendo Announces Wii Successor


Nintendo has announced the announcement of a previously unannounced successor console to its hugely successful but now largely moribund Wii.

The formal unveiling of the new console, only known to be another home console, will come at E3 in June, and its release is said to be scheduled for April of 2012 .

Announcing the announcement at Osaka, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata was characteristically cagey about the exact nature of the new console, but seems to rule out any further toying with stereoscopy:

“I want to offer a new proposal for the home console.”

“If we consider that 3D TVs are not really well accepted by the market, 3D would be difficult to make the centre of the product.”

Sales of both Wii hardware and software have collapsed as the product nears the end of its lifecycle, and Nintendo profits have correspondingly plunged 66%, so a successor was a given, and probably an urgent prioirty in light of the weak launch of the 3DS.

Speculation about the new console centres on its spec (likely to be relatively low given Nintendo’s preference for inexpensive hardware, but how low or high in relation to the PS3 and Xbox 360 is an important question), and what sort of cunning gimmick it will incorporate to draw in the masses.

Motion controllers are now old hat, and current console 3D display technology requires useless 3D TVs nobody wants, so just what will be delivered here remains a mystery.

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