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Japanese Women: 27% “No-Bra OK” 44% “Pink Bra = Victory”


A survey of women bra-users finds some 27% see no need to wear one outside, whilst 44% regard pink bras as even sexier than black ones, and washboard lovers distressed by the inflating cup sizes enjoyed by Japanese women will be pleased to know 20% of the female population is still A-cup…

The survey of 10,342 Japanese women was conducted by top Japanese underwear maker Wacoal.

When asked where they would feel comfortable going bra-less, of the six choices – going out for a walk, popping out on a bicycle, going off on the train, going anywhere, never going out without a bra and never going bra-less even at home – 27% responded they would be happy going off no-bra.

Breast-size also played a role – 31.9% of A-cup women were happy to go out without a bra, compared to only 20.2% of E-cup women.

Problems with fit likely also contributed, with 83.7% of women reporting some kind of discomfort experienced as a result of wearing a bra.

The actual breakdown of cup-sizes reported (although given the above fact just how well these women know their own sizing is something to ponder):

AA/A – 19%

B – 28%

C – 25%

D – 15%

E – 7%

F+ – 5%

Aside from reasons of comfort or aesthetic considerations, there is some doubt as to whether there is any pressing medical reason to wear a bra – the notion that a bra has any positive impact on sagging is not supported by any proper medical research, though of course it is supported by underwear manufacturers (Wacoal accuses bra-less women of “lacking bust-care awareness”), and 43.1% of the women surveyed believed it as well.

The survey also quizzed women on what colours they regarded as best for their “victory bra” – pink came first with 43.7%, followed by black with 39.8%, perhaps explaining something about the nation’s low birthrate.

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