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Top 10 Ways of Being Popular with Girls


Japanese asked about what steps they think will aid a man in winning the heart of his sweetheart yield up a surprisingly obvious list.

The ranking:

1. Stay clean (1924)

2. “Other” (1208)

3. Keep smiling (804)

4. Ladies first! (684)

5. Beef up (560)

6. Treat her (187)

7. Put on a surprise performance (177)

8. Read up on topics of conversation (97)

9. Give her presents (93)

10. Keep up with the fashionable stores (59)

Prospective suitors may be disappointed to find that merely staying squeaky clean is not enough to ensure they have women swooning at their feet, although it is at least a start.

Those still entertaining hopes of a relationship with a bride not made out of cotton or PVC can also refer to the “looking cool to girls” ranking for more on the subject.

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