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Rurouni Kenshin Returns


Fans of bakumatsu NEET anime Rurouni Kenshin have greeted news of the franchise’s resurrection, in the form of a new anime, with some scepticism.

The news comes by way of Shonen Jump:


Also announced are Blu-ray releases of the deservedly acclaimed movie and OVAs.

However, there is some scepticism about the sudden revival of an otherwise dead franchise:

“They’re really pushing Kenshin lately aren’t they?”

“Their crappy new game is sure to sink without trace. They may love this anime overseas but in Japan it’s done for.”

“Didn’t one of the seiyuu pass away in any case?”

“However you slice it, this is going to be rubbish. It’s not possible to surpass the Kyoto arc or the OVA. Let it rest in peace!”

Kenshin may be a victim of its own success – so good are some of the previous works that they will hard to equal, let alone surpass.

The OP from the PSP game shows off what might be in store:

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