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Top 10 Best Games, According to Japanese – Halo Top


Japanese gamers quizzed on which games they find most satisfactory have not only granted top position to a non-Japanese game, but to a non-RPG as well, in the form of Halo: Reach…

The ranking, which also sees other western games score well, in the form of Dragon Age: Origins (only just released – the sequel is still some way off for Japan, perhaps for the best) and the mega-blockbuster Red Dead Redemption, as compiled by gaming rag Gamaga:

1. Halo: Reach – 9.5

2. The Legend of Heroes ZERO NO KISEKI – 9.4

3. Disgaea 4 – 9.3

4. Dragon Age: Origins – 9.2

5. Blazblue Continuum Shift – 9.2

6. Dream C Club – 9.2

7. AKB1/48 Idol wo Koi Shitara… – 9.2

8. Red Dead Redemption – 9.2

9. Atelier Totori – 9.2

10. Do-Don-Pachi Dai-Fukkatsu – 9.2


Those wondering about the unusually high placement of western games in the ranking (particularly most Japanese will clearly not play anything other than RPGs featuring angst-ridden teenagers saving the world) should consider the fact that it is based on “satisfaction” rather than actual sales.

As a result a niche game with a pitiful sales and a small but dedicated fanbase can do quite well – although Halo’s 45,000 sales versus the 120,000 of Zero no Kiseki and the 95,000 of Disgaea 4 is none too shabby all the same.

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