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Top 10 Types of Guy You’d Like to Date – 2011


Men hoping Japanese women will appreciate their sensitive natures and caring side can forget it – a ranking of the preferences of women seems to suggest most would rather be ravished by a carnivore…

The ranking, and corresponding votes:

1. A “carnivorous” guy (3289)

2. A jock (1769)

3. A megane guy (1091)

4. A science guy (719)

5. A herbivorous guy (706)

6. An omnivorous guy (642)

7. Otomen [“a girlish boy”] (607)

8. A bento boy [a miser] (427)

9. A literary guy (199)

10. A mori guy [“forest”/”outdoors” guy] (171)

The recipe for success amongst the women of Japan thus appears to be a womanising doctor with bulging biceps and a white coat and glasses.

The previous edition of the same survey unsurprisingly shows similar results – although otaku have lost even the dismal position they suffered there, now being displaced entirely by a bunch of anorak wearing hikers.

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