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Shop Manager Rapes Shoplifter – “Pay With Your Body!”


The manager of a convenience store has been charged with rape after a female shoplifter agreed to have sex with him in an effort to escape punishment.

The incident began when the 35-year-old manager of a Yokohama convenience store caught a 29-year-old salarywoman shoplifting in his store.

He harangued her thus:

“Shoplifting is a serious crime! Your life will be ruined. If you pay with your body, I’ll let you off.”

He then took her ID and had her accompany him to a hotel, where he is said to have assaulted her.

He was later charged with rape, charges he admits.

It is not clear whether police will bother taking action against the woman for shoplifting in the first place.

The fact that “shoplifter caught and blackmailed into penitence sex in the stockroom” is an established genre in Japanese AV and ero-manga has not passed without comment.

Some doubts as to whether a criminal agreeing to accompany her victim to a hotel for sex in order to avoid punishment can really constitute “rape” in the normal sense have also been raised, although it is hard to see either side inspiring much sympathy…

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