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Top 10 Terrifying Transformations


Ten of the most dramatic and, in several cases, sexy results of male-to-female “sex change” or “gender reassignment” surgery and treatment have lately been the subject of much appreciative attention.


2ch has much to say about this, some of it even informative:

“But do they still have it?”


“Whites all look the same.”

“With foreigners, the women look like men anyway.”

“After a sex change does sex feel good enough to start squealing about?”

“If you are just after gratification, you can probably get 80% of the effect by just crossdressing? If you have your body hacked up like that you have to mess around keeping your hole open everyday and stuff too.”

“They should ban this level of makeup.”

“Cute! I was just getting sick of all those old hags on the female anchor thread…”

“This is… well… it works.”

“I can fap to shemales!”

“I want to become a woman too, but your bones are a barrier. At the very least I’d like a pretty girl’s hairstyle.”

“Breasts and a penis! Is this a dream!?”

“If they still had it attached it would be amazing…”

“Honestly, them being cute but still having a penis is so hot!”

“how much does this cost? I still think a crossdressing shota is hotter…”

“They are cuter than any Japanese girl! What the hell!”

“Amazing. Who needs women now!”

“Just try having a baby.”

“Wouldn’t it be better to be a woman-like thing rather than a woman? You’d never get pregnant no matter how much unprotected sex you had.”

“White society is harsh to crossdressers… they can’t get on TV or anything.”

“It looks fun but there’s no turning back so no way. I hope they develop a technology where you can become a woman by sprinkling water on yourself soon…”

“It doesn’t matter how many thousand years pass, you’ll never compare to the beauty of a white!”

“Unfortunately they can’t change their bones. Try as you might, you won’t become the real thing.”

“Stop calling it a sex change already. There’s no current way of changing someone’s sex. They just ripped off everything which made them male.”

“If they aren’t good looking to start with the results aren’t any better.”

“These pictures just selected the very best examples in any case.”


“The bones give it away.”

“Really, most of a woman’s looks are just fabricated using makeup. If some old guy put on makeup, he’d look like an old woman too.”

“I can’t help but think these people gave in to their desire to try becoming a woman after being tricked into believing rubbish like ‘I’m a woman in a man’s body'”

“It doesn’t matter how pretty they are, they are still men!”

“Who cares?”


“I don’t believe anything any more!”

“Are there any side effects to these hormones? Where can I get them in Japan?”

“Well, you can lose your reproductive functions, get fat, ruin your liver, become lethargic, be crippled by thrombosis, and if you quit half way you end up losing hair and aging.”

“You lose the ability to get an erection or ejaculate. Forever.”

“Too risky! If you can’t get it up 90% of the appeal of dressing as a woman is gone!”

“I saw a documentary where a gender reassignment patient took hormones for a week and ended up in hospital. And it costs a fortune.”

“The hormones cause you to put on weight and lose strength, and can cause mental instability.

However I saw a report on a crossdressing thread where someone said ‘My boobs became really big after taking them, my body’s just like that of a woman now’ – if it’s true, I’m both hard and envious.”

“So I can inject that stuff into my girlfriend and she’ll get big boobs!? She’s already a woman so there are no real side effects either. Sounds like a plan!”

“If you go down to Shinjuku Ni-chōme you can see just how terrifying older crossdressers get. If you’re not prepared for that, it’s safer not to try it.”

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