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Manga Publishers Plan “Self-Restraint” Ban on Loli Manga


Japan’s publishing industry is reportedly planning to ban loli manga by itself, on a “self-restraint” basis.

The plan is being proposed by the “Publishing Ethics Convention”(出版倫理協議会/Shuppan Ronri Kyogikai – the organisation has no official English name nor any site or public presence), an organisation run by the Japan Book Publisher’s Association.

The Convention operates the “Seinen Mark” system, the yellow mark which distinguishes 18+ ero-manga from other manga and ensures age checks and special shelving in the retail distribution channel.

According to reports, they have established an “Investigative Commission into the State of the Representation of Juveniles,” which is proposing new “voluntary” restrictions on loli manga, translated below:

1. Voluntary restraints on publishing manga depicting sex, or activities associated with sex, involving characters modelled on children under 13 and not displaying so-called secondary sex characteristics.

2. Voluntary restraints on publishing manga depicting adults appearing to abuse children who might be thought to be under 13.

The proposed restrictions are said to be opposed by the actual manga publishers targeted, who must understandably be none too happy about their own industry body joining forces with Ishihara and company to attack them.

The Convention actually opposed Ishihara’s ban, making its sudden about turn all the more perplexing.

An employee of one of the companies affected explains further:

“The Tokyo manga ban targetted manga published by Akita Shoten, Hakusensha, Futabasha and others, which did not bear an 18+ mark but had similarly sexual content.

We’re not at all convinced that the adult manga industry, which has been distinguishing between adult and non-adult content, should be affected by any of that.

In any case, this ‘self-restraint’ proposal is even more severe than the Tokyo manga ban.”

There have been no significant attacks on the publishing industry since the Tokyo manga ban passed, so the proposal comes out of the blue – industry figures speculate that the body may be trying to head off further bans by Ishihara and his friends by banning unpopular manga themselves:

“Even now, the Tokyo government maintains its extreme position. The ordinance comes into effect in July, and we can’t deny the possibility that it is intended as a warning to the ero-manga and doujinshi industries.”

As a “voluntary” restraint the policy could not actually physically prevent the publication of loli manga by unaffiliated companies (not that there are many of these), however as it controls the “Seinen Mark” it might well be able to ban loli ero-manga from using the mark, which could severely restrict their sales and thus act as a de facto sales ban, in a similar fashion to the Tokyo manga ban.

Were most of the major adult manga publishers to refuse to publish loli manga in magazine or tankobon form, it would also likely act as a highly effective de facto ban, as without access to the mainstream adult publishing industry ero-mangaka would have extreme difficulty supporting themselves.

The wording of the restriction also explicitly precludes the usual dodge of including a disclaimer or merely avoiding mention of age, and would involve a great deal of ambiguity in judging what exactly “resembles”an under-13.

As usual with such matters in Japan, public debate and scientific evidence have been completely absent.

The Publishing Ethics Convention itself has no public presence, but complaints can be directed against its parent body, the Japan Book Publisher’s Association, although as they evidently take no notice of the interests of their own members it seems doubtful they will heed anyone else.

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  • So~… what I get from this is:
    Lolis under the age of 13 and lolis without secundary features are banned…
    I really don’t get Japan…
    First it’s legal, we live with it, it became part of us, it became us and now a ban…

  • Good. I’m tired of all this perverted crap. Maybe they’ll start actually writing good stories again… I mean, when the vast majority of anime nowadays is specifically marketed at perverts, it’s kinda annoying when you want to find something that you DON’T want to fap to, you know?

    It’s sad that the only things that interested me this year so far are Madoka Magica and DIGIMON of all things… If I wanted all the pervy stuff, I’ve got the internet for that.

  • “not displaying so-called secondary sex characteristics”
    Great lets start banning 21 year flat chested women, caster semenya and anyone else who is supposedly a “subhuman” adult. Whats next a ban on gosick anime?

  • lol, how is this a “attack on the publishing industry”? Firstly its voluntary, and secondly it only applies for sexual stories with characters that look under 13 year old. It wont apply to average moe manga or series in general, with only some exceptions that really are kind of sick.

    I dont see how it would be a bad thing to stop all the pedo feed thats being produced in japan lately. If your jerking off to some 8 year old getting fucked by tentacles and use the excuse that shes really 100 years old and it isnt like shes getting fucked by a cock, your more pathetic than a normal pedo because you wont accept that your sick.

  • This ban is bullshit. I would already hate it without this simply because I am one for freedom of speech and expression regardless of where one lives or what one believes.

    I am extremely pissed off that they only singled out young girls. What about the young boys as well. If they are adamant on doing this then shouldn’t it be fair to all genders?

    fucking sexists the lot of them.

  • Can’t say I’m happy about this strictly for freedom of speech reason (unlike most people on this site I’m not a lolicon). I suppose they *think* they’re heading off further bans by doing this, but somehow I doubt it, someone like Ishihara would be emboldened to buy more by how easily they rolled over for this.

    One can hope the vagueness of the wording will be used to allow stuff that’s essentially the same to get through, but that’s still not satisfactory from a freedom of expression perspective. It’s the principle of it.


    Well there goes To Love-Ru, Kodomo no Jikan, Lotte no Omocha, Cherry x Cherry, and many other manga to teh waist site. Fuck the manga industry. What the hell are they thinking? Are they morons? They are just going to destroy their economy even more by killing sales of certain products. The tsunami has done a lot of damage. Don’t cause any more to yourselves Japan!

  • Actually, this makes a lot of sense. It has actual guidelines and doesn’t interfere with many school shows seeing that most of them take place in High School where most kids (even the flat chested girls) are expected to be at least 14. And it avoids Ishihara’s nonspecific.

    “1. Voluntary restraints on publishing manga depicting sex, or activities associated with sex, involving characters modelled on children under 13 and not displaying so-called secondary sex characteristics.”

    The key words there are “publishing manga”, no mention of regulating ero-manga or adult manga (yes there’s a difference.

    “2. Voluntary restraints on publishing manga depicting adults appearing to abuse children who might be thought to be under 13.”

    This one might be a problem however, because it doesn’t specify “sexual abuse”. This would stop story-lines with adults going into flashback telling someone one of their parents used to beat them. Which is a pretty often used, and deep plot tool.

      • If it’s specifically targeting ero-manga, which does not fall under the ordinance restriction, then it must be a sign of things to come.This may have emboldened Agnes Chan and pro-loli ban forces to once again act at the higher government level to enact similar legislation.

        When you give these people an inch, they will try to take a mile. So, the future isn’t looking up.

  • Well, there’s an old saying that goes “old people started the war and the young one are the who suffers for it”

    now it kinda make sense since the younger one(author, lower level employee etc.) builds the industry and the old one are messin it up like i-shit-hara did,

    and in the end, these bastards are going to live from pension funds obtained from the tax that the manga industries they screwed up with pays for.

  • Ah. Luckily girls with boobs are excluded as they have secondary sex characteristics. I wouldn’t be interested without any boobs anyways.

    I wonder, does the wording “adults abuse” mean that normal sex with between and adult and a character like that would be permissable.

    In the end it might be beneficial to ban preteens in the interest of saving teen sex.

    • Good point there…. I can see someone making a company with the old loli authors who are upset about this and selling their things online in 1920*1200 or higher resolution for half of what the mainstream comics sell theirs for.

  • The problem:
    “1. Voluntary restraints on publishing manga depicting sex, or activities associated with sex, involving characters modelled on children under 13 and not displaying so-called secondary sex characteristics.”

    The solution:
    All females regardless of age will be drawn fully developed. Even little baby girls will be drawn popping out of mommy’s womb sporting DD-sized breasts & hairy nether regions.

    The problem:
    “2. Voluntary restraints on publishing manga depicting adults appearing to abuse children who might be thought to be under 13.”

    The solution:
    All females will be drawn with bright & happy faces in all scenes where they are clearly interacting with an adult regardless of what the adult appears to be doing to them so that they do not look like they are being abused.

  • I, myself, don’t care about loli at all. But seriously, i can only shake my head in disbelief over all that dumbfuckery lately.

    What sre they trying to do there? Self-restraint about what? The fact that the touhoku people are suffering right now is because the fucking government can’t organize any sort of help for them. It’s a fucking shame.
    What is a loli-manga self-restraint? A they now completely retarded? It seems that the radiation has finally turned those yellow-back grovelers into Ishihara ass-lickers. All they want in life now is to eat all the shit that is coming out of that man’s ass so abundantly.

    Hey, you Japanese idiots! Help your own people who are dying because you city-dwellers can’t get off your asses and send them proper support.
    Japan is nothing mmore than a cheap travesty. Hopefully, some of your bigwigs have the decency to commit suicide to regain some of honour in death.

    • Yes the need to liquidate the all the stalwart old people who want to force their concepts on the younger generation the US also should follow suit.

      I’m against any and all assaults on freedom of speech as it’s a slippery slope.
      Give them an inch they’ll take a parsec.

  • This is seriously getting ridiculous. What is next? Dating ban? Couples can’t go out and must not engage in any lovey dovey activties. Self-restraint for all people who have lost their lovers. The goverment needs some serious change.

  • Its not really about them trying to get rid this kind of material, for me anyways. I just don’t see the point in doing so. What are they trying to accomplish with this ban? You can censor rape and ban violent games, but people will still rape and do violent acts. It doesn’t lower or raise the issue no matter what you do. But hey, im just some Anonymous person sayin what I think. No one has to agree or even pay attention to me 😀

  • The lack of a out-cry is about as mysterious as ever. I wonder if there were already signs of this disturbing media censorship trend, and plans have been made to circumvent this altogether.
    I wonder what they are if they do exist. And if they don’t, then maybe a few of us who know need to get proactive and help in some way.
    It’s disturbing to just sit here while another breach of the freedom of speech is being made, and especially in the midst of the fact that there is already so much wrong in the world.
    Why pile this misery onto everything else that is happening? What is the purpose of taking away the rights of a populace who have contributed so much to people all across the world, and not just their culture.

  • Japan is becoming boring as fuck like the rest of the boring world.

    To be a normal puppet of society is death itself. There is nothing wrong with loli at all. It’s the manipulated masses that are mental slaves to a system which tells them what to like.

  • Even photo realistic drawings of people are not people, let alone stylized ones. These publishers need to be the “Japanese that can say no” to politicians who pull save the children crap to cover up their inability to do anything worthwhile.

    • That is basically what this is even with actual REAL LIFE children having sex with adults… it’s all about the ‘PROTECT THE CHILDREN!’ without realizing that “Hey, nature made us with genitals from birth. She also made us without a forcefield between adults and children’s genitalia so……. THINK FOR ONCE PEOPLE!”

      • Maybe this is why people push for bans on things like this, because they keep seeing its supporters spewing this sort of nonsense. There’s no mystical force-field between my hands, a baseball bat, and your skull, but splattering your brains all over the pavement isn’t going to contribute to creating a functional society.

  • 1. “adults appearing to abuse children who might be thought to be under 13.”

    Nice line, guys. Next step:

    2. Find oldest looking 13 y.o. Ban everything on sight that looks the same or younger.

    3. Increase to 14 y.o.

    4. Find…

    Or even better define “abuse” as wide as possible = instant ban of anything short of utopia.

  • What does that mean? I am little lost here. It moves non-adult loli manga to adult section? Or does it affects h-lolimanga? Would someone explain purpose of this “ban” to me, please?

  • wow..
    more ban proposal..

    i predict after this, even hentai of 18 year old character will be banned..

    followed by banning of action blood containing manga, saying its harmful for kids..

    then, ban the manga itself saying that manga/anime/games is not suitable for brain development..

    everybody in Japan must have no time to relax, study and working overtime.. for a “self restrain” basis..

    suicide rate will increase, any Japanese government wondering why is it happening..

    after that, nobody cares about Japan anymore..

    i see a dark future..

  • First they came for the lolis,
    and I didn’t speak out because I didn’t care so much for the lolis.

    Then they came for the milfs,
    and it stung because I was rather fond of milfs.

    Then they came for the schoolgirls,
    and I seethed with anger.

    Then they came for me
    but by then I already had a gun.

    • I doubt it. I think that the manga makers will just move onto online distribution and give the finger to this ratings board…. Or simply make their OWN ratings board for loli companies.

    • not really.
      poll after poll shows most people in the public oppose this bullshit.

      the problem is it’s the same cadre (if not literally, than philosophically) of ancient farts who run the government as well as pretty much all industry in Japan.

      if Japan really wants to know why they’re been languishing for 2 decades now, they need only look at the fact that all sectors of government and business are ruled by the same bunch of out of touch mummies.

      • this is actually the best idea to come with… if the publishers decide what manga’s to produce we can still get some regular oppai just not something too much… basically we will get the normal fan service from manga like evangelion, kampher or others… if they made the whole ban to begin with forced voluntary (meaning the publishing ethics convention making the people who volunteer for it to do it) then it would have stopped the major banning on those publishers unless the convention is doing the same thing the ban did, which it shouldn’t since the convention is clearly saying 13 or younger and not 18 or younger then it should fair well. All it seems obvious that it would fair well if other publishing companies are volunteering for it.

      • very true, but unlike their parents the younger generation are so unenthusiastic and lost. they just like to stay at home watching their animes and play their eroges and avoid problems. what can u do? its kind of a vicious cycle…

        • Anonymous says:

          “Comment by HouseLife
          14:12 10/04/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

          @ Anon 13:01 and 12:35

          Guess what. People like you are the reason pedophilia is propagating at all right now”

          Wait, it is a gas cloud? An infection? Something like HIV?

          I don’t think propagating is the right word to use here, it just brings wrong images to mind…

        • Anonymous

          i know, however you over estimate foods lasting ability. the time that it would take the food to arrive, checked, than be shipped over, any food that isnt at 100% would most likely rot to the point even THEY wouldn’t eat it.

          now sellby dates and expiration dates RARELY need to be consumed by that date. but some need to be, and when shipping food over seas through a bureaucratic way, takes FAR more time than anyone would anticipate.

          you should also look into that farming statistic, it seams a little off. now i know that some food we pay farmers regardless of how much they make, as in even making to much. and some things we pay them to make even though they will not sell. but its honestly the first time i heard of them being payed not to make food. i’m assuming it true though, but only certain markets, as in things that are easy to over produce, but under needed.

          and i know its about drawn loli, and not real, but the real probably has a correlation with the drawn, its a reason i gave for why there is so much loli.

        • You bring up a good point, Alidan, but it is a flat out lie that we don’t have enough food to feed the entire world. You have no idea how much food daily we waste as a country, simply because it can’t be transported to whomever it needs, or because it spoils and doesn’t fit standards, even if it’s still very edible. Most big grocery stores have to throw out boxes and boxes of fruit and vegetables almost daily in order to maintain fresh product, when that nutrition from one store along could very easily give very good food to an entire soup kitchen which could effectively feed the homeless of that region for a week.

          It is a complete lie. It’s so easy to make excess food that we pay farmers NOT to make extra food. That’s how easy it is. And that’s just us, and we even export food for the rest of the world still. The problem is the dictators and politics, among several other things that all basically stem from stinginess and arrogance. The other problem is transport, but even that can be handled if we truly cared enough.

          As for the CP statement, I spoke of 2D loli, in case that wasn’t obvious. I tried to specify it initially, but maybe I wasn’t clear enough. The history of Japan’s CP legalization, I’d actually like to further research to find out how it was allowed initially to begin with, and what specifically changed it, whether it was internal, foreign pressure, or both, or even something else I may not recognized.

          And without going into further detail, I agree with you in general that kids, as soon as they ask the question, should be told about the positives and negatives, in simple, understandable terms, about sex and its presence in our lives. As they get smarter by the 10-12 range, I also believe the risks should be mentioned before they start reaching the stage where they begin questioning themselves and everything else. That way they will already have a baseline of risk understanding underneath the questions.

        • HouseLife

          gay people provide the benefit of culling the worlds population without a genocide.

          currently we have only enough food to feed 2/3 the worlds population, i believe that 2.3 billion people would need to die to stop world hunger. gay people, not just people in a gay relation ship, but also in a hetro trying to make it work, make up about 10% of the worlds population by many estimates i have heard. and a further, close to 50% are bi, though preferring the opposite sex.

          their benefit is not making more kids, and helping the world by not imploding in on itself with a constant population growth.

          now, i cant tell in what you wrote, but you do realize that cp, as in real cp, was legal i japan, than i believe it became illegal, but possession or sharing was legal, than i think sharing became illegal, and now i think all thats left is simple possession.

          here is another thing. children are information sponges. they can take what ever information we give them, and for the most part apply it. the only reason they are ignorant for so long is because we shield them from everything. if we told them the basics in lets say kindergarten, they would know that dick gets hard, goes in vagina, makes baby. they would know that at the very least. and with how many adults are, they have no idea what can happen because of sex, like disease transmission, and in some, rare cases, that it can even lead to a baby.

        • @ Anon 13:01 and 12:35

          Guess what. People like you are the reason pedophilia is propagating at all right now. Because of those very statements. The sad part is, the people who hate pedophiles and want to stop them don’t realize that… and I’m left face-palming at how blatantly obvious the Catch 22 is.

        • @ Anon 7:14

          That’s true, yet not true. The problem is, if you use the (very real) analogy of one form of sexuality being discriminated against, and then link homosexuality and 2d loli, you’re just burying yourself into your own trap. Few people, except homosexuals, actually care about homosexuality being accepted. We want it accepted because we don’t want anything discriminated against, but I for one am a smart, educated, and open-minded individual, and I don’t hate homosexuality, but I find it useless to the world. Objectively, it produces artistically-minded men and women who think differently than a heterosexual might, but even I cannot get by the fact that that homosexuality has no point to the propagation of humanity. As such, it often feels fake to me. I still have several gay friends, though, and some of them know what they are and feel less fake to talk to. This is just the way most heterosexuals feel about it, because it really doesn’t have any benefit to us. Even the most intelligent and open-minded ones say the same thing in different words: fine, do whatever, just leave me alone about it. This is similar to 2d loli, but it goes even deeper.

          Loli is similar, but affects far more. It is directly bringing forward the concept of protecting our young, who are innocent. They may be considered idiotic and annoying, but that’s BECAUSE they are innocent and have yet to achieve a mentality capable of handling the full extent of our evolution. It’s a physical fact that they just haven’t reached consciousness yet. This is true for young children, but not necessarily true for adolescents. That is why their ‘under 13’ description is still very reasonable even for the closed-minded.

          The only way loli will ever have a conduit to being accepted is the same way disturbing art in museums became an exploration and commentary of human darkness. No matter what way we wish to look at it, the fact of the matter is loli is an oddity in societal growth. By all rights, it technically shouldn’t have become as prevalent as it has, but it has. It comes from how the societal environment adapted. In very, very simplistic description, it is people taking vengeance against how our society has seemed to reject the idea that a child grows over time. You’re either a child, or an adult, and whatever comes with those definitions. No in between. I believe loli became so prevalent because of that lost middle-ground. That is why loli manga tends to inject adolescent sex drive and perceptions in a younger girl. It is unconsciously exploring the lost gap that society has formed.

          If that gap were removed through awareness, and children were once again recognized as young human beings instead of ‘objects of their parents’ until a certain arbitrary age, I believe you will find the prevalence of loli will balance itself naturally.

        • >very true, but unlike their parents the younger generation are so unenthusiastic and lost. they just like to stay at home watching their animes and play their eroges and avoid problems. what can u do? its kind of a vicious cycle…

          and who wouldn’t like that?
          it just seems logical to “avoid” a problem if you have the possibility to avoid it. or would you throw yourself into an ocean-of-probelms just for the sake of it?
          problems should just be avoided as much as possible, unless they’re affecting you directly and contemporaneously.

        • The problem is that many of those less conservative countries like Great Britain have gone the fucktard route of making loli illegal.

          So……. You are basically screwed today. The whole world needs to wake up, realize that pedosexuality is a normal sexuality, and that it is being used like homosexuality and heterosexuality outside of marriage was at one time!

        • There is a simple answer. People in less conservative countries just have to take the lead until japan wakes up again. There is definitely talent out there in other countries, time to put it to work.

  • So loli manga.. does that mean sex with lolis, or like perverted situations (panty shots, topless, etc)? I’m fine if its just sex, since most of these magazines are just shonen magazines anyway, so they wouldnt have loli sex to begin with. If it takes away sexualizing lolis though, I’ll have a problem with it

  • I feel somewhat disturbed that you people are genuinely upset over a ban on illustrated child porn. Yes, illustrations of fictional child are different from photographs of real children, but you’re all complaining because it cuts down on fap material, rather than the restriction of creative freedom to produce stories that deal with controversial subjects.

    • First off, it’s not illustrated child porn. It’s LOLICON, a totally different category from child pornography, which the common consensus is that it only applies to REAL LIFE sexual pictures/video of REAL LIFE children in sexual situations.

      Lastly? Yes, I am pissed off at the restriction of creative freedom here, and that these idiots cannot realize that pedosexuality is a normal sexuality and that if you take away the ONE ACCEPTED outlet for it? Pedosexuals will say “Fuck it! I’m just going to have sex with a real children and kill them afterwards to keep them silent!”

      They were starting to see that when sex between blacks and whites was illegal back in the day in America.

  • Sex and anime/manga need to be spread apart, so far apart that you cannot associate the two.

    “great deal of ambiguity in judging what exactly “resembles”an under-13.”

    *Body height and size
    *Exaggerated Cuteness
    *Big Eyes, No curves
    *They’re personality
    *How they act and think

    Etc. Not hard to differentiate a flat chested midget to an animated/drawn child.