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Top 10 Ways Even a Really Cute Girl Can Ruin Her Looks


Japanese men asked what failings can ruin the looks of even the cutest of girls supply an interesting list of failings in fashion and etiquette…

The ranking:

1. Her nose hair is showing

2. Her table manners are bad

3. She speaks uncouthly

4. She’s sloppy with her time

5. She’s a bad drunk

6. She laughs crudely

7. She doesn’t sit with her legs together

8. Her posture is poor

9. She is clad in brand goods from head to foot

10. If you look closely her makeup is caked on thickly

At the very bottom of the ranking are such terrible failings as “never wearing any makeup” and “having a low voice,” oddly just the sort of thing many Japanese women seem to regard as most crucial.

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  • I find it funny that all of these ways a cute girl would make herself look uncute, describe someone who probably isnt cute to bgein with. Granted posture is not all that important where I live.

  • oh wow I can believe #7&8.
    This girl in my class just sat slouched back in her chair with her legs open and it was pretty much like a slob of a dude, kind of ruined it.

    Well w/e Im a dude and since her legs are already open…

  • [b]1. Her nose hair is showing[/b]
    When does this even happen? That being said, it is quite terrible though not worse then #5…

    [b]2. Her table manners are bad[/b]
    Big deal, only losers still eat at the kitchen table anyway, but no, seriously this isn’t a big deal or anything I care about honestly…

    [b]3. She speaks uncouthly[/b]
    I assume this means she speaks awkwardly which is situational imo, can be a turn off or not, it depends…

    [b]4. She’s sloppy with her time[/b]
    Again, this strictly depends on the situation & for this one most of the time, it isn’t even a problem…

    [b]5. She’s a bad drunk[/b]
    1 of the leading turn offs for me as I find drinking highly immoral as well as finding drunks highly immoral though they are funny but still, I hate them so so much, nothing good ever happens when they are around, EVER…

    [b]6. She laughs crudely[/b]
    I don’t mind this too much, so she can’t be cute in everything she does, big fucking deal, I am actually worse when I laugh as I alternate between actually laughing kind of like this to not even actually “laughing” but instead just smiling anyway…

    [b]7. She doesn’t sit with her legs together[/b]
    I do not even…fucking care about this 1 so…

    [b]8. Her posture is poor[/b]
    Poor posture = poor figure = less attractive & cute…when I think posture, I think of someone who is able to show off their figure efficiently as if it was 2nd nature with like, no real effort, like it’s just something they learn how to do throughout their childhood or whatever…

    [b]9. She is clad in brand goods from head to foot[/b]
    This is not even a problem unless it is of a person like a celebrity…from head to toe, then the bitch has got to go, ugh…celebrity tards, fucking sick to my stomach it makes me…

    [b]10. If you look closely her makeup is caked on thickly[/b]
    This is actually a problem cause I don’t even like the fact you are wearing it but at least if you have to wear it, learn to apply it properly dammit…

  • So nobody bothered to try and post the rest of the list…
    11) Clothes have a stain or has hair in it (not sure on 毛玉)
    12) Has bad fashion sense with clothes.
    13) Bad Handwriting
    14) Wears the same clothes all the time
    15) Damaged hair (Split ends/frizzy/etc is the idea here I think)
    16) Deep Voice
    17) “An Old reaction” I suspect this has something to do with acting old.
    18) (No idea)
    19) No makeup
    19) Can’t sing/Tone Deaf (Yep 2 19’s, it was a tie.)

  • If she’s a bad drunk, it automatically negates all the other bad points. Take her to a love hotel, buy some shavers/tweezers/make up cleaning pads, and you can do anything you want to her

  • >>Her nose hair is showing.
    No problem with this.
    >>Her table manners are bad.
    Turn on.
    >>She speaks uncouthly.
    Turn on.
    >>She’s sloppy with her time.
    Turn on.
    >>She’s a bad drunk.
    Turn on.
    >>She laughs crudely.
    Turn on.
    >>She doesn’t sit with her legs together.
    Turn on.
    >>Her posture is poor.
    Turn on.
    >>She is clad in brand goods from head to toe.
    This I actually agree with. I wouldn’t want to date some clothing shopaholic.
    >>If you look closely her makeup is caked on thickly.
    Definite turn off.

  • Underarm hair, leg hair, green stuff running around the top of the teeth on the gums and a smell that smells like dead fish should be on the top of the list. Caked on makeup should be 2nd on the list for sure.

  • 1. Trim them and we’re good.
    2. I can live with that.
    3. Depends on your POV
    4. So. AM. I.
    5. Depends… what kinda “bad” we talkin’? XD
    6. Does she snort? Yukiko Amagi snorting is charming.
    7. HOT
    8. Doesn’t mean she can’t be cute.
    9. OK yeah… that.
    10. That too. A man should never let a woman wear too much makeup or too many clothes.

  • 1. Her nose hair is showing
    – I didn’t know it could get that long, to be honest I don’t even think I have that much nose hair….
    2. Her table manners are bad
    They are perfectly fine, I get embarrassed when even a little breadcrumb is next to my mouth and get all panicked.
    3. She speaks uncouthly
    I only do it with friends, not with teachers or elders.
    4. She’s sloppy with her time
    100% guilty ^^”
    5. She’s a bad drunk
    -is a mix between Russian, Korean and Ukrainian- Uhhh…. No? I can’t even get drunk after drinking A LOT. I just get tipsy and it’s over in 5-15 mins.
    6. She laughs crudely
    – 1. I chuckle and I’ve become accustomed to going ‘fufufufu’
    2. Sometimes I just crack up with my friends and start laughing like a higurashi character… lulz.Is that crudely?
    7. She doesn’t sit with her legs together
    I always sit with legs together, if I had a boyfriend I’d give him a show though. (Not that I’d get one, there are no male otaku around here and no guys I’m interested in… I’m so lonely that I think I’m gonna buy a dakimakura)
    8. Her posture is poor
    When I’m not wearing my school bag it’s ok… guess.
    9. She is clad in brand goods from head to foot
    Uhhhhh… no? I wear too many strange things at the same time; Gothic lolita, punk, visual kei clothing, emo hoodies (They’re nice, besides I love emo guys), neon-coloured stuff.
    10. If you look closely her makeup is caked on thickly.
    I don’t need make-up, I don’t have any zits and my lips are pinkish enough. Make-up is annoying and only for occasions like anime-cons or fantasy-cons.

    • Sandalphon says:

      “speaking like a woman would be a turn-off in a man”

      Perhaps not a straight turn off, but definitely not manly or endearing and quite weird, unless you said strictly feminine words like “atashi” or “kashira”

      An easy way to put some manliness in speech is ending sentences with “ze/da ze” instead of feminine “desu wa/wa yo” so common in moeblobs.

    • I suppose it would because you would sound like a faggot if you used the “appropriate” tone of speech, or like an idiot if you used a masculine tone. Not too good for picking up girls.

      Wanna speak like a guy? Watch manly stuff like Hokuto no Ken and cry manly tears.

      • Sandalphon says:

        Well, not to say HnK isn’t manly or anything, but its characters also use phrases and words uncommon during normal speech, like: “minna no mono” instead of just “minna-san”, or referring to oneself using “ware/ soregashi/ sessha/ temae”, so be sure to not pick those up.

        It would be like someone speaking english using words like “Hath”, “Dost”, “Hither”, “Trothplight”, “Sloth” and the like.

  • No.1 reminds me of my trip to Indonesia one time, I was at a shopping mall with my cousin. We saw this really cute girl and I was about to chat her up till my cousin stop me mid way. Why?

    This girl was wearing a pleated skirt, and he pointed me to her legs, and I saw the most horrifying thing ever. She has leg hair… and alot! a hell lot more than mine! GOOD GOD it was like a fucking rain forest on her legs! And she was really cute too >_< /sigh…

    • Anonymous says:

      hmm, interesting.

      as an Indonesian, I’ve actually never seen any girls with a lot of leg hair. In fact, most of them actually have almost none.

      perhaps you have accidentally almost chatted up our transvestites? I’ve seen some when I was riding my car through Taman Lawang (somekind of gathering place for transvestite). Seriously, their qualities is almost as good as Thailand transvestites.

      • No disrespect to lady boys, but such a pity they aren’t real girls. Most of them really had the girl-next-door type of looks.

        And to the anon below me, I know of them since a long time 😛 it’s just that I was almost trapped by one so pretty.

  • She’s a bad drunk thats cute and funny unless she starts punching people and getting us thrown out and stuff then yea. (i like nagisa drunk)

    She doesn’t sit with her legs together. if they open at home thats all that matters but in the street i need a lady

  • Anonymous says:

    You guys are being overly judgemental about some of these things. Yes sitting with your legs together speaking couthly, not laughing crudely, and table manners etc etc … these are all basically just good manners and the way you conduct yourself shows how you’ll be perceived in public. I mean (if you’re from here) come on .. would any of you realistically date a chav? – there’s your answer.

  • 1. tell her to close her eyes, and than rip them out, i cant see this as a major stopping point.
    2. while eating pizza, i wipe my hands on my socks, i have sneezed in my hands before and continued eating after wiping it on my back, and on a bet i won 100$ for, i ate spaghetti with my feet and a fork. so long as she isnt itching her pussy, than stuffing her hands into food that everyone grabs shit from, i cant see it as a turn off, this is more of a not a fuck could be given.
    3. does this me she says it like it is? like if a bitch is being a bitch she calls them a bitch, and not be passive aggressive about it? if so i like straight forward allot to. fucking japan culture for making this a negative.
    4. yea, being late for shit pisses me off, more so than anything else on the list so far
    5. define bad drunk? 1) she doesnt know her limit and pukes 2) she passes out 3) gets pissed 4) gets emo 5) gets horny and doesn’t care who she touches. just don’t let her drink than.
    6. what the fuck does this mean? in japan its unnaturally silent even in areas that aren’t supposed to be silent. does this mean she lols in public?
    7. i sit cross legged, indian style 24/7, and im a guy. sitting any other way is uncomfortable. so long as she is waring underwear and not seducing another guy, dont see a problem
    8. so, is her personality also twisted? if no, than what the fuck is the problem? if it is twisted, as in depressed and needing some pro help, than its not going to be worth it most likely.
    9. EXPENSIVE GOLD DIGGING CUNT, seriously, its a fucking bag, fucking shoes, fucking clothing, fucking glasses. get comfy shoes, get high thread count cloths, get decent non designer glasses, and just have a purse that is functional, not expensive for no reason but a name.
    10. o hell yea that is a turn off, fucking hate when women do this. a few wrinkles are better than thinking she is hiding her entire race under makeup.

    “never wearing any makeup” if she can pull it off, this is a por, not a con

    “having a low voice,” this is something that i find sexy, so long as its not from smoking. and i know women with low voices, and she could scratch the top of her head with ehr foot if she wanted to.

  • Anonymous says:

    1. Her nose hair is showing – Don’t care. Actually that’s a good sign. Shows her priorities are not superficial looks. If anyone that makes this #1 reason for judging anyone as not cool, is not cool itself, by far more they imagine.

    2. Her table manners are bad – Japanese bad manners in most things are seriously over rated. Elsewhere in the world its normal behaviour.

    3. She speaks uncouthly – Deppends on if its habbit or in context. Eitherway, like in point#2 its a stupid reason given too much importance imo.

    4. She’s sloppy with her time – We’r humans not machines.

    5. She’s a bad drunk – There’s a good drunk? I’v worked at bars with pretty late night schedules and i can assure you, there’s no such thing as a ‘good’ drunk. Even the ‘fun’ ones give you trouble.

    6. She laughs crudely – I find this very rare, must be an insane person if thats the case, otherwise that person’s laugh is the least you should worry about.

    7. She doesn’t sit with her legs together – Unless she’s wearing a tight skirt, i see no validity in this point but being an outdated concept of maners.

    8. Her posture is poor – Not a problem for me at all.

    9. She is clad in brand goods from head to foot – agreed.

    10. If you look closely her makeup is caked on thickly – agreed. But this is rare.

    • What part of Canada are you from, pal?
      Here in Alberta, perhaps a couple of those faults at a time is alright, but more than 3 is pretty bad, dood. Well, with the exception of #3, that can be expected, somewhat.

    • T_T Yeah… Also add:
      11. Even if she’s smart, she hides her intelligence so not to stand out from the crowd.

      Sometimes I think I’m stuck on the planet of classless bimbos. I’m betting a good quarter are probably pretty good, smart people once you get to know them, but with a facade like that, who’d want to get to know them?

  • Anonymous says:

    XD I’m so glad my boyfriend isn’t a Japanese man. He thinks it’s adorable when I eat like a dude and has told me in all seriousness (this one I don’t get) that I have the best laugh ever when I, in fact, do every bad laugh thing from guh-hurr-ing to snorting to crippled-old-guy-wheezing. I have a low voice and don’t wear any makeup, either, so I would *definitely* not be a catch in the land of the rising sun. No wonder, though, there’s so little reproducing going on there. Both sexes have unrealistically high expectations of one another.

  • Anonymous says:

    well I’m glad I pass in pretty much all of them except maybe 4 and 1 could depend on the angle!
    Is being slopy with time like bad time management skills? If so yeah I barely sleep cause of it lol. But yeah most of them I’m pretty sure I’m fine with, But to bad i’m not the ‘cutesy’ type.

  • Being an ordinary guy, my habit of enjoying porn is nothing unusual. And for me, no pussy hair is a thrill killer. I rarely take a second look if the girl has no pussy.

    I just plain don’t like my women wearing damn near nothing swimsuits. Lose the thong and keep the bush. Besides, if I actually want the girl, I am not sharing her bare ass with the public eh.

    Most of the above list could be summed up as the girl acting too unladylike. No amount of looks will save a good looking girl from acting like a man.

  • Anonymous says:

    3. She speaks uncouthly
    this can be pretty hot in some cases

    6. She laughs crudely
    i actually like that

    7. She doesn’t sit with her legs together
    oh come on japan what the hell?
    i see, you only like your women as pretty little dolls with no character who’s laugh sounds like tee-hee-hee

    fucking wimps

      • Some people like for the people they deal with to BE who they are, bad manners & all. If they’re going to spend time with you, they don’t want the [possibly fake] cutesy act getting in the way. They like their people “straight with no chaser.”

        • “Refining” one’s behaviour is merely a euphemism for imitating behavioural norms associated with high social status, not especially praiseworthy in my opinion.

          “Refined” behaviours are only so by social convention, not inherently; what was “refined” to Edo-period Daimyo would have appeared barbaric to English landed gentry and vice versa.

        • @Megidola

          lol, any kind of effort to refine oneself is worthy of praise, regardless of the actual benefit it may bring. If you’ve spent and hope to spend your life in an uncivilized society, then your arguments may hold certain value.

          But, I for one, would praise a girl who had put a significant amount of effort into refining her behaviour in public. That alone can tell a lot about a person; a lot of positive things that would significantly outweigh (any of your illusionary) cons.

          And lol, could you just provide at least one example when manners impose a negative impression? Of course if you’re at a drinking pub or strip club, no one will give a single shit about how you sit, drink your vodka, and fart in public. And appearing in a tuxedo would provoke a number of weird stares. But that’s merely a matter of adequacy. After all, you don’t go fishing in an evening dress.

        • @utsukushiioto

          1. Effort is meaningless if the goal/subject is not worthwhile. If one does not value a system of conduct, effort spent following it will not be viewed positively.

          2. That rather depends on the particular behaviour in question. One may, for example, wish to follow certain eating manners simply for reasons of hygiene. However, using the initial example I would not be humiliated by a person’s manner of sitting (within reason) since anyone perceiving such behaviour as shameful should instead be ashamed of themselves for their judgmental attitude.

          regarding your other points-

          -I already argued that manners don’t constitute a fundamental separation between humans and primates
          -“People who see manners as a useless farce are simply too lazy or can’t bring themselves to learn and/or follow them”- that’s just a baseless assumption

        • @Megidola

          I believe having a mannered monkey is still a better choice over an unmannered one.
          1. It shows he/she has put effort into learning and following a conduct.
          2. She/he, as a monkey, doesn’t humiliate you in front of others by throw bananas left and right.

          That’s one of those things that separate us from the animal world. People who see manners as a useless farce are simply too lazy or can’t bring themselves to learn and/or follow them.
          No manners? You won’t receive any respect from me, sorry.

        • Manners are simply learned behaviours acting as signifiers of social status, no different in essence from social signaling in primate hierarchies.

          Someone concerned with keeping up appearances is no less of a monkey than their opposite.

  • 1. Her nose hair is showing

    The nose hair part is fine if it’s just a little, but not ARMPIT HAIR. I saw a girl whose perceived as pretty cute in my class and once she wore singlets and raised her arms it was so hairy, I can’t help joking about it and said to the person beside me: “Do you feel that you are in Europe? Look at that Black Forest!”

    • I had a classmate once that sat with her legs wide open the way a skinny old man sitting on a curb smoking would sit.

      I was beginning to wonder if there was some sort of metal device forcing her legs a part. :p

      Before you ask, there was not much to see, she probably had pants underneath.

      • @denn I guess you’ve never seen unshaven women if you shy away from a bulge.

        As a man I can forgive a woman for sitting with her legs open. In 3rd grade we were taught to sit with our legs closed (I wonder if the teacher meant only the girls and I got confused…) and it was damn hard then and still is ^^

        • usually tomboys feel more comfortable siting with there legs open. Sometimes they can’t keep thier legs closed, but that doesn’t make them sluts. Sitting with your legs closed can be uncomfortable if you aren’t used to it.

          but if a girly girl or someone who apears to be in a somewhat trendy fashion, does it in a short skirt…they probably get around..if you know what I mean. usually they’ll have thier legs unnatually spread as an easier indicator.

          If a girl wears a short skirt with her legs partly opened she may just have thicker thighs, or not be used to wearing short skirts and dresses often. They can also just be really comfortable with the situation and feel safe sitting more natually. Younger girls do this often.

          If a girl sits with her legs open in a long skirt they’re probably just comfortable. They know how much freedom they can have without giving a peep show.

          Girls who cross thier legs in skirt alot of times are uncomfortable with the lenght of thier skirt or the situation. other times they can be trying to exude a sense of grace or sexuality. You’d have to match thier face expression with thier posture to be able to tell well.

          -female commentor

        • Heaven? You’re crazy and worthless garbage women do it all the time. In fact, it’s a great indicator as to when you should immediately write off a girl for having no class.

          I’m with Japan on this one, though it should be even higher on their list. It’s completely disgusting, like a lot of the things women take issue with men over which reveal shows when we’re pigs and lack any class whatsoever.

    • Anonymous says:

      you sure want to share with the rest os the world the girl you are interested?…think a little if she does this at home or someplace where just the two of you are then ok…if not you are just sharing your girl with the rest of the world, and you can bet that there’s someone that can take her from you…^_^…Have a nice day thinking about this^^

  • Don’t really care. It’s only human:
    3. She speaks uncouthly

    4. She’s sloppy with her time

    5. She’s a bad drunk

    6. She laughs crudely

    8. Her posture is poor

    As in legs being spread? I liek:

    7. She doesn’t sit with her legs together

    She’s classy, so?
    9. She is clad in brand goods from head to foot

  • Anonymous says:

    fucking sexism is alive and well i see.n

    “Equality is not a concept. It’s not something we should be striving for. It’s a necessity. Equality is like gravity. We need it to stand on this earth as men and women. And the misogyny that is in every culture is not a true part of the human condition. It is life out of balance, and that imbalance is sucking something out of the soul of every man and woman who is confronted with it.

    We need equality. Kinda now.”

    – Josh Weldon

    • Tbh, this is just stupid. This survey is stupid.
      Stop fighting about it.
      Everything in this survey could be said the same to men; It’s a turn off if his hair is unkept, his skin is bad, and he’s a slob, just as it is if a woman was the same.
      I don’t see why it has to be labeled as “cute girl”.
      It should just be “significant other”.

    • “And the misogyny that is in every culture is not a true part of the human condition”

      Let’s look at that more closely.

      He says that it’s in *every* culture (which is false, but we’ll ignore that for now), but that it’s not part of the human condition?

      Joss Whedon confirmed for fucking retard.

      I’d also like to know how he decides what the “true human condition” is. Does he have some unique insight whereof we mere mortals are unaware? Or is he just pulling things out of his arse to suit his worldview?

      Go back to making clichéd teen dramas, Joss.

    • Anonymous says:

      ‘that imbalance is sucking something out of the soul of every man and woman who is confronted with it.

      We need equality. Kinda now.”

      – Josh Weldon’

      I’m a smarmy little wimp. I don’t believe in the human soul, except when it suits my purposes, but right now I am going to display how feminist I am so I can get laid.

      -Joss Whedon

      • Feminists are the worst sexist scum.

        They are for gender equality just like white power are for race equality.

        I mean… feminists ? Come on, doesn’t the name alone say it all ? They are the worst because they lie and say its about equality, but in reality it isn’t. They smile while they stab you in the back…

      • “but right now I am going to display how feminist I am so I can get laid.

        -Joss Whedon”

        And the best thing is that self-hating wimps like him never get laid. It’s those loud, arrogant “misogynists” who get all the pussy.

        Maybe that’s why Joss is so mad? He acts like a submissive pussy-ass bitch and can’t understand why girls don’t like him, so goes off on some rant about “misogynists” (i.e. any man who actually has some testosterone).

        • In no way digging the femenist outlook, and preferring the world that allows girls to do what they want within their homes as far as what makes her happy (I would be sewing). But I do not like the way people see women that don’t like being spit on by OTHERS is feminism. If you hate women you are being a misogynst individual.