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77.9% “Self-Restraint Has Gone Too Far!”


Japan’s ongoing infatuation with cancelling as much fun as possible out of a spirit of “self-restraint” and ostensible solidarity with quake victims, most famously through efforts by Ishihara to ban hanami, seems to becoming increasingly unpopular.


A survey conducted by rag Nikkei on 4,823 of its readers found 77.9% agreed that Japan’s recent fad for pointless cancellations in the name of “self-restraint” has “gone too far.” 12.2% disagreed.

Most of the opinions solicited seem to show an awareness of the economic damage such restraint will wreak, as well as concern for the political implications:

“Self-restraint is just inflicting secondary damage.”

“It the economy stops, the disaster area is going to be even more hard hit.”

“Excessive self-restraint will damage service sector and food industry revenues.”

“Buying Touhoku’s produce is another type of aid.”

“Consumption has the same value as donations.”

“Self-restraint shouldn’t be forced on people.”

“The spirit of conformity is far too strong.”

“It’s frightening – during the war we were told ‘luxury is the enemy’ and ‘We won’t want for anything until victory is ours'”

“We need to distinguish between self-restraint and economising on electricity usage.”

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