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Top 10 Manliest Hobbies


Japanese asked which hobbies they consider the most manly supply a ranking which in proper Japanese fashion places macho activities like fishing above such effete pastimes as body-building and running around in a field.

The ranking:

1. Cars & bikes (5393)

2. Fishing (1555)

3. Baseball & football (1468)

4. Weight training (958)

5. Watching martial arts (893)

6. Plamo [Gundam] (709)

7. Survival games [Airsoft] (511)

8. Other (470)

9. Solo-travel (292)

10. Band activity (229)

Thankfully golf was not included in the ranking, although the image of a muscular fisherman riding his Honda to the latest sumo match should be harrowing enough.

Otaku pastimes naturally did not feature much on the list, although rather unsurprisingly the only one that did – “cameras” – came dead last.

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