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Dating Site Scammer Busted for Sex with 1000 Schoolgirls


A man has been arrested for tricking over 1,000 underage schoolgirls into paying him for sex.

Kanagawa police arrested a 29-year-old unemployed man of no fixed address for underage prostitution-related offences.

Police say he approached middle and high school girls using their online profiles, inviting them to “interviews” with the promise that he would be able to introduce them to customers who would pay them ¥100,000 for intimate encounters.

As a “registration fee” he would collect ¥10,000-¥15,000 from each girl, and frequently have sex with the girls.

He claims to have used this modus operandi to defraud and have sex with over 1,000 schoolgirls.

His arrest stems from charges that he had sex with 14 and 15-year-old schoolgirls in the toilets at Yokohama Station.

He admits the charges, explaining that “Middle and high school girls were easier to swindle than adults. I did it for the sex and the money.”

Schoolgirl prostitution is thought to be common in Japan, with the usual pattern being for girls to advertise for customers on a “deaikei” dating site, a service which may be free or fee-based.

Above-board sites are legally obliged to verify the age of the girls, but providing fake ID is not a huge impediment to an enterprising youngster keen to procure some designer goods. The other major avenues for such commerce are social networking sites.

Whilst police deal harshly with men caught using such services to arrange underage sex, the girls themselves are never punished, ensuring an uninterrupted supply of greedy schoolgirls with loose morals.

Considering all his conquests were consenting and in any case motivated by greed and a desire to whore themselves to strangers, criticism of the man has been muted – save from those jealous of his success, it would seem:


“1,000 – now that is impressive!”

“And he got money for it…”

“Money and sex, he had it all!”

“And with middle schoolers the chances of getting an STD are pretty low – he is a total winner.”

“Don’t you get bored doing it with 1,000 girls?”

“You could be reincarnated a million times and never live a life like that.”

“I can’t stand it, it’s too much! How many virgins did he do… In my whole life I’ll never beat him. What’s the point of my life anyway…”

“Execute him!”

“Send him to the reactor, then he’ll be forgiven!”

“An alchemist who ignored the law of equivalent exchange…”

“Don’t worry – to preserve the balance, you guys will all remain virgins.”

“Amazing. Not him of course, but that there are so many women to fall for this.”

“They need to provide pictures and videos of this so we can avoid any unfortunate repeat incidents.”

“And he’ll get 3 years or something for this?”

“Well, he may have tricked them but they did consent. It’s completely different to rape.”

“I’m not really jealous if it’s just women who’ll sell themselves.”

“I can’t even get that many in an eroge…”

“What’s sad are all the guys who are going to end up dating these girls.”

“The bitches are already doing their classmates. The ones who fall for this are the prim and proper meek-but-curious ones, for sure.”

“Stop that! Stop it now!”

“For him to net 1000 girls using a line like that – this country is bitch heaven.”

“The real issue is what the parents of these girls are teaching them.”

“A nice job if you can get it.”

“He probably didn’t do them all. He just picked the cuties…”

“Stop it!”

“The very personification of the Japanese Dream.”

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