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Top 10 One Piece Characters


The Japanese masses offer a ranking of their favourite One Piece characters (or at least those who count themselves members of Luffy’s crew), for once providing a ranking not determined by breast size.

The ranking, with votes in parentheses:

1. Tony Tony Chopper (11,675)

2. Zoro (9,340)

3. Luffy (5,458)

4. A non-companion of Luffy (4,318)

5. Sanji (3,938)

6. I don’t even watch One Piece!  (2,646)

7. Nami (1,310)

8. Robin (1,131)

9. Brook (592)

10. Usopp (536)

The rather small proportion of respondents who report not watching One Piece is telling in itself…

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