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“My Husband Prefers a Dakimakura to Me…”


The story of a wife whose husband rejected her in favour of a dakimakura has lately been the subject of much otaku sympathy, largely towards the dakimakura…

The tale concerns a married couple, both 38:

We slept together when first married, but after my second child we slept in different rooms. I slept with the children.

When we need to, I sneak into my husband’s room and go back to the children’s bed when we’re done.

My husband was saying “If we’re not together until morning it’s lonely,” but then a year ago he bought a full-sized dakimakura.

He really got into it, and said “If I have this I sleep like a baby!”

However, it started to get a bit manky, but when I suggested he buy a new one he just told me “I like the deeply ingrained odour it has now.”

His body odour isn’t bad, but I really don’t like the intense odour of the dakimakura when I sneak in.

So I came up with a compromise plan.

“I’ll put the children to bed, then sleep in this room with you” I suggested.


“You got the dakimakura because you were lonely when I didn’t sleep with you until the morning, right?”

“Well, that was then.”

“That was then? What are you on about? Anyway, just get rid of that dakimakura, OK?”

“That would have been OK back then, but not now. I prefer to sleep with the dakimakura. With you until morning? No thanks!”

So I lost to the dakimakura…

The telling of the tale of course rather overlooks the fact that a few years before it could have been told as “My wife prefers sleeping with our children to me!”

Which character or characters grace his dakimakura cover is not mentioned, but the dakimakura humping demographic of 2ch is unsympathetic all the same:

“Sounds about right.”

“I bet the dakimakura was printed with a character…”

“Because old hags stink…”

“After two kids she’s probably none to appealing to sleep with.”

“At 38 pretty people are still pretty… it was the wife’s mistake to refuse to sleep with him in the first place anyway. Serves her right.”

“It’s probably made up in any case!”

“Just some reporter’s delusion…”

“Why must he sleep with some old woman anyway? After he gets home from work he doesn’t need to be tortured any more.”

“Advantages of dakimakura:


No arms.

No snoring.

If they get in the way you can throw them out of bed with no complaints.”

“Anyway, my wife:”



“You went for 2D but still chose a bitch…”

[The thread contains more recent examples of dakimakura wives:]


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