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Top 10 Female Mangaka You Always Thought Were Male


Manga fans supply a ranking of which mangaka they always assumed were male, whether based on name, art style or story, only to be surprised to find they were female.

The ranking:

1. Ayako Sato (Kinda’ichi Case Files)

2. Hiromu Arakawa (Full Metal Alchemist)

3. Sōbē Amako (Nintama Rantarō)

4. Tsukasa Ōshima (Shoot!)

5. Yellow Tanabe (Kekkaishi)

6. Kazuki Yamamoto (GodHand Teru)

7. Satoru Makimura (Oishii Kankei)

8. Daisuke Higuchi (Whistle!)

9. Katsura Hoshino (D.Gray-man)

10. Yuki Urushibara (Mushishi) / Ayato Sasakura (Shakugan no Shana [manga version])

The bottom of the ranking features such mangaka as Yonekura Kengo (Pink Sniper) and, rather surprisingly, Q Hayashida (Dorohedoro), who might have been expected to place higher given the content of her manga…

See also the similar articles pointing out other mangaka readers are notoriously hard-pressed to tell the gender of.

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