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Ishihara: “Quake was a Divine Warning to the Japanese”


Tokyo’s 78-year-old governor Shintaro Ishihara is at it again, calling the recent tsunami a “divine warning” whilst his cronies openly fantasise about him becoming the Prime Minister of Japan.

At his latest public address Ishihara refrained from repeating his “divine punishment” theory of earthquake causation, for which he has already been forced into apologising for, instead cunningly restating the same thing with different words:

“I think this earthquake is a ‘divine warning’ to the Japanese people.”

After he finished his speech, the 80-year-old manager for his previous campaign (who apparently sees no problem using his background as a civil servant and cabinet disaster management specialist to intervene in election campaigns) helpfully weighed in:

“I hope he becomes the Prime Minister. Kan won’t go yet though, so he’ll have to serve as Tokyo governor for the meantime.”

In previous statements he insisted age was no barrier to hanging on to political power, saying he saw no problem with an 82-year-old governor or even a 100-year-old PM.

In other news, Ishihara’s recent efforts to get the year’s hanami festivities cancelled have been attracting official censure, with the government’s minister for energy conservation stating that “the use of authority to restrict free and social activity should be kept to an absolute minimum.”

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