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Murder Mother Dumps 3-Year-Old for Dumping Console


A couple is facing murder charges for dumping a 3-year-old in a garbage bag to punish the infant for putting their console in a bin.

3-year-old Shizuku lived with his 26-year-old mother and his mother’s 20-year-old boyfriend at their Osaka apartment, the couple having recently met in February using an online dating site.


The mother explains that her son’s death was an accident:

“He put our precious game console in the bin, so to discipline him I wanted to make him understand if he did that I’d throw him away, by putting him in a garbage bag.”

Shizuku managed to get out of the bag, and his mother’s boyfriend helpfully offered to shove him back in it, using tape to to tie him up and prevent his escape.

This time the infant did not survive, suffocating in the bag.

The mother summoned an ambulance after having left the child in the bag in another room for 20 minutes, having realised he had stopped crying.

A legally-required autopsy soon uncovered the cause of death, and police arrested the couple soon after. Both are facing murder charges.

The mother was also found to have made various unkind comments about her child online, saying such things as “If he fell off the veranda he’d die, wouldn’t he? If he died I don’t think I’d cry.”

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