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Top 10 Things Which Bug Otaku About Other Otaku


Otaku quizzed on what it is they find irritating about other otaku supply a helpful ranking of some of the best ways in which otaku can annoy one another.

The ranking:

1. The times they get names or explanations about things a little wrong

2. When they play dumb after pretending to know something

3. When you see them successfully impressing the opposite sex by coming out with obscure knowledge

4. They immediately condemn something they know practically nothing about – “that’s no good, is it?”

5. They talk smugly about something everyone knows anyway

6. When they start criticising other otaku for being “too desperate”

7. They try to convince you of something with the “I know someone in the industry” line of argument

8. They call themselves otaku despite only knowing about mainstream stuff

9. When they start going on about how they knew about something before it became popular

10. They just agree with everything you say

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