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Top 10 Reasons You Got Married


Married Japanese offer up a ranking of the reasons they ended up getting hitched, supplying a surprisingly romantic selection.

The ranking:

1. You wanted to live together

2. You thought you needed a partner

3. You felt you had reached the right age for marriage

4. You would have regretted letting your partner go for the rest of your life

5.You wanted to appease your parents

6. You’d been dating a while and felt it was time

7. You thought your partner needed you

8. You wanted to protect your partner

9. You wanted children

10. You ended up with children

Those wondering what happened to all the pecuniary motivations need look no further than “14. You saved enough to get married,” “15. Your income increased” and “20. Your income decreased.”

Those conducting the ranking appear to have been too diplomatic to offer “You wanted your partner’s income” or “You wanted to stop working” – other surveys seem to suggest these are fairly major motivators

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