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Top 10 Cute Girly Mannerisms, Even If They Are Deliberate


Japanese asked what feminine mannerisms designed to draw male attention they find most appealing, even should they be transparently affected, supply a list likely to be rather familiar to moe fans…

The ranking:

1. She tugs your sleeve (7745)

2. She’s always smiling (7051)

3. She casts you an upward gaze (3898)

4. She makes a lonely face when you part (2971)

5. She makes a duck face (2679)

6. She puffs up her cheeks (2047)

7. She sneezes cutely (1469)

8. She tilts her head (1432)

9.She blinks when surprised (605)

The ranking seems to have petered out at 9 – imagining being looked up at by a smiling sleeve-tugging girl should hopefully distract from this deficiency however.

See also the earlier ranking of ways of appealing to men, exhibiting some definite overlap.

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