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Hotels “Discriminating Against Quake Victims”


Complaints that Japanese hotels are treating quake victims from Fukushima prefecture as radioactive lepers and refusing them board have surfaced.

Japan’s ministry of health reports receiving a number of complaints from people forced from their homes in Fukushima prefecture, saying they were refused rooms at hotels and inns, apparently on the grounds that they came from the same prefecture as the crippled nuclear reactors and must therefore be considered dangerous.

The ministry is instructing local governments to tell their hoteliers that they should not refuse lodgings to people just because they have visited Fukushima prefecture, pointing out that the radiation levels involved are tiny and pose no risk to human health.

Such discrimination may be illegal under Japanese law, which only allows hotels refusals based on infectious diseases, suspicion of criminality and, of course, lack of room.

However, in practice hotels and landlords happily discriminate against potential patrons with no real legal repercussion, and for those affected is exceptionally difficult to demonstrate mysteriously disappearing vacancies are the result of such practices.

Further complicating matters is the fact that after the quake one large hotel chain has actually begun forcing those who wish to stay in its premises into signing a contract saying they will not sue the hotel for any reason, despite such provisions themselves being illegal.

There are now concerns that Japan may start seeing widespread discrimination against those from Fukushima prefecture, with some evacuation centres now insisting refugees submit to radiation screenings.

Discrimination against Japanese overseas also seems another unpleasant possibility – a number of nations have apparently been subjecting people leaving Japan to radiation tests with the intent of refusing them entry if sufficient radiation is detected.

The case has particular resonance in Japan – “hibakusha,” survivors of the atomic bombings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, have at times been the subject of discrimination due to the hysterical superstitions the public frequently attaches to radiation.

Online, the reaction has largely been one of disgust, but with the public unable to comprehend the notion that minuscule amounts of radiation are harmless, it does not seem likely the hardships of quake victims will be end with recovery from the earthquake itself.

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    • The sad thing is they will still justify treating foreigners this way because they assume that if they aren’t Japanese they are barbaric or violent or criminal or unclean. And foreigners rarely win discrimination cases over there, even in cases that are EXTREMELY obvious discrimination or prejudice. It’s sad.

  • If you want to read a very good book about this type of discrimination get a copy of “Black Rain” by Ibuse Masuji. It’s about a family of Hiroshima survivors and the difficulties they encounter in arranging a marriage for their neice several years after the war. Both humorous and heartbreaking.

  • my health was ruined by beauty,my life was ruined by loan,my youth was ruined by job,my marriage was ruined by a lover,my kid was ruined by internet,my dream was ruined by reality,but i am not in despair.cause Japanese’s caring smile was shattered by hotel owners.

    • Then you’ve never been to Japan. The Japanese will refuse services to people for completely idiotic, discriminatory, or just flat out pointless reasons. The stories I could tell you o_O

  • One, if not the most important, reason for scanning planes is to ensure that the workers aren’t getting too much radiation. They haven’t said why they are scanning the passengers or the luggage, but I doubt they would turn anyone away even if they were radiating. That’s in Finland, I’m sure it’s different in 3rd world countries like the Philippines.

  • yeah, that’s some shameful ignorance. Japan’s common attitude about their idea of ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ is borderline hate-crime. Probably crosses that line more often than not.

  • I don’t know what to say about the japanese and their discrimination anymore, hell I don’t know what to say about the overall behavior of many people though out this incident but theres one thing I do know, just another disgusting day with fucked up people that need to have karma hit them.

  • This isn’t exactly HOTD, where people are running around with rotting flesh. Also Radiation therapy would be killing people like crazy, if they are worried over minute traces of radiation. Not to mention with Potassium Iodide Pills, Anti-Radiation Pills though not exactly a cure does provide some protection. Sadly even state side morons are stocking up on same said pills for radiation leakage half a globe away. Then again you can never under estimate human stupidity and ignorance. Like how a pharmacist friend of mine mentioned to me once, about lady coming in and complaining that her birth control pills keep falling out when she took it.

  • ok lets see here.

    “submit to radiation screenings”

    i see no problems here, unless they bar them from entering the areas based on the screenings, instead of getting them help.

    if something is radio active, it should be cleaned, left in a safer area, or destroyed, depending on the severity of the radiation.

    not letting someone leave the country if they are radioactive, how the hell is that a problem? if you are radioactive, than you need to get the crap flushed out of your system if possible.

    here is a fun fact. YOU LIVED AND WERE IN AN AREA THAT HAD A RADIATION LEAK, EXPECT THIS KIND OF SHIT. if the poor treatment lasts for years after you are oked as healthy, or bars you form things after you are oked and months pass, THAN THERE IS A PROBLEM.

    lets say that some one looks like someone else who is a wanted criminal. and i dont mean kind of, i mean they could act as a body double. that is what its like.

    right now those people are the body doubles, and the person who did shit is the nuclear reactors. once the person who does shit is in prison (reactor crisis is over) and all the body doubles explain it wasn’t them and people see the news that criminal caught (a few months go by, people widely know that they are not radioactive, and there is NO CONCERN) everything should go back to normal, if it doesn’t. THAN THAT IS A PROBLEM.

  • I’m not surprised. I mean, come on, they let the survivors starve and freeze in their camps. Every country that sent out rescue squads is appalled by the state of these camps.

    What the fuck, Japan.

  • Japanese landlords (and credit card companies) are notorious for being discriminatory.

    Especially against foreigners. They will deny a request based upon the fact that you have a non-Japanese name. They won’t even bother to listen to your colleagues that are Japanese or check if you are a financial risk.

    If you ask the reason why, they apologize and say that they cannot disclose that information.

    • I heard this on the news. It was something like, “blah blah… radioactive dust from Japan… blah blah… advised to stay far away… blah blah… POTENTIALLY LIFE THREATENING… blah blah… fear bait… blah blah… bullshit.”

    • funny how it is reported that ppl are buying that stuff in germany as well
      we are practically at the other side of the world but some ppl are just stupid (the guy that was shown buying them was ~60 yo and definitely in need of “protection” to not die too early *rolleyes*)

  • Human fear and selfishness at its best.
    And then what? Having their own citizens demand the victims be isolated into a camp?

    Sooner or later, such people will get a taste of their own medicine.

  • Reserve the right to refuse service whenever we see fit. No one should ever required to tell why they will or will not provide a service. If some radioactive fucks or niggers or spics or whatever was at my door, I should not be required to break this fundamental right.

  • Ridiculousness to the extreme. Like someone said, this was lasting since forever. When you’re infected with radioactive properties, you become deathly sick for one thing, since radiation does more damage to your body, heck there’s no way in hell you would have any kids if you were covered in radioactive mess. It infection is bad it will leave you close to death or outright kill you if nothing was done to cure it.

    Those people living in Fukushima pretty much already got out since the nuclear incident occured and they already got the news and left. I find it funny and pathetic that just on the very news of something happening, that some of these people get scared quick and start to alienate anyone who in their mind would try to get them sick.

    Forgive me for typing this mess, my heads in the right place, I just have a slight problem with words at times.

    • Uh… radioactive poisoning is not an “infection”. It’s just damaged tissue from the ionizing radiation, not really something you can infect people with.
      Now it is possible to have radioactive substances in your body, but not for too long, as the body will flush it out in mere days if left without treatment. But that’s only if you are actually close enough to breathe the radioactive dust, which is no more than a few km from the plant in this case.

    • Radiation poisoning is not. But the stuff can get inside your body and you can quite literally glow (in the gamma spectre, not visibly).
      Not that the people from Fukushima would have it unless they were near the plant when the incident happened or soon after, and even then, it’s probably nothing to worry about unless they decided to take a walk inside the reactor or something equally stupid.

  • Typical response from scumbag business owners. More worried about appeasing an ignorant public and the almighty Yen. Same mind set denies entry to people with tatoos to public bath houses because it’s a yakusa thing.

    Look at all the assholes in the US cleaning the pharmacies out of potassium iodide pills because of whats going on in Japan! You probably get a higher dose of radiation from your cellphone.

    Blame it on the media (CNN, Fox, etc.) and their panic driven news coverage. Jesus people, get a clue!

  • actually in US radiation is so common that if you live near a nuclear plant (there are over 100) you get free drugs against radiation from nearest drug store (check walgreens)

    but I think peope should NOT learn to live with this.

    • You know what else causes you to get irradiated? The fucking universe, from all god damn directions. That’s right, no matter where you are, no matter what you do, you will get irradiated even if you build a lead shield with 100m walls around yourself.

      Also, nuclear reactors don’t typically leak radiation. You can be right next to one, and you’ll get less extra radiation than a TSA screening.

      The thing with the free anti-radiation drug is just PR.

  • Really that’s just stupid there is nothing to fear as they were evacuated before they could get any contamination that would be of concern.

    Technically even the 50 who stayed at the plant would not be dangerous.

    Maybe the government should step in and temporarily seize the hotels of those who discriminate.

    No compensation either for the hotel owners.

    They should be happy the government does not keep it and sell it to the highest bidder.

      • Radiation is not an infection it won’t spread.

        If someone was irradiated enough to actually be dangerous to other people they’d be showing signs of severe radiation poisoning such hair falling out, swelling up like a hot dog in a microwave etc and would die in just a few days.

        • “The Red Comet”, if you have radioactive particles in your body you “will” be dosing anything nearby with radiation. This is common knowledge for anyone that gets a PET Scan. I honestly wonder why you are spreading false knowledge but the danger is dependant on the amount of the dosage and, technically, no dosage is ever “safe”. There is always the chance it can start a chain reaction of mutated cells. We call this mutation Cancer, “The Red Comet”.

  • Part of me was hoping that Japan would be able to pull together and come out of this tragedy stronger than before. However. . .
    1. Food hoarding by Tokyoites hundreds of km from Tohoku,
    2. Companies/gov’t organizations using the quake as cover to cancel products/events/services deemed unsuitable/unprofitable,
    3. The cynical reception of US relief efforts by Okinawan media, and finally,
    4. Discrimination against quake refugees.

    Tragedy exposes true character. I don’t want to believe that Japan is a nation of chickenshit cowards, but this evidence is pretty damning. Looks like this earthquake really might be the nail in the coffin for nippon.

      • in reality, Japanese have been discriminating against themselfs for decades. Part of the japanese themselfs are deemed “unpure” due to their ancestors and themselfs holding jobs such as butcher, skinner, gravedigger and such, and people who come from that familyline are still discriminated upon.

        • Shippoyasha says:

          Sadly, Japan hasn’t come to total grips with actual official apologies and restitutions on totally destroying the Ainu culture and the Okinawan/RyuuKyuu culture quite the way Australia has for the Aborigines and the Germans continue to do for the Jews.

          This story reminds me of the downright willful social ignorance in Grave of the Fireflies and another story that is about societal neglect with the Dog of Flanders story.

          I think what’s sad is that the government of Japan does not do anyone any favors. The reason why the society may be so apathetic (bluntly proclaiming “we have moved on” in the aftermath of the Earthquake) and a general attitude of cynicism that some Japanese are showing can be attributed to how everybody felt so betrayed by their own government and peoples dating back centuries.

          The forced modernization, the forced national isolationism, slaughter of their own samurai class, the major world wars (it all coming to a head at the end of WW2), the nationalistic/racist propaganda against the ‘sub-humans’ in China, Korea, Phillipines, Taiwan, etc etc. And in the recent years, the whaling/dolphin hunting which resulted in entire towns being poisoned with mercury MULTIPLE TIMES in history and now, with the reports saying that the nuclear reactors of Japan today had falsified inspection papers to downplay the costs and the risks involved with Nuclear energy.

          I don’t really appreciate people getting so blunt with ‘we are totally okay’ after Earthquakes all the while people hog up gasoline, bread, milk (okay, so us Japanese people don’t exactly loot on a massive basis. We just HOARD! Hoard like the best of them apparently!).

          Even though it’s kind of a dirty/disgusting act for the hotels to refuse those affected by the radiation, I actually can’t blame them too much. The mistrust of information in the Japanese media and the government is STAGGERING. People think it’s bad in the US and it is too, but that sense of mistrust is almost on a genetic level for the Japanese people. We have been betrayed so many times, it’s sometimes hard to know who to trust and what we should be doing sometimes.

    • what, as educated as the foreign news media perhaps? There are ignorant asses everywhere in the world. It’s a shame that these people have lived through the biggest earthquake they’ll likely ever see, biggest tsunami they’ll ever see, nuclear accident, and now discrimination in their own country.

    • It’s been going on for a long time.

      People in Japan have always treated the survivors from Hiroshima and Nagasaki as infectious lepers from hell. The amount of discrimination those people have endured is unimaginable.

      We may say many things about the downsides of other countries, but nothing beats the levels of discrimination Japanese people are capable of.

  • I feel it must be corrected. Small amounts of radiation IS in fact dangerous to babies and young people in early development. Phones are very dangerous to developing babies, you just won’t find the phone companies sharing those studies. So don’t ever pretend that having a little bit of radiations is ‘fine’ because it’s that level of thoughtlessness that has allowed our culture to become so utterly mindless.

    BUT. This is just ridiculous. I understand the radiation screenings in general based on the situation there. The radiation even in some metropolitan areas is over 100x what it should be, so yes, these people DO have legitimate concerns. But turning them away because they are from a certain prefecture as some type of ‘solution’ to any potential issues is just heartless and assholic.

    • You are fucking retarded. There is ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation……guess what radio-waves are….non-ionizing… unless your sitting under a fucking high wattage ant. (500watts+) it will do nothing to you… non-ionizing only passes energy on to cells, molecules,etc a 5watt cellphone isn’t going to cook your insides sigh… The only people that are effected by non-ionizing radiation are people born with electromagnetic hypersensitivity……non-ionizing radiation is given off in microwave ovens at high wattages as an example, and I hope I don’t have to explain how a microwave works.

      Now then ionizing radiation is the one that damages dna, destroys the structure of molecules, etc. And that’s bad for all people. Its worse for kids because they have a smaller surface area. The reason its bad for the elderly is because there natural dna repair systems have gone down in effectiveness….the younger adults have a easier time with radiation because of dna repair.. and a little bit of ionizing radiation wont kill you. Hell the sun gives off ionizing radiation in the form of UV…Ionizing radiation is even one of the key components in mutations for evolution …and I think humans and other animals have been under the sun for millions of years…

      and like everyone said by the time you could “infect” someone with radiation you would already be dead.

      • I may not be knowledgeable on several aspects of radiation, but only a moron would deny that cell phones are extremely dangerous with long-term use. I don’t need to have people tell me it’s not true or there are studies funded by phone companies that say it’s not true. I can feel it. Every time I use a cell phone my head hurts, and that’s not ‘normal’ or acceptable. Whatever you wish to call it, radiation, radio waves, whatever comes out of the damn thing is harmful over time. I can’t talk on them for long periods of time anymore without using speakerphone. So don’t pretend they’re harmless.

        Just because you have a degree doesn’t mean you know everything. I had cancer and was treated by people with degrees as well, I still seemed to have more common sense than they did about it. So not to denigrate the work you did to earn said degrees, but degrees mean you can regurgitate. It says nothing about whether or not you can actually think and recognize patterns.

        If you’re irradiated, you’re irradiated. Being in close proximity with people can cause issues even with relatively small amounts to those with weakened immune systems. I’m not saying these people deserve to be treated like lepers if they have a small amount of radiation, because obviously they don’t. Small amounts of radiation is a negligible concern in the short term, but so many people are being retards about nuclear radiation, calling it ‘media hype’ that I wanted to point out the folly of just denying it outright. Recognizing it as the potential threat it is in this situation is just common sense to anyone who’s not in denial.

        • Remember the old Laurel and Hardy shorts where Stanley would get hit on the head with a brick and there would be no reaction until 15 minutes later. I believe it’s the same phenomenon.

        • just because radiation penetrates the body doesn’t mean shit it depends on type and the output power…hell all kinds of weak radiation penetrates the human body on a daily basis a lot of it comes from space…we are not made out of lead…

          25% cell phone radiation penetration into adults brain, 50% 10 years old brain and 75% penetration in 5 year old skull.

          I was only able to find that it increases brain activity and causes brain cells to multiply more, but that there is no proof that that is a bad thing. Although I would think altering the brain activity of an infant would be bad for brain development.

        • [quote]I may not be knowledgeable on several aspects of radiation, but only a moron would deny that cell phones are extremely dangerous with long-term use. [/quote]
          No. Only a moron would make baseless claims even through all facts point in the opposite direction. See

          [quote]I can feel it. Every time I use a cell phone my head hurts, and that’s not ‘normal’ or acceptable.[/quote]
          Yeah, well people also feel “auras” and “spirits” even through there are no such things. You may want to research on the subject of the “placebo effect” which can make you feel things that don’t really exist.

          [quote]I can’t talk on them for long periods of time anymore without using speakerphone. So don’t pretend they’re harmless.[/quote]
          Incidentally, the magnetic waves from your speaker are also generated through electromagnetic waves. You know, that’s why they call them electroMAGNETIC.

          [quote]It says nothing about whether or not you can actually think and recognize patterns.[/quote]
          The human mind recognizes patterns very well. So well, that it recognizes patterns where there are none. Cue for ghost hunters, alien hunters, conspiracy theorists, etc…

          [quote]If you’re irradiated, you’re irradiated. Being in close proximity with people can cause issues even with relatively small amounts to those with weakened immune systems.[/quote]
          Radiation posioning is the DAMAGE from radiation. Radiation doesn’t really stick in your body, it’s really, really fast. By the time you blink, it has already come and gone 100 times over.

          [quote]Recognizing it as the potential threat it is in this situation is just common sense to anyone who’s not in denial.[/quote]
          Then you may want to start with recognizing the threat of background cosmic radiation which is showering you all day long. And part of that radiation is ionizing, the kind that destroys your DNA and causes radiation sickness/death.

        • again houselife you are a moron lol pick up a book at your local uni or even fucking wiki it… probably have an electromagnetic hypersensitivity…its not the radiation its the electromagnetic field the the device emits that’s giving you the head ache….2-5 watts is what a cellphone puts out omni-directionally which means you aren’t getting shit for radiation….

          sigh…recognizing patterns if you have no background in a field recognizing patterns isn’t going to do shit for you correlation does not equal causation fool. Next thing your going to say is astrology is real science

          Again radiation is not infectious…sigh the only thing that would be “infectious” is if they had radioactive particles on their skin or clothing…they test for that so they know who needs the decontamination bath

        • I wouldn’t say that guy has a degree probably just read shit off wiki or something off the net, because I too read that same stuff he mentioned a while ago while curiously browsing google :p

    • Yep.

      Stupid is as stupid does.

      I would not be surprised if certain countries saw a huge influx of Japanese moving in. I would not look down on them, as they have literally been through hell and back.

      What the hell? I thought the Japanese were raised to respect and honor their fellow countrymen?? O_O

    • Yeah, but if one person is having some kind of radioactive sickness, he can actually be radioactive. I mean, would you live with, say, a dog that came from Chernobyl? The question here is dosage – but with the lack of information on Fukushima you can’t blame people for being extra carefull. In the end, hotel owners just want to protect their other customers from radiation. I don’t see anything wrong with that. By the way, they don’t even let people from Fukushima into the government owned hospitals without a radiation check-up.

  • Japan state never has looked after its own, and never will…money is their God, and sod others.
    Black marketeering will soon be rife as soon as the world starts pouring aid into Japan, mind you, the WEST will bump up prices hugely, I mean, a buck’s a buck and when best to make a killing than when people are in peril. Mind you if a country is stupid enough to play with nuclear reactors then the consequences are for them to bare, why wasn’t restraints brought in on population control to stop the outlandish greed for power…many other constrictions could have been installed but no politician wants to be kick=ed out and miss his big bucks pay cheque and outlandish perks. Any country that has nuke power has made a nasty bed for it’s self and when it finds out it is too ‘hot’ for comfort..wel, just live…or die, with it…you wanted it after all!.