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Top 10 Most Tightly Bound Anime Siblings


Japanese anime and manga fans asked which brother and sister characters they consider to exhibit the tightest familial bonds provide a list refreshingly devoid of the improbable quasi-incestuous relationships so beloved of late-night anime and ecchi manga.

The ranking:

1. Setsuko & Shinta (Grave of the Fireflies)

2. Mei & Setsuko (Tonari no Totoro)

3. Sazae, Katsuo & Wakame (Sazae-san)

4. Luffy & Ace (One Piece)

5. Doraemon & Dorami (Doraemon)

6. Jaian & Jaiko (Doraemon)

7. Ed & Alphonse (FMA)

8. Raoh, Toki & Kenshiro (Fist of the North Star)

9. Shinnosuke & Himawari (Crayon Shinchan)

10. Nami & Nojiko (One Piece)

Other highlights:

14. Yui & Ui (K-ON!)

21. Kyosuke & Kirino (Ore no Imouto)

26. Kagami & Tsukasa (Lucky Star)

29.ย  Chiaki, Haruka, Kana (Minamike) [dead last]


Strangely, Ochinko is nowhere to be seen…

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