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Madoka Director Wants Second Season “As Slice-of-Life”


The director of Puella Magi Madoka Magica has spoken of his wish to make a second season of Madoka, as a “slice-of-life” anime.

Shaft producer and director Akiyuki Shinbo was recently interviewed about the future of Madoka:

There wasn’t much in the way of smiling faces, and there was much in the way of sad scenes, so if possible I’d like to do ‘Madoka 2’ as an extra story [bangaihen – i.e. a spin-off like Railgun vs Index].


With the strong characters we developed, it seems a waste to have to lose them like this, so I think we could make a slice-of-life story with them. I’d like to see an ordinary slice-of-life with them.


These remarks rather add to the doubts as to whether any of the cast will even survive the events of the first season…

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